Generally speaking, the most conventional medical surgery shadowless lamp is necessary to have several special requirements. First, the lighting brightness requirements of the operating room, second, safe surgical lighting, third, the requirements of no dark shadow, fourth, cold light requirements, and fifth, the requirements of disassembly and disinfection.

Medical surgery shadowless lamp is necessary to be able to supply the brightness of the operating room lighting, the surgeon in the operating room must be able to accurately distinguish the contour, color and movement, so the demand is close to the light intensity of daylight quality, at least 100,000 illuminance of the light intensity, Mitime surgical lamp can supply a single lamp up to 160,000 illuminance brightness, and the brightness of the surgical lamp can be stepless conditioning, in the event of a failure during the operation, can actively switch the spare bulb, The time is 0.1 seconds, so Mitime Medical Surgical Shadowless Lamp can provide safe surgical lighting.

Shadowless lamp through the multilateral reflector, can meet the requirements of no dark lighting, this reflective surface by industrial stamping once molding, the reflectivity is 95% high, the surgical lamp in the bright light, to prevent heat, shadowless lamp through the new filter can filter 99.5% of the infrared component, to ensure that the light reaching the surgical area is cold light.

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