Knitted cardigan is a very common item in winter, it is soft and warm, gentler than coats than down jackets, very suitable for wearing in cold weather, compared to down jackets and coats and other items, knitted cardigans are not only more rich in style, but also very versatile. Wu Xin’s private clothes style has interpreted a different cardigan style for us a lot, and in this look, she wore the cardigan to a new height, only buttoning two buttons to deliberately expose the bottom, unexpectedly fashionable.

Knitted cardigans are often loosely fitted, so they can be worn alone or layered. Whether the buttons are buttoned when layered directly affects the style of the overall shape, most people are more accustomed to wearing open when layering knitted cardigans, thinking that tying buttons is too rigid, in fact, the key is how to button them. Wu Xin’s look is very special, only buttoning the two buttons under the cardigan, deliberately revealing the white undershirt, which is warm and fashionable, and it is particularly tall.

When it comes to knitted cardigans, jeans are the standard. The freshness of jeans can be perfectly combined with the gentleness of a knitted cardigan for a casual look. However, girls with thick legs and short legs should carefully choose jeans to avoid overly tight styles, such as the jeans worn by Wu Xin are very good, the leg fat is covered under the tube of loose pants, with a pair of platform Martin boots, not to mention how handsome.

Today’s Wu Xin is no longer what he used to be, completing the perfect counterattack from “fashion black hole” to “fashion essence”, and also demonstrated a new way to wear knitted cardigans, only buttoning two buttons to reveal the inner layer is particularly eye-catching. However, no matter how successful the clothing matching also needs to be set off by makeup, her treatment in makeup and hair this time is relatively simple, warm hair falls down the shoulders, light makeup is delicate and lovely, and it is more natural and friendly.

Wu Xin wore the cardigan to a new height, only buttoning two buttons to deliberately expose the bottom, which was unexpectedly fashionable. The knitted cardigan has not appeared in Wu Xin’s style, and each matching method has its own characteristics. Solid color cardigans are simple and classic and versatile, but if your other items are basic, then I recommend that you choose a more designed knitted cardigan to match, just like Wu Xin, simple white T-shirt and small black pants, because of the integration of diamond knitted cardigan, and have vitality.

When girls wear knitted cardigans, they must choose a style that matches their body shape, otherwise it is easy to wear fat and short. In recent years, oversized clothing has been very popular, but knitted cardigans are not structured and three-dimensional due to the particularity of the fabric, and if they use oversize design, they will look cumbersome. Wu Xin’s style is wearing an oversize cardigan, and the larger fit is very difficult to control, and it is difficult to wear a sense of tenderness.

Petite girls, when wearing a knitted cardigan, you may wish to try a short fit, the design of this type of knitted cardigan is not much different from other conventional styles, but the length of the hem becomes shorter, just located at the waist, easily outline the waistline, thus playing a high role, but wear a short knitted cardigan to pay attention to one part, that is, the length of the inner layer should not exceed the hem of the cardigan, otherwise the high effect will be greatly reduced.

Knitted cardigans do not have to be paired with all kinds of pants, but also with skirts, especially the combination of knitted cardigans and dresses, which brings out the gentle charm to the extreme, and is also more convenient and trouble-free than pants styling. Wu Xin once tried a combination of a dress and a knitted cardigan, wearing a small yellow hat elegantly and reducing age. Don’t forget to wear makeup when you wear it like this to highlight the delicate side.

Wu Xin’s concave shape is really amazing, but only two buttons are buttoned in a cardigan, and the effect is unexpectedly fashionable. Knitted cardigans are a very common item, but most people wear very plain things, you may wish to learn from Wu Xin’s style, whether it is buttoned or worn open, have you learned?

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