I am a practitioner engaged in the field of writing, every day need to face the computer to tap the keyboard, when I first entered this industry, full of confidence and enthusiasm, but over time gradually feel a little tired, the work state is not as motivated as before, after all, every day need to face the computer for a long time, after work also have to pay attention to all kinds of news to collect creative inspiration, as the saying goes: “only tired cattle, no ploughed fields”. So I wondered if there was any office equipment that could help improve productivity?

Through the recommendation of a friend, I started a product launched by Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise “Ink Case”: Ink Case Intelligent Speed Record Sound Pen, this smart voice recorder can transcribe “recording” into “text”, so that when I go to some press conferences, I can take out the ink case recorder for field recording, and then go home to transcribe it into text, so that I can quickly sort out the manuscript according to the transcribed text, and no longer need to use the computer to type while listening at the press conference; Or the creation time is too long, the eyes have been staring at the computer will be a little tired, at this time you can also take out the ink case this voice recorder, use the way to create, and then only need to transcribe the recorded content into text through the APP to produce the manuscript.

Good things naturally need to know how to share, so the content of this review article is to tell you how the ink case intelligent speed recording sound pen is.

Go from complexity to simplicity, “incredible” small appearance design

I won’t talk about the packaging details. However, one point needs to be mentioned, that is, the ink case intelligent speed recording pen currently has a total of 16GB, 32GB two versions, 32GB is recently launched, so it can be regarded as a new product, in addition, the ink case is also a member of the Xiaomi ecological chain, the previous Xiaomi read more electronic paper books is responsible for the ink case.

In fact, at the beginning, I also paid attention to products such as voice recorders, but I saw that the voice recorder used by the company’s predecessors not only had many buttons and cumbersome operation, but also could only record and could not transcribe, so I was not interested in such products in the early days. However, there are only 2 buttons of the ink case intelligent speed recording pen, the operation is simple, and the whole machine is so small that it is a little “incredible”, only 18 grams of weight, which is similar to a U disk, plus it can be transcribed through the APP, which suddenly overturned my “bad impression” of the voice recorder.

There is a full-digital MEMS microphone on the front top and bottom of the ink case intelligent speed recording pen, and there is also an indicator light between the two microphones to facilitate the user to understand the working status of the voice recorder.

The back of the ink case smart speed recording pen is equipped with a back clip and a switch button.

The left side of the ink case intelligent speed recording pen is equipped with a Type-C interface, in addition to charging, you can also connect with the computer to manage the recording files on the computer, if you want, the ink case this voice recorder is also used as a U disk.

The right side of the ink case smart speed recording pen has a toggle record button, gently dial to start recording, and then dial back to end recording.

In addition, the design of this toggle recording key facilitates “blind operation”, which is reflected when we clip the voice recorder to a position such as collar or strap.

In addition to a Type-C data cable, the ink case intelligent speed recording pen will also come with a customized lanyard, which can be attached to the recorder and used by hanging the neck.

Although the overall appearance design of the ink case intelligent speed recording pen is a little more “concise style”, but for the current young people, this simple style is more suitable for them (them), if you use that colorful electroplating design, will you pay?

APP one-click AI intelligent transcription, recording “seconds change” text is so simple

If you want to fully experience the ink case of this voice recorder, you still need to install a special APP, currently Android mobile phones and iPhones have corresponding APP clients.

The process of connecting the voice recorder to the APP is very simple, I will not talk to you more here, it is worth mentioning that after the connection is completed, the APP will pop up an introduction prompt to guide you to understand, the overall is quite intimate.

The picture above is the APP interface of the voice recorder, and the whole APP has a total of three functional interfaces, namely recording files, real-time recording, and my (personal center, voice recorder settings). The picture above is the “recording file” interface, which mainly displays the recording content in the voice recorder, and there is also a reminder of the remaining battery of the voice recorder in the upper left corner.

The picture above is the “My” interface in the APP, where you can set up a voice recorder or view historical transcription and other operations.

The so-called voice recorder setting is to upgrade the firmware of the ink recorder, hide the indicator and private settings. Sometimes you don’t want others to know that we are recording, so you can turn on the hidden indicator function; The private setting is equal to a security protection function, after opening, only the bound account can access the voice recorder file, and the USB data reading function will also be turned off, so that when others pick up our lost voice recorder, they cannot copy the recording file through USB, I like this function.

The picture above is the “real-time recording” interface in the APP. There are two recording methods and two transcription methods of the ink case intelligent speed recording pen, and the two recording methods are: recording by dialing the recording key of the voice recorder when not connected to the APP; When connected to the APP, the voice recorder is controlled through the APP to record.

The two transcription methods are written while recording (the APP is also transcribing into text in real time while recording); Record before writing (transcription after recording). The difference between the two is that you must connect to the APP while recording and writing, while the method of recording first and then transcribing is not required. In addition, the ink case intelligent speed recording pen supports transcription in both “Mandarin” and “English”, and is not limited to Chinese transcription.

Mojian officially said that based on AI cloud computing engine, the accuracy rate of Mojian intelligent speed recording pen can reach 95%. Let’s measure the transcription accuracy.

Through actual measurement, you can see that “of” is recognized as “ground”, the first “he” is recognized as “she”, and the rest is basically that the punctuation is not quite right, the sentence segmentation is not accurate, the accuracy rate of the entire recording transcribed into text is indeed quite high, but one thing I don’t understand is why only the “he” at the beginning is wrong and the later is correct?

Let’s transcribe another English recording into a text test. By comparing with the original text on the right, the problems of transcription recognition are mostly letter case and punctuation, while the recognition of the entire English paragraph is very accurate, almost perfect.

In addition to the help of the AI cloud computing engine, its equipped Knowles all-digital silicon microphone array and adaptive acoustic algorithm, 6-meter far-field pickup and other technologies complement each other to achieve such a high-accurate quasi-writing effect, for a writer like me, you only need to modify the punctuation, and it hardly takes much time to quickly sort out the manuscript in the later stage.

In addition, when playing back the recording file in the APP, it also supports forward, backward and double-speed playback, and it will be highlighted when playing to the corresponding text with the audio, that is, you can directly transcribe the accurate proofreading of the text in the APP.

New office equipment that greatly improves work efficiency

On the whole, through a period of experience, the ink case smart speed recording pen can indeed improve my work efficiency, sometimes when I need to write a short message, I can lie on the sofa, close my eyes, and hold Erlang’s legs to use the ink case recorder to record first and then transcribe through the APP. Of course, the ink case intelligent speed recording pen cannot completely replace my “hand knocking” method of writing, but it can improve my work efficiency to a certain extent.

Of course, the ink case intelligent speed recording pen does not necessarily have to be a word worker to use, as long as there are scenes that need to be recorded, for example, students can record the content of the teacher’s class, go home and then review and consolidate; Those who participate in the training can record the content of the instructor, etc. Well, the review of this voice recorder is here, if you have other questions, you can also ask me questions, let’s exchange and discuss together.

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