I don’t know if anyone has such a thing, why can the wall be painted and decorated, but the floor cannot? If the floor is not paved, is it okay to paint directly? Is there a low that can be brushed on the floor, the ground? Install a net to tell you that yes, floor paint will do. And its low cost, light texture, convenient maintenance, so the owners who use it to decorate are not few.

Can the cement floor be painted without paving the floor? This idea must have been rejected in the past, either directly cementing the floor or laying the floor. But now it’s different, with floor paint, without the floor we can also decorate the floor very beautifully.

What is floor paint

Is it really that amazing? Floor CoatingFloor Paint has many benefits, and

Types of floor paints

There are many kinds.

Baidu Encyclopedia’s explanation of floor paint is: floor paint is used for floor paint for interior floor coating finishes of buildings. The use of floor paint finish has low cost, light weight, convenient maintenance and update and good integrity. It is characterized by impact resistance, high load, and wear resistance; Seamless and easy to clean overall; moisture-proof and dust-proof; Resistant to general chemical corrosion; Can do anti-slip or matte effect, etc.

Floor paint is a kind of paint that brushes the ground, and can even replace the laying of the floor, which is more suitable for cement floors. Due to its low cost, light texture and convenient maintenance, it is not too few people who use it to decorate. The purchased floor paint is too concentrated and has high viscosity, so it cannot be directly painted on the cement floor, and it needs to be diluted before construction.

Six types of floor paint

(1) Ordinary floor paint. At present, polyurethane floor paint has been widely used, the paint film is bright and plump, wear-resistant, water-resistant, oil-resistant, alkali-resistant, and UV-curable coating suitable for assembly line production.

(2) Anti-corrosion floor paint. Usually unsaturated resin or vinyl ester is used as the base, with accelerator and curing agent.

(3) Seamless floor paint. It is formulated with synthetic resin, pigment filler, etc. At present, commonly used synthetic resins such as polyvinyl acetate (emulsion), polyvinyl formaldehyde (aqueous solution), polyurethane (two-component), epoxy (solvent-free), etc.

(4) Cement floor paint. Coatings for coating cement floors and improving the use function of cement floors. Cheap products are pervinyl chloride or styrene tar cement floor paint and polyvinyl butyral cement floor paint.

(5) Polyurethane elastic floor paint. It is composed of two-component polyurethane coating cured at room temperature, and during construction, components A and B must be mixed in a certain proportion. (5) Antistatic floor paint. Usually polyurethane ester or epoxy resin as the base, with special conductive materials and pigment fillers, curing agents and other composition.

In short, floor paint can be said to be a relatively new floor decorative coating, its advent, can revolutionize our understanding of the floor, now many factories, workshops, basement floors, basically are the result of floor paint refresh, it is worth noting that floor paint is more suitable for use in cement floor, cement floor can be directly brushed floor paint, but it is best to use the corresponding cement floor paint is better. In addition, the floor paint is different, the place used is also different, if you want to use floor paint to decorate the new house, it is recommended to communicate with the chosen decoration company.

What is floor paint

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