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Hangzhou Yokogawa Ice Rink full of memories of the times.

A pair of skates with five or six bows tied with a ticket, you can play for hours with a ticket, a place where Hangzhou old-bottomed children splurge their happiness… (Previous report poked here: boiling!) The weekend is almost full every day, five or six hundred pairs of shoes are not enough to rent, Hangzhou Yokogawa Ice Rink Past)

After an hourly news report, it blew up the same happiness of many “children”.

One reader left a message: “It’s really full of memories, and I reported for work almost every day during the summer vacation when I was a child.” The most fashionable (Hangzhou dialect, roughly meaning old-fashioned) piece of iron plate four wheels directly tied to the shoe, you can let go of yourself, and really think that you can fly. ”

The hourly news reporter contacted the reader, Ms. Xu.

“No one cares about the summer vacation, I live at my grandmother’s house, my grandmother’s house lives next to the Yokogawa ice rink, the memory is actually quite simple, there was nothing to play at that time, just play crazy alone, the ice rink is very cheap, you can play in it all day.”

Ms. Xu still remembers that there was a small slope in the skating rink, and when she was bold, she liked to rush up and down, and if she fell, it would be more miserable.

“The rink is crowded when there are many people, and it can be chartered when there are few people. I always go when there are few people, and sometimes with my sister, I will go by myself. ”

On the days of playing at the ice rink, I was most impressed by the shoes for rent. “It’s more broken than the average indoor skating rink, simple shoes, you have to tie the rope very tightly, otherwise it will fall, and you have to tie your laces frequently during a slip.”

When there are many people, when the queue arrives, it is not easy to pick out normal shoes. Only iron plates remained, no laces left.

“Going to the open-air skating rink in summer, it’s really hot, when I was a child, I didn’t know sun protection, and I wasn’t afraid of falling or hurting, but it’s really flying youth, and it’s easy to be happy.”

In junior high school, there were fewer trips to the ice rink, and later there were more indoor ice rinks. “It’s not good to slip indoors, there are too many people who show off their skills, and it’s rolled.”

When I was a child, I could fly after doing my homework, I often played there until dark before returning home, and now my children learn to skate and have coaches.

“Sometimes I think about it, how can I not get tired of it, the happiness at that time was too simple, and then it was difficult to find such simple happiness.”

More readers also set off waves of memory killing.

“Yokogawa Ice Rink, I used to lie on my stomach outside the fence to watch, there were really good skating, it was very enjoyable to watch, but I didn’t dare to go up, I only dared to walk on the railing.”

“I remember going there in elementary school, when a lot of people played.”

And there is another one, who wants to stop talking –

“The ice rink you must go to when you fall in love, it’s really fashionable at that time. My first love… Now he doesn’t know where, he held hands and taught me to skate. The woman wouldn’t say more, but felt her memory floodgates had been opened.

If you have any memories of Yokogawa Ice Rink, please let us know.

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