As the old saying goes, “After La Ba is the New Year”, at this time, the most youthful place in Shijiazhuang is East Street. The origin of this New Year market is also very simple, first of all, it is located in the city center and has convenient transportation; Secondly, since the eighties of the last century, the relevant departments have regarded this place as a centralized supply point for Spring Festival food, that is, the predecessor of the New Year Goods Fair. At that time, traders from all over the world opened their shops on the spot. Now with the International Expo Center, it is naturally much taller.

In the blink of an eye, it was the seventeenth day of La Yue, and a WeChat message came from the mobile phone: I am coming to the New Year market, and the ninth master will come to take a look! This is Hao Na, the beautiful boss of the post-80s generation who deals in agricultural products in Anping County. I had a relationship with her at the Anping County Yam Digging Festival, where she specializes in the famous local small white-mouthed yam.

Anping’s small white-mouthed yam is very famous and has a long history, dating back to the Han Dynasty. The most favorite emperor in the records is Qianlong, who is almost inseparable day by day and is regarded as one of the secrets of longevity. Legend has it that Cui Yingying in the Tale of the West Wing loved to eat this yam, with clear eyebrows and red lips and white teeth. Later, the old farmers called the variety that Miss Cui liked as Xiaobaizui yam.

Hao Na and I were chatting in the market when I heard an aunt shouting: That’s her, here! In the blink of an eye, several aunts huggled around and became lively with Hao Na. After the aunts left, Hao Na said embarrassedly: I have been coming to the New Year Festival for five consecutive years, and the aunts come to me every year to buy yams, not only recognizing Anping yam, but also recognizing me. It stands to reason that I can arrange other employees to come over, but I can’t bear these enthusiastic aunts, and I also want to touch the market, see the market, and make online sales more targeted.

Suddenly, a young handsome man came over and asked: They say that your yam is very sweet, can I taste it? It turned out that the attentive Hao Na steamed a pot of cooked yam on the spot, and anyone who came could taste it freely. She said that the yam that had been left for three months was the most delicious, and when I tasted it, it was soft and delicate, and the mouth was sweet, no wonder everyone would buy it when they tasted it.

An uncle said; I am from Anping County, and I have loved to eat Xiaobaizui yam since I was a child. Maybe young people don’t know that this yam is called “Prime Minister Yam” in Anping. Anping ancient called Boling, according to legend, the Cui family loved yam, and the Cui family produced more than 20 prime ministers in the Han and Tang dynasties, so the little white-mouthed yam was praised as “prime minister yam” and has been passed down to this day.

The man next to me said that I came to buy yam beans today, and the old people and children in our family love to eat them, they like to watch TV and eat yam beans, which have become a snack food like melon seeds. Hao Na said that our yam beans are sold for 4 yuan a catty, the price is very low, close to the cost, it needs to be knocked off the vine, picked up and collected, removed from the soil, weighed and packaged. But if you like it, you don’t care about that.

Here the packaging size of yam is suitable, simple packaging is 5 pounds a pack, long 20 yuan, short 15 yuan, buy more can also be discounted, this price is the same as the price of supermarkets or morning markets, but the quality is much better. The gift bags are all fine in yam, and they only cost 50 yuan during the New Year Festival, which is cheaper than online. Hao Na said that this is done to make everyone happy for the New Year, and secondly, to expand the influence of Xiaobaizui yam.

To be honest, as a tourist self-media, I have eaten a lot of yam in the south and north, but I have not left any impression. But after participating in the Anping Yam Digging Festival last October, I deeply felt: Xiaobaizui yam, really different, is it any wonder that so many historical celebrities can afford it and can’t put it down?

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