It seems that when it comes to curved displays, many people always associate it with high-end, which means that the price will also be more expensive. In fact, most of the products such as gaming monitors have been occupied by curved monitors, because the screen is curved, so it is more in line with the curvature of the human eye, and the display effect of such monitors is also more immersive than ordinary monitors, especially when playing large-scale e-sports games. So, the question is, how to choose a curved monitor? Is the larger the screen size, the better, are there other parameters to pay attention to? Come, with questions, let’s talk together.

Generally speaking, curved monitor we in addition to the screen size, there are several parameters to pay attention to, the first is the proportion of the screen, most of the curved monitors on the market are based on the ratio of 21:9 and 16:9, if you want to get a wider space on the display, of course, 21:9 is better, but here we are talking about the cost performance, so 16:9 is still the first choice, and it is also more suitable for watching movies. The second is curvature, I think it is best to have a curvature above 1500R, so that the display effect will be shocking enough, in line with the effect that a curved monitor should have. Finally, the screen resolution must be high, more than 2K. In the end, the positioning I chose must be around 1500, which is too expensive and loses its meaning.

So, in the end, I chose this KTC’s 32-inch 165Hz curved screen H32S12. This monitor achieves 2K resolution, 1500R curvature and 1ms response low latency, which is just right for me, and the price is more than 1700, which is not out of my budget. I’ve been experiencing it for half a month now, so I’ll briefly talk to you about my feelings.

Mention KTC, for many computer enthusiasts, should be no stranger. KTC’s full name is Shenzhen KTC Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1995, is a very early focus on the production of display manufacturers, such as LG, Xiaomi and other companies of display products are KTC to provide OEM services, although KTC brand strength is strong enough, but KTC own brand is in a blank state for a long time, so this brand of display, more like a super boss from behind the scenes to the front of the stage, and its products are also more powerful to take the cost-effective route.

The KTC H32S12 is a 16:9 ratio curved monitor with a screen arc of 1500R. The screen size is 32 inches, the resolution is 2K-level 2560*1440, and the refresh rate is up to 165Hz, which is a very fragrant parameter for gaming lovers. At present, the mainstream curved monitors on the market use VA panels, and KTC is no exception.

32 inches, once synonymous with large-size TVs, now it seems that 32-inch curved monitors have become the mainstream display size of the desktop, thanks to high-definition resolution, high refresh rate, in fact, the current display technology, even if the screen is large, the human eye will be very comfortable. The screen adopts a three-sided extremely narrow border design, even for an old driver like this author who has been exposed to a lot of curved monitors, the intuitive feeling of KTC’s monitor to me is still so shocking.

When installing the monitor, in order to avoid the monitor being damaged by external forces, it is recommended to install the bracket of the monitor first, and then take out the monitor as a whole, the installation of this KTC monitor is quite convenient. A cylindrical straight stand and triangular base, snapped onto the back cover of the monitor, make installation very simple.

The base of the KTC H32S12 curved monitor adopts a lifting base design, and the display supports adjustment between 0-105mm, and the angle between 5° and 20° tilt. Coupled with the display itself, the screen curvature of 1500R is used, and the actual experience can make the entire picture almost without dead angles, bringing a cinematic presence of someone.

The bracket is a classic triangular bracket, at the bottom of the bracket, you can see the red decorative embellishment, black and red color scheme intertwined, bringing more gaming style to the overall monitor. The cable can pass through the round hole at the bottom of the bracket, making the overall cable storage neater.

In addition to the power interface, there is also a USB interface (specially used to upgrade firmware), HDMI 2.0 interface, 2 DP1.2 ports and a headphone interface, HDMI interface supports up to 144Hz screen refresh rate, DP interface can reach 165Hz refresh rate.

The back design of the display is also extremely atmospheric, the entire back adopts a design rich in gaming elements, the figure-eight ravine, built-in RGB light bar, breathing light effect, like a sci-fi fighter shape, looks very cool, in addition, the texture of the back

The design also adds a lot to the appearance of the entire back.

