Panties, as a kind of close-fitting underwear, are a necessity in life. Although MMs rarely show off, they pay no less attention to it than coats. Because a good pair of underwear can make the whole person look sexy, and thus gain beauty from the inside out.

Manufacturers in the market have made a variety of underwear to meet the needs of beautiful women. Therefore, many people are dazzled when choosing, and they don’t know what brand of women’s underwear is better? In fact, at this time, you may wish to get LAMIU underwear, in order to show women confidence and sexiness on different occasions, they have created a number of series of underwear, which are very good.

Among them, my favorite is the linglong series of panties! It can easily show the “delicate curves” of women and become an unforgettable dessert on a date, delicate and attractive, but not frivolous and low-profile. Next, I recommend two of my favorite linglong series panties.

1. Linglong Yutaoyuan women’s low-rise boxer panties

This panty is gentle and skin-friendly, light in texture, and non-marking covers 360° without feeling to walk against the skin, comfortable and breathable on the body, romantic flower stitching, fit the waist curve, like a dream, can easily show the hidden gold ratio, wearing on the body has an indescribable sexiness.

2. Linglong Dye Xia women’s low-rise briefs

This panty uses orange and purple light color, spliced dream mesh, fashionable and sexy on the body, the key is the bottom gear of 100% cotton, which is comfortable inside and out, but it is really healthy and sexy.

If you want to buy good women’s underwear, choose LAMIU Lanmui!

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