With the arrival of summer, many young ladies and sisters will always worry about dressing at this time, because it is the most difficult to wear clothes when the season changes, and a little carelessness may expose their own shortcomings. But don’t worry too much about this, as long as you master some selection and matching skills to show the charm of the goddess, you may wish to take a look at the following fashion bloggers’ outfits, simple matching blooms a beautiful picture, it is worth referring to.

Analysis of summer selections

(1) Choose clothes according to your figure

First of all, we want to talk about the choice of summer clothes, when it comes to summer matching, most people are more concerned about comfort and coolness, so when choosing clothes, you can try to use some simple suspenders or T-shirts concave shape, these clothes are very suitable for summer, wear cool and relieve the heat.

But no matter what kind of item you choose, you must conform to your own figure and temperament, and if the clothes you choose cannot match your body conditions, it will be difficult to highlight your own advantages, and even the embarrassment of amplifying your shortcomings.

You can try to use some simple shirts or open-waist tops concave shape, if you are in good shape, you can try more bare waist matching careful machine in daily matching, show your small man’s waist, and look thinner. When wearing a shirt, you can also combine different cuts, puff sleeves or V-neck designs are very suitable for slightly fat girls.

Just like these bloggers like to use basic concave shapes when choosing models, simple and attractive, plus some fashionable accessories, you can also make some changes in the tailoring, and you can immediately become foreign.

(2) Try seasonal models more

Don’t always wear pants in the summer, you can also try to use some skirts in this season, in the summer popular skirt styles are quite many, small black skirts, small white skirts, dresses, skirts have a variety of different styles and designs, everyone can be bold in daily life.

However, when choosing a skirt, you should also pay attention to the length should not be too short, especially women with fuller legs are easy to expose thigh fat, not too long, if the body is not tall enough, it will also look a little draggy.

(3) Pay attention to the material to be advanced

If you choose clothes in the summer, you should pay more attention to the material of the clothes, whether you choose clothes or pants, the material must have texture, and be breathable, after all, in the summer dressing everyone pays attention to the sense of coolness, wearing too thick is definitely not good, easy to look bloated, but also easy to stuffy.

Many people will try denim items at this time, denim materials are relatively safe, you can wear them all year round, and you can choose slightly lighter denim clothes in summer.

Collocation resolution

If you want to become a goddess, you must learn to dress, and in this season you can try to mix colors, and the color of the clothes should not be too single. The same color outfit looks a little monotonous, summer wear is difficult to shine, if you want to become more foreign, try a contrast outfit is a good choice, black matching pink such a contrast color is also a group of very tender colors.

You can also try a variety of bright floral dresses to make the look more beautiful and fashionable under the decoration of the d├ęcor.

Contrast outfit is not necessarily to try a large area of bright colors all over the body, you can use the basic color matching and then add a small amount of popular color embellishment, just like this white dress with pink bags, it looks very foreign, the embellishment of the bag looks just right, showing a girly feeling, super age reduction.

If the whole body is a basic color, such as this white or black outfit, then you need to add some bright jewelry embellishments, don’t wear too dark, you can start with bags, hats or earrings, necklaces and other accessories, can make the look more bright.

Take a look at the hipster outfit

When it comes to these fashionable and elf outfits, you will find that they will boldly try a variety of popular colors in this season, it is recommended that you can try nude pink and taro purple this summer, these colors are this year’s popular colors, wearing super white, and with these popular colors concave shape, can inadvertently reflect the gentle intellectual charm, even if the skin is dark, you can wear it.

You can also try the following green or blue items, green and blue are cold colors, if the skin condition is not particularly good, you can try to use this popular color to concave the shape, so that you look younger, more fashionable, will not feel dull and boring.

When matching, the whole is basically light-colored, with this light-colored piece concave shape will appear the whole person more vibrant, whether yellow skin or dark skin can use these bright colors to reflect the sense of premium.

The outfits of these trendy people are worth paying attention to, especially the popular colors chosen by the bloggers above, wearing them on the body can always highlight the good temperament, you may wish to boldly refer to it and let your charm be reflected.

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