KTC monitor OSD menu key, located on the right back of the monitor, a classic joystick button, press the button to open the display OSD setting function, in the menu can adjust the display display, color, game settings, input settings, system settings and user data, the monitor interface is located in the center of the display, the operation is simple and easy to use.

Display, built-in display mode has 7 profile modes to choose from, in Standard, User, Movie, Picture, RTS, FPS1 and FPS2. When playing the game, you can turn on the FPS mode, and after turning it on, it can have the effect of enhancing the dark part, so that even if the enemy hides in a relatively dark corner, you can instantly find the enemy.

In daily office, you can choose to turn on the low blue light mode, after turning on the low blue light mode, it will filter out the short-wave blue light that hurts the eyes, so that it will be more protective and protect the eyes, suitable for long-term viewing of the monitor, and the eyes are not easy to fatigue. However, in order to better protect the eyes, it is still recommended to get up and rest more after watching the monitor for a long time, look at the distance, and relieve eye fatigue.

Of course, through the four aspects of the stick key, up, down, left and right, you can quickly adjust the parameters of the display. They are volume, input mode switching, profile mode adjustment, and quick access game assist.

KTC H32S12 curved monitor also has a built-in 2W*2 speaker, through the OSD shortcut key can adjust the volume, the built-in speaker sound is okay, to solve the need for sound without a speaker after installation.

Through the shortcut keys can quickly open the game auxiliary function, turn on the timer, sniper crosshair, FPS display function, KTC curved monitor as a professional gaming monitor, after opening the sniper focus function, it is equivalent to opening the physical plug-in on the hardware, that is to say, under any weapon, you can open the sniper focus, turn it into a sniper rifle, and accurately attack the enemy.

This monitor also supports Freesync/G-Sync function, after turning on G-Sync, the refresh rate of the screen will be refreshed synchronously with the graphics card, thereby avoiding the phenomenon of picture lag, delay, and screen tearing, making the entire game screen smoother, improving the sharpness of the entire game screen, and bringing a better game experience.

At the same time, KTC gaming curved monitor also supports HDR function, after turning on HDR, whether it is watching movies or games, it can bring a more detailed game picture. The color gamut of this monitor can cover 120% of sRGB, can display 16.7 million colors, and supports a color depth of 8bits, the color of the whole picture is bright, and the effect is excellent. As you can see from the pictures and videos played, the whole color is very full and the colors are very vivid. Thanks to the large size, although it is a VA panel, the entire display effect is not inferior to the display of the IPS panel.

The curvature of 1500R is very consistent with the curvature of the human eye for the human eye, so the overall vision will be more immersive. And this KTC monitor gives me the most intuitive feeling, under the screen off, the whole screen is very curved, sitting 1 meter away in front of the monitor, there will be a very obvious sense of surround in the visual, which is also the visual experience that ordinary monitors cannot bring.

At the same time, we found that this monitor benefits from the VA panel, and the entire black will be more thoroughly black when the monitor is black.

In the game, when the refresh rate is turned to the highest 165Hz, such a high-brush experience, whether it is for the experience improvement or watching a blockbuster movie, the improvement of the entire visual experience is very obvious, the whole picture is very smooth, visible to the naked eye, and the whole picture becomes very silky. I believe that children’s shoes that experience a high refresh rate display should feel the same way.

Overall, this KTC 32-inch curved monitor, the screen performance of the entire monitor is very pleasant, 16:9 ratio plus 1500R screen curvature, and up to


The 2K level resolution makes this monitor extremely good, and the screen refresh rate is as high as 165Hz, coupled with game assistance, sniper aiming, reesync/G-Sync function, and HDR function, so that this gaming monitor truly achieves the display effect of the gaming level.

Although the curved screen monitors on the market have not yet been popularized, the price is still at a high level, but this KTC monitor, at a price of about 1700, almost the functional configuration of the curved monitor of about 5K is arranged, which is undoubtedly very good news for game lovers who have insufficient budget but want to have a better gaming experience. Let me say, if you want to choose a 32-inch curved monitor and have a limited budget, then this KTC curved gaming monitor is a very good choice.

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