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What are the sanitary partition materials

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What are the sanitary partition materials?

One of the sanitary partition materials: moisture-proof board

Moisture-proof board is to add a certain proportion of moisture-proof particles in the production process of the substrate, also known as melamine board, with multi-layer special fiber materials, soaked with an appropriate amount of phenolic resin, by high temperature and high pressing, suitable for humid environment, moisture-proof board section in contact with water expansion degree greatly reduced.

Made of wood fiber plus special moisture-proof agent, melamine is molded at one time by high temperature and high pressure. All mechanical properties, physical properties and surface properties meet the requirements of DIN of German industrial standards, and the quality is excellent, which is the best choice for bathroom partition materials.

Sanitary partition material 2: tempered glass

Tempered glass belongs to safety glass. Tempered glass is actually a kind of prestressed glass, in order to improve the strength of the glass, usually use chemical or physical methods, on the glass surface to form compressive stress, glass when subjected to external force first offset the surface stress, thereby improving the bearing capacity, enhance the glass itself wind pressure, cold and heat, impact and so on.

Flat tempered and curved tempered glass belongs to safety glass. Widely used in high-rise building doors and windows, glass curtain wall, indoor partition glass, lighting ceiling, sightseeing elevator passage, furniture, glass guardrail, etc.

Sanitary partition material three: man-made panel partition

One-piece molding without hemming, can be chamfered, beautiful and generous, no seam treatment, with novel hardware accessories, the appearance is the same. 12 or 18mm thick phenolic resin high-pressure board, moisture-proof, impact-resistant, stain-resistant, easy to clean.

The fourth material of sanitary partition: composite board partition

Honeycomb board outer plywood and beauty plate, light weight, easy to moisture degumming or corrosion, aluminum or stainless steel edge treatment, easy to deform and oxidation, water vapor easy to invade and expand corrosion, doors, door pillars, partitions need to leave seams or metal edges, the overall effect is poor. Low cost, poor durability, fast maintenance and obsolescence.

Sanitary partition material five: PVC board

PVC board is a board made of PVC with a honeycomb-like mesh structure in cross-section. It is a kind of vacuum plastic film, used for the surface packaging of various panels, so it is also known as decorative film, adhesive film, used in building materials, packaging, medicine and many other industries.

Features of PCV board products:

1. Waterproof, flame retardant, acid and alkali resistance, mothproof, light weight, heat preservation, sound insulation and shock absorption characteristics;

2. The same processing as wood, and the processing performance is far better than wood;

3. It is an ideal substitute for wood, aluminum and composite panels.

Sanitary partition material No. 6: metal material

For example, the sanitary partition of metal materials, the sanitary partition of this material has many other advantages in addition to waterproofing. As. Light weight, energy saving, easy to install, maintain and recyclable; high strength, good rigidity, not easy to deform, large load; Even under the impact of external forces, it can maintain its shape and not change easily. Good sound insulation, heat preservation, heat insulation, moisture-proof, fireproof effect, non-toxic, environmental protection; And many other advantages.

Sanitary partition material seven: natural stone partition

Natural stone, solid structure, easy to stick and return to alkali yellowing, good texture, door leaf needs to be matched with other materials, the integrity is slightly poor, high cost, long durability, maintenance is not easy.

Sanitary partition material No. 8: plastic partition

Plastic material, waterproof, but not resistant to high temperature, not scratch-resistant, easy to deform and pollution, plastic or aluminum edge, no sense of wholeness, poor texture, easy to deform, less color choices.

Sanitary partition fittings

The partition accessories of the bathroom are mainly divided into hardware accessories and partition panels, and they are also combined with each other to make a very perfect sanitary partition.

1. Sanitary partition hardware accessories

Adjustable, fixed support feet, tie rod members, corner codes, door lock components, hinges, clothes hooks, connectors, etc.

2. Sanitary partition partition plate

Wall side tail grid, middle partition, side plate tail grid, middle board, door panel, etc.

At present, the accessories of public health partitions mainly include PP, nylon, aluminum alloy, 202 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel and zinc alloy.

Sanitary Interval Reference Price

The price of sanitary partitions is affected by the material, brand, quality, etc., and the following is a simple list of some sanitary partition prices for reference.

Zinc alloy partition 65-185 yuan / square meter.

Plastic partition 8-15 yuan / square meter.

201 stainless steel partition 26-85 yuan / square meter.

Aluminum alloy partition 55-385 yuan / square meter.

304 stainless steel partition 85-605 yuan / square meter.

Glass partition 130-420 yuan / square meter.

Precautions for sanitary partition installation

1. Do not use the slide, because the slide is not easy to clean up after regular use, and there will be water accumulation.

