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As soon as he raised his head, he suffered 10,000 critical hits

It’s Jinan, this classmate Chen


Chen classmate who went to college in Jinan

I inadvertently looked up in the bedroom

Found all 3 roommates

All doing the same thing:

knitting scarves,

And both

I’m knitting scarves for my girlfriend.

(Isn’t it really an appointment?) )

Chen, who is still single, said:

When I saw this scene

The mood is a little lost,

I took such a video casually.

And “gamble” to put words

After all, I usually go everywhere on a college campus

Being “fed dog food”

@学长大人 Weibo screenshot

Back in the dormitory has not escaped…

Netizen: Is it really only a little sad?

Some netizens also said “don’t be sad”

This scarf is either black or gray, maybe…


“Is it fashionable for boys to knit scarves for girls now?”

Obviously when I went to college myself

Or the bedroom is another scene

Well, maybe boys are really slowly “improving”

“Do what you can to show love”

There are also netizens with personal experience

Intimately made a “tip”

It’s cold, are you going to knit a scarf?

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