I believe that many girls like me, like to wear tight sweatpants when climbing, because the elasticity of tights is good and the skin-friendly degree is also very high, it is particularly comfortable to wear, but if you climb in autumn and winter, because the temperature on the mountain is low and the wind is relatively strong, only wear a thin pair of tights, not only can not effectively achieve the cold, and the material of the tights is mostly not waterproof, if it rains, it is easier to make the legs wet. Therefore, it is still highly recommended to wear or at least have a pair of wind- and water-resistant hiking pants when climbing in autumn and winter!

This time, we are going to test the new “Fjällräven Kaipak Trousers Curved W” of the Arctic Fox for autumn and winter, which is specially designed for mountaineering and hiking, but it is also suitable for everyday wear.

Before we start introducing hiking pants, let’s get to know the Fjällräven arctic fox brand.

Fjällräven is the Swedish word for Arctic fox, also used to describe people who live in their natural environment, and was founded in 1960 by founder Åke Nordin in the Swedish city of Örnsköldsvik. The first product designed was the aluminum frame backpack, and later developed the anti-condensation lightweight tent, outdoor functional clothing and revolutionary sleeping bag, which were favored by more and more outdoor enthusiasts around the world.

Founder Åke Nordin, like most Swedes, grew up in the beautiful and harsh natural environment of Northern Europe, and he understands the vagaries of nature and the difficulty of obtaining precious resources. Be active in nature and do not tolerate any unnecessary waste. All Fjällräven products are designed with “practicality” as the starting point and “function” as the guide, which also creates Fjällräven’s unique design style of “humble simplicity”.

Over the past 50 years, Fjällräven has taken the essence of product design from the perspective of outdoor users, many of which Åke Nordin himself invented while working in the wilderness, and has created many classics, including the G-1000, a water-repellent fabric that represents Nordic philosophy, and the beloved Kånken backpack.

Because the LOGO shape of the Arctic fox is very pleasing and cute, its product design is simple but not losing texture, favored by many girls, when in the mountains, you can often see mountain friends wearing little fox functional clothing, such as wool hats, sun hats, chest bags, hiking bags, functional pants and so on. In the city, you can often see the Kånken series of backpacks.

Kaipak Trousers Curved W Hiking Pants Features Introduction

Kaipak Trousers Curved W belongs to the Keb Family series

Named after Sweden’s highest peak, Kebnekaise (2014m), the Keb family offers apparel and gear related to professional outdoor activities, with a focus on flexibility and durability during events, combined with innovative fabrics and three-dimensional cuts for optimal functionality.

1. Curved fit, three-dimensional cut to wear slim and good-looking

The biggest difference between men’s and women’s models is that the women’s model is designed with a curved curved fit, which emphasizes the waist more than other shapes, and is slightly wider at the hips and thighs, solving the problem that the traditional fitted fit may be bloated at the hips and crotch, and the comfortable fit will be too wide to wear.

“Kaipak Trousers Curved W” is the slimmest and best-looking hiking pants I’ve worn so far!

2. Elastic fabric splicing, more flexible

The flexibility and elasticity of hiking pants have always been very important!

If you wear well-fitting but inelastic pants to climb the mountain, when you need to take a big step or climb the terrain, it is easy to restrain the legs because the fabric is inelastic, making each step more laborious, such pants not only can not help the mountaineering but half the effort! The “Kaipak Trousers Curved W” is very intimately spliced elastic fabric on the upper edge of the buttocks, crotch and behind the knees, giving the legs great space and flexibility, and increasing the heat dissipation effect.

3.G-1000® Eco wear-resistant, wind-resistant, water-repellent material

G-1000 fabric has always been a very powerful outdoor functional fabric in the Arctic Fox brand, with excellent wear resistance, after waxing with Greenland Wax, it has good water repellency, windproof characteristics but excellent air permeability, wearing it will not be too burdensome and can make you have basic protection in autumn and winter. In addition, Eco means a blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester, which also shows Fjallraven’s commitment to sustainability.

4. Spacious thigh pockets for small items

On both thighs, there are spacious thigh pockets, the left side is a press-button pocket, and the right side is a zippered pocket, which is very suitable for storing mobile phones, batteries, mobile food and other small items, which is convenient and quick to access.

5. Trouser leg adjustment strap and shoe hook design

Arctic fox in the design of mountaineering pants, really put a lot of intimate thoughts, first of all, there is a belt design at the legs, you can adjust the width according to different shoe models, and there is a hidden shoe hook design on the front side of the pants, hooked on the laces can make the shoes and pants will not produce too much space, to avoid dust, gravel, leaves and so on accidentally into the shoes.

A measured experience of Kaipak Trousers Curved W

This time a two-day, one-night event is scheduled to be completed.

Since the distance to be walked is not short, it is recommended that you carry two trekking poles, which can assist in propulsion when traveling and going uphill, and reduce the burden on your knees when going downhill, and if you are more nourished, you can also bring more knee pads to protect your knees.

When the back is heavy and fast, the body emits more heat, but thanks to the light and breathable fabric used by the Kaipak Trousers Curved W, and the increased heat dissipation of the spliced elastic fabric, I don’t feel stuffy even on sunny days. While slimming and looking good, it also takes into account flexibility, and the whole person’s legs look super thin!

As you walk, the sky starts to change, and the weather on the mountains changes quickly.

Because of the heavy rain we directly changed into a raincoat, my raincoat is a long version, plus Kaipak Trousers Curved W also has a certain degree of water repellency, I did not put on additional rain pants, although there is no steep rise on the road, but at the beginning of the road, there are many high and low drops that need to be strided, but thanks to the three-dimensional cut design and the hips, crotch and knee behind the spliced elastic fabric gives great mobility.

Due to the heavy rain shortly after getting up, the process in the middle did not take a DSLR camera to take pictures, only to use GoPro to record a few videos casually, which is really a pity.

After a short rest, we hurried down the mountain, got up early the next morning to check the equipment to climb the main peak, we set off in the early morning, because it was early in the morning, at this time the body temperature approached zero, if you repeatedly encounter strong winds, the wind chill effect will be colder, super afraid of the cold I wear a lot of clothes and wear warm gloves, the most important head is of course also the necessary Arctic fox Byron Hat wool hat, in addition, I also put a magic turban around my face, This way, you won’t feel uncomfortable breathing cold air all the time when you breathe. The cold wind blowing in the middle of the night is really very cold, at this time I just hope that the sun will come out quickly!

The high ductility and elasticity of the Kaipak Trousers Curved W allows me to have no limited movement space in my lower body during the climb.

It takes less than 20 minutes to reach the main peak, and although it looks thrilling, it is still safe to pass as long as you walk slowly.

Fortunately, we finally waited for the unmanned private moment at the main peak, happily playing with the aerial camera and taking photos of the summit, and the sea of clouds in front of us was really beautiful!

Summary of the experience

Overall, I really love this Kaipak Trousers Curved W hiking trousers, which combines all the characteristics of my dream hiking pants, using G-1000 fabric that is abrasion-resistant, wind-resistant, water-repellent and breathable. The whole trousers are cut three-dimensionally, and the slim fit looks super thin when worn, and because there is an elastic fabric spliced at the crotch and knees, the flexibility of its pants will not be detracted from the pursuit of good looks.

In terms of climate, these pants are suitable for most mountaineering environments, whether for novice or veterans, it is a very suitable pants, especially recommended for beginners, because Kaipak Trousers Curved W can be said to be a mountaineering trouser that can come in handy at any time, allowing you to start your mountain journey in a more relaxed, comfortable and safe way!

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