In the traditional understanding or in the eyes of men, skirts are only related to coolness, so whenever low temperatures appear, there will be a beautiful frozen tone, but in fact, women wear skirts, as if northern men love the charm of southern little women, while southern men admire the bold atmosphere of northern girls, pure preference, and seasonal temperature has nothing to do with it, what you want is two words – like.

Contrast slim fit OL hip skirt

01 I don’t remember which movie I saw the bridge, all OL working hours must wear skirts, and must not wear the same for two consecutive days, seemingly strict conditions, but in fact it is a constraint and improvement of personal quality, at least it can dispel the doubts that people did not change clothes or were informal last night.

Plush and thick lace dress

02 Don’t be beautiful and freeze, as long as it is beautiful and moving, although the main fabric is embroidered lace sweet and romantic, but it can’t help but be loved, is it really good to freeze a cold, the velvet inner said, everything is easy to do with me, fashion and warmth are together, warm is very slim, rabbit hair looks very styled.

Thick bow waist-cinched dress

03 Solid color waist small stand collar, fashion compatible with first-class awesome, can go shopping to date celebrities, can commute OL show dignified, details dazzling quality and taste outstanding, small stand collar and lanyard chain decoration is not only fashionable and considerate, simplify the matching scheme, but also with the waist bow to show a big brand scenery.

Solid color crewneck raglan dress

04 White three-dimensional cut in a relatively low temperature season, not bright but can stand out, super photogenic, especially the classic sleeve raglan, which not only reduces the size limit of purity and simplicity on the shoulder shape, but also reflects the folds and tightens the waist to add a bit of literary and artistic romance to the white pure.

Pleated waist-cinched little black dress

05 The contrast panels on the chest and the streamlined lines of the standard dress make people can’t help but think of elegant and noble retro celebrities, especially with the small lapels like bow ties, very rich in court romance, walking into urban fashion but a different kind of intellectual dignification, the pleated hem and the slim hip skirt carve the three-dimensional sense of fake two.

Round neck thick balloon skirt

06 The flower-bud-shaped skirt is streamlined, more inclusive than the A pendulum, which seems to interpret pure sweetness and romance, but it is often accompanied by literary and artistic small freshness, and the big round neck is very simple, echoing the dreamy exaggeration of the lantern swing Rococo, always at the peak of intellectual elegance.

Wool wrapped hip skirt

07 Show a little S-shaped sexy, you can choose a slightly slim size, dress up a little intellectual urban elegance, just the right fit is the most light luxury, and the length of the ankle, warmth is not the root of fashion, the swaying variety of the ultra-long back slit is the affectionate love of femininity.

Check crewneck small fragrance set

08 I don’t know whether the appearance rate of blue and white hand in hand is too high and causes aesthetic fatigue, or the contrast between bright blue and black is too strong, detached eye-catching and more fashionable, as if playing a fashionable edge ball, blue and black strong combination, personality challenge unruly and youthful beautiful suit bottom.

Check panels college dress

09 Splicing is the favorite of young girls, passion catharsis generally attached to the British romance of plaid shirts, and even more unwilling to miss the frankness and casualness of pullover T-shirts, loose hip-tocks plaid hem and crewneck loose T-shirts sweet encounter, although not as fashionable and bright as Mars hitting the earth, but also enough personality and eye-catching.

Striped slit stretch midskirt

10 In addition to the overly casual dress, the slim body of the gray front slit can be fashionable and responsible, and the diagonal rendering of the skirt placket, although it is suspected of disturbing the smooth stripes, but it is a new highlight of the three-dimensional interpretation of the slim hip skirt, which is simple and not simple, and the low-key contrasts with light luxury.

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