2. To lay floor tiles and wall tiles first, and then customize the bathroom high compartment according to the actual size, it is necessary to pay attention to the error problem above and below the wall, and the high compartment can be customized according to the actual size of the site.

3. If there is no door frame, to install the door gear that blocks water, you can choose to install a special threshold stone, which should be 1.5 cm-2 cm higher than the ground.

4. When installing the toilet high compartment, the process needs to be more fine, if the high compartment of the bathroom, if the bathroom high compartment is not properly installed, it will lead to some serious residual problems such as the drainage system of the bathroom is not smooth. Now people’s requirements for residential renovation have also increased significantly.

Hygienic interval brand ranking

1. Deli

Founded in 1996, it is a professional manufacturer specializing in the design, manufacture and sales of shower rooms and their supporting products, with the reputation of “non-standard first”. So far, Deli has won 25 first-class patent products, developed nearly 20 product series, and more than 1,000 kinds of non-standard products. All along, Deli adheres to people-oriented, adheres to the principle of global first-class standard material selection, and uses professional teams to meet the needs of different customers, and the products are not only guaranteed in quality, but also first-class in service, so that customers can fully feel the sincerity of Deli to customers.

2. Add maple

Jiafeng, an imported brand, set foot on the hot land of China in the nineties of last century, brought the first shower room from Europe, brought a new bathing culture to the ancient country, and changed the life of every Chinese. Jiafeng is a shower room manufacturer integrating independent research and development, production and sales, advanced technology and professional creative inspiration, so that each product can meet people’s needs for personalized space.

3, Jin Sali

Zhongshan Jinsali Sanitary Equipment Effective Company, founded in 1997, is a production and sales enterprise integrating the production and sales of various overall leisure bathroom products. In the past ten years, Jinsali has successively developed and promoted 11 series and more than 200 kinds of products, more than 10 technologies are the first in the industry, and has more than 30 R&D patents. Jinsali’s five-star service standard allows consumers to buy with confidence and use comfortably.

4. Apollo

Apollo (China) effective company, founded in Guangzhou in 1996, after more than ten years of development, now its bathroom series products can be said to sell well all over the world, has become a Chinese sanitary ware brand, and also enjoys a good reputation in the world. Apollo is a famous trademark in China, which has won a number of international certifications and perfect selected products, providing users with better solutions, and is well received and loved by users.

5. Kohler

Kohler is a familiar bathroom brand, a world leader in kitchen and bathroom design and technology, operating companies around the world, and one of the oldest and largest family-owned businesses in the United States. Kohler is in the forefront in many fields, and the Kohler brand, which is of good quality and noble and elegant, has now become an important symbol of Chinese consumers’ pursuit of a complete home life.

6. Ideal

Foshan Ideal Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., founded in 1987, since 1995, ideal is specialized in the design and manufacture of shower doors, after years of development, the industry has been among the best, currently for the top five European building materials sellers design and manufacture of shower door products (ODM), and has 26 practical design patents, products through ISO certification, best-selling all over the world.

7. Fury

Zhongshan Furui Sanitary Equipment Co., Ltd., founded in 2001, is located in the economically developed Pearl River Delta, focusing on the research and development and sales services of high-end shower rooms for more than ten years, and is a professional shower space manufacturer integrating development, production, sales and service. Furui has developed hundreds of product series, leading technology, excellent quality, and passed a number of international certifications, won a number of honors, and won unanimous praise from the public.

8, Lisa

The brand of Zhongshan Weisha Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. has always pursued the complete unity of artistry and practicality for many years. Lisa has always been at the forefront of the industry in innovative design, people-oriented innovation concept, so that each product is considered from the humanization, the product not only from the appearance, functional design to meet different customer needs, but also from the product emotional design fully consider the emotional needs of people, which is really its innovative essence.

9. Wrigley

Wrigley sanitary ware is a well-known sanitary ware brand, which is currently a comprehensive sanitary ware brand with strength and influence in China. As a leading brand, Wrigley has won a number of honorary titles and achieved a strong alliance, committed to creating comfortable, healthy and environmentally friendly bathroom products for consumers. Wrigley pays attention to technology research and development, and spares no effort to invest in technology, so that it has won the trust of consumers and the admiration of peers

10. Eurusa

Founded in 1998, it is a global high-end bathroom brand, and its intelligent bathroom products are widely favored by consumers in the European and American markets. Olusha is China’s ten David bath brand, China’s famous trademark, it has become a leader in the bathroom industry in China. Olusha is large in scale and strong in strength, and the technology that walks in the front guarantees the quality of products, and in the future, Olusha will also make unremitting efforts for the vision of global sanitary ware brands.

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