After the end of the spring cold and the suspension of the rainy season, the temperature in Wuhan has finally steadily rebounded throughout the month, announcing that summer has officially begun.

In all my fond memories of summer, there is a scene of skirt corners fluttering, after all, summer belongs to the world of small skirts.

I will share my treasured little dress with you today, and I hope you are still full of fairy ducks this summer!

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In the summer wardrobe, a small black dress is essential.

This little black dress with a slip is full of details, and the shoulder straps have been replaced with leather shoulder straps instead of ordinary adjustment straps, plus metal square Japanese clasps for decoration, and instantly punk style.

The back straps are crossed, the curves are contoured at the chest, and the waist design is also super snug to the waist, which can hide the small fat on the belly, which is exactly the effect I want! The fit design must be liked!

This little black dress is a splicing of mesh and woven fabric, the woven fabric of the twill on the upper body is relatively soft, will not feel the flesh, and the lower body is lined with double mesh and lining, which has a strong sense of layering and shape.

Shop: Mangru Water

A fairy mesh skirt, pink skirt is really a piece that you want to own no matter how old you are.

The neckline of this skirt is a very cute neckline, and the mesh pleats are added to the chest to increase the texture of the style, which is very thin, and the shoulder straps are adjustable design, which is very convenient.

The mesh layer of flocking polka dots also makes the skirt more playful and cute, and the inner layer is flesh pink double tulle, light and flowing, will not reveal underwear, super intimate.

If you feel that the suspenders are too revealing, it is also very OK to wear them with a sheer blouse or knitted cardigan.

Floral dresses are arguably the most difficult skirts to buy, one did not choose the right, your fantasy idyllic little fresh instantly becomes an old aunt in the vegetable market.

Therefore, there are several rules to follow when choosing broken flower items, the first is that the base color is best to choose a light color. This gentle and sweet beige apricot floral dress is perfect for summer outings.

The small fresh dark rattan print will not make the skirt too pompous, but very elegant, and the suit lapel and belt design add French neatness to the whole.

Shop: Cotre independently designed

This is another super-fairy chiffon dress! Made this year’s popular lavender purple, elegant and gentle.

This dress consists of two parts, a ruffled chiffon dress + vest skirt two-piece.

The exterior is made from lightweight chiffon, stacked with ruffles and crewnecks, and has a light and flowing hem with a fluttery walking effect.

The front of the slip dress is embroidered with frosted sequins, and it is blingbling in the sunlight through the tulle, super dreamy! I just want to sigh that it’s a fairy design.


This skirt is very suitable for the current temperature, medium long sleeves and over-the-knee length, even at night it will not be very cold, the fabric is more skin-friendly and smooth, and the upper body is cool and breathable.

Apricot base with red line print, I like this color scheme, the design of the small V-neck is more delicate, and the high waist sides are made of broken pleats, which is very good to define the curve.

The point of this skirt is that there are two ties at the front and back, which are super thin when tied up, and cover the butt and thighs! For girls with pear-shaped bodies friendly every time.

Shop: Kira & Yanng

This dress looks super youthful and energetic! The ruffles on the cuffs and skirt are cute, like cheerleaders who are always full of vitality on the court.

The berry check is also perfect for summer, and the openwork bow design on the chest adds a little sexiness, making it a super summer dress.

A small skirt with a super high rate of return, the haze blue gradient effect is invincible and dreamy, the upper body is super fairy, the length is just right, and the feeling of vaguely revealing half of the slender calves is too wonderful!

The fabric is fine mesh, extending from a touch of Morandi gray to a psychedelic eclipse blue, and the 24-layer mesh stack is not bloated at all, making it a very successful cake dress.

The overall silhouette is simple, with a V-neck and a cinched waist, and a thin oil wax cord at the shoulders.

Because this small skirt has a very correct shape, the upper body is very fleshy and will not show fat, and the little sister with meat on the shoulders can also be worn with a cardigan, in short, it is a super photogenic small skirt.

Today’s summer little skirt recommendation is here~

I hope this time it will be a beautiful Amway

You can choose the style you want

Wait until the weekend

Let’s go out and wave together exquisitely~

Shop: Mangru Water

Shop: Cotre independently designed

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