In recent years, there have been many love shows in China, and foreign countries are not to be outdone, who doesn’t want to have a sweet love? Endless love variety shows appeared, and dog food was used to feed the single crowd, but Japan mainly focuses on high school students in love, and the sweet love of Japanese boys and girls sweetens everyone’s hearts, but after all, there are not many who can go down.

Japan’s “Today, I Like You” The show actually walked out of a couple, a girl who is a high school student became popular because of this show, dropped out of school at the age of only 16 to get married and have children, and her other half has just turned 18 years old,

But one thing to say, this girl Shigekawa Moya’s dress style is fashionable and her appearance is sweet, and she is completely a standard Japanese girl.


16 years old is the age full of youthful vitality, Shigekawa Moya has always shown a playful girlish feeling in her dressing style, with two fashionable twisted braids, soft and cute and quirky, burgundy T-shirt sleeves to create three-dimensional lace, a black suspender pants to add a lot of points to the whole look, the classic color scheme of black and red elements collides with fashionable sparks.


(1) Knitted cardigan

Japanese girls wearing short skirts and bow ties are very common dressing styles, but this fashion has been popular in China in recent years, there is a popular posture throughout the country, short skirts and shirts are simple and advanced, and gray knitwear shows the gentleness and tranquility of girls, and also plays the sweet breath to the fullest.

(2) Knitted vest

Of course, the knitted vest is also one of the items that girls can’t put down now, the dark gray knitted vest has a literary atmosphere, and the simple white shirt is high-end and simple, highlighting the strong student spirit, wearing a dark green tie, embellishing the fashion of the entire look, who wears it is good-looking, not to mention the beautiful Shigekawa Moya.


Shigekawa Momi’s dress is based on the stunning Chinese red as the main element, and at the same time incorporates many elements of traditional Chinese clothing in terms of tailoring and design, creating an elegant and beautiful oriental temperament, and the festive red dress still shows the playfulness and cuteness on her body, with cute two braids, adding a bit of neatness and sweetness to the whole look.

White piece

(1) White T-shirt

Simple and refreshing white T-shirt is the favorite item of many girls, the most basic style can create their own high-end texture, casual white T-shirt and white blue jeans are the two elements that reduce age, blue and white collision creates a full sense of youthful vitality, creating an infinite charm, natural atmosphere at a glance.

(2) White coat

Shigekawa Moya’s white coat should be warmer, clean and pure white coat casual and lazy, with a peacock blue sweater inside, and light blue pants collide with the most brilliant spark, fashionable but also with casual elements, said natural and just right to grasp the laws of fashion.


The wearing law of checked shirts is varied, I have seen the outside as a coat, but this kind of law of wearing in half sleeves for the inside is not easy to control, in the choice of items and colors to show their own difference, Shigekawa Moya with a simple white T-shirt as the outside, the inside to choose a blue-green check shirt, forming a strong sense of contrast, giving people an invisible fashionable aura.

In autumn and winter, wearing heavy cotton clothes is too mediocre, wearing a formal coat is slightly royal sister style, many girls prefer sweet dressing, soft and cute and gentle little fairy temperament, is the need to choose the right piece, in order to quickly grasp the public’s vision, tug at everyone’s heartstrings.

1. Pink cotton clothing

The elegant and fresh pink cotton clothing creates the beauty of Japanese girls with light tones, which not only reduces age and looks young, but also allows girls to easily have a sweet and romantic date with winter, and pink cotton clothing and any combination can leave their original liveliness.

2. Pleated short skirt

Playful and cute pleated short skirts are popular in summer and can also show their beauty in winter, when only a “bare-legged artifact” blessing can satisfy their pursuit of elegant ladylike style.

3. Preppy sweater

The preppy sweater is mainly light-colored, which can not only show the vitality of youth, but also lose the temperament of the preppy style, and look at the atmosphere without losing the sweetness of autumn and winter.

In fact, every girl has a princess dream in her heart, who doesn’t have a sweet girl’s heart? But it’s not only summer that you can show your sweet side, winter can still play sweet.

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