Fishmouth shoes are very beautiful to wear, but many people encounter foot grinding, so what should I do if fishmouth shoes do not follow their feet?

It is recommended to stuff a little soft cotton ball or soft cloth on the tip of the fishmouth high heel, or you can add an insole, the shoe is full, and the foot will not run forward, which can improve the situation of the fishmouth shoe not heeling the foot.

In addition, when buying shoes, be sure to try more and walk a few more steps.

If your feet are very thin, walking and running forward, and the foot of the card is very painful, then it is recommended not to buy high-heeled fishmouth shoes, flat heels, low heels or wedge heels are a good choice. If it is on the large side, put a thicker insole. If it’s too small, take it to a shoe repair shop, they have professional tools to help the shoe grow a little.

What to do if you grind your feet in front of fishmouth shoes

The editor summarizes the tips for sharpening the feet of fishmouth shoes, let’s learn together:

1. Wrap the ill-fitting parts with wet wipes and blow them with a hair dryer.

2. You can stick band-aids or sell the kind of anti-wear transparent silicone small round stickers that are specially sold, buy a few and stick them inside, you can’t see it outside. (The easiest method to use)

3. Buy a pair of stockings that specifically prevent this fishmouth shoe from grinding feet, which is a kind of stockings that show the toes, and wearing them will reduce the situation of grinding feet.

4. Wine immersion method

(1) Pour white wine (about 25 grams) into the new fish mouth shoes, shake them a few times, and put them on for an hour before wearing, the leather will no longer be stiff, and the shoes will no longer clamp the feet.

(2) If it is a fish mouth shoe edge to grind the feet, such as the heel, you can dry it with a wet tissue and then fully soak the liquor, fix it with a clip on the leather shoe part where the foot is grinding, and leave it overnight to soften the leather, and then wear it the next day and will not grind the feet again.

5. Rolling method

(1) If the edge of the new fish mouth shoe is partially rubbed on the foot, you can use a wet towel to cover the foot grinding area for a few minutes to make it wet and soft.

(2) Then use a cylindrical object (such as a glass bottle) to roll out several times to press the part of the grinding foot smoothly, and there will be no more foot grinding.

What to do if the fish mouth shoes do not heel

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