Last night, Li Qin participated in the event, but he didn’t expect that he was on the hot search because of a pair of fat pants he wore.

What’s going on? The denim straight pants worn by Li Qin feel like they are oversized, and Li Qin herself is very thin, such fat pants, I think her two legs can be stuffed into a trouser barrel, which is this exaggeration. Where did the stylist go? Come out and get beaten!

Not only do I think so, but iron fans also think that Li Qin’s outfit this time is really unfriendly. Soon the studio responded, saying: “I know, these pants are no longer worn…” and shouted behind to everyone to look forward to Li Qin’s new drama. For this fat straight pants, the studio’s response looks a little helpless and funny, poof~

Fans also hurriedly commented: “I can’t wear it anymore, where do you see Mr. Li’s good figure covered?” The legs of beautiful women should be exposed, and the strengths should be avoided. Can I have a snack? ”

Some people also shouted that Li Qin changed the stylist, and the stylist was suspected to be the stylist that Li Qin had used for many years, and he was reluctant to change.

However, some netizens think that Li Qin’s outfit is still very good-looking,

Looking at the raw picture in the perspective of netizens, Li Qin is okay in addition to his face, but the body he wears is a little ugly. Even thicker than the legs of the man next to him, huh!

However, as an actor, appearance and clothing are not absolute, and acting strength is also very important. How Li Qin is is also obvious to all, let’s look forward to her next works!

As for the pants and stylist, everyone still don’t get too angry, I believe she should dress Qinqin up better next time~

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