Hello everyone! I have praised platform shoes many times, wearing flat ground to increase height by a few centimeters, showing long legs and thin legs, who doesn’t like it!

The brand is also very sensible, recently I found one

Big wave’s new trendy platform shoes

, I’m going to plant grass for everyone!


British brand specializing in hot girl platform shoes, the general sole is about 7cm, although tall but the shoe type is not stupid and easy to go, it can be said that it is a small tiancai brand.

Jennie is their tap water, and these white pairs are not worn in private.

Sister Zheng Haoyan, who is 176cm, has not escaped the magic of this family.

However, this pair of toes is more delicate, and it is not easy to press with loose sportswear.

The founders of the brand are only in their 20s, so the fashion of the shoe shape and color is very good, and this brown pair is simply a love at a glance.

Last year, we didn’t praise khaki brown, and when the American limelight came, this color could be popular for at least a year.

The point is to match well, get together with summer clothes, and will not look too heavy to cover your feet. And the price is not expensive, the daily price is more than 1,000, and you can buy it below half the price of the event when you catch up with the activity.



With a full set of brown matching, this skin tone is sexy with this color! Although we will not wear so leaky daily clothes, we can follow this color scheme.

The upper body can also be used

Brownish green color scheme

, I said before that these two colors are a great combination.

This shoe

Girls with a little meat can wear it


Large thick bottom

It is

Very thin legs


It loves to come out in a variety of solid colors, and it is OK to wear cycling pants and pleated skirts in summer.

Pure white is versatile,

Pure white in pursuit of brainless outing.

The cold clothes are heavy, even tall people wear a double thick bottom so that they are not easy to appear short.

It also has this color-block design, and the toe cap is more cute. It’s also quite playful with socks + suits. In late spring and early summer, when the sky is slightly cool, I wear it so beautifully.

In addition to sneakers, sisters with thin legs can also consider it boots. This year, a dark horse has captured the hearts of all kinds of hot girls.

There is this short stretch skin that just over the neck of the foot, and the ankle is thin.

The thick-soled style is worn with trousers, and the same color giant shows height and thinness.

There is also this kind of knee style that is a must for hot girls.

Patent leather plus metal logo on the heel, more distinctive!

In addition to these, there are platform sandals

Thick-soled slippers, I think they are all quite good-looking, there have been some signs of the rise of thick-soled sandals since last year, and this summer you have to seize this wave of high trends.

Delias pink platform boots

I have recommended Delias’ shoes many times, and it can be regarded as a classic shoe that increases by 5cm, and hundreds of shares are not lost.

Recently out

Picoon platform boots

6 cm height

It is the feeling of workwear style, and it also steps on the fashionable point of the girl’s balance.

Especially this pair of overalls toe boots, pink is too cute, sweet and cool directly to hold!


This kind of big boots, the lower body is missing and wearing is definitely fine.


It’s okay

Wear yours with a maxi skirt

If a small amputation is exposed, it will appear that the calf is super thin!


Although Delias did not start with platform shoes, the shoes that have recently been released basically have to start with a 3~6cm sole.

In addition, it is good at making high-saturation color matching, and many Japanese sisters love it.

It’s pretty Asian anyway.

The style and price are particularly suitable for the student party, and I must do this when I return to the university campus~

Daphne platform shoes

The impression is that Daphne’s brand has always been quite dirty, and recently you can often see small beautiful women wearing its shoes. In terms of style, it is now a button cobalt Daphne, a look

It’s the money spent on design.

@陈思禾Ryn @Ya Coco @Aloved @吱屋猪张张

This pair of very classic platform shoes,

5.5 cm thick bottom

, the three-dimensional square head looks very tough.

Tough shoes

Basically everything is a hit



This shoe is special

Added on the basis of pure black


Decoration of metallic bay leaves and zircons

, very recognizable. Silver metal is fashionable no matter how you look, and with this piece of metal as a highlight, wearing trousers and shoes will not be buried.

The same model also has silver, which is also a fashionable style.


The same metal decoration, there is

Round toe

, the sole line is also more rounded. I think both pairs look good, depending on everyone’s own preferences.

Another word of caution,

Shoes are on the large side

, and this platform shoes

It takes a while to fit the foot

@Yaya sleepy@Ash

Miista olive green platform shoes

This brand is more niche, but

The fit and material are good

, belongs to the eye-catching and hangable.

Patent leather olive green color scheme, the color is very matched. The upper body is also matched with dark olive green, which gives a sense of premium.

Buckle design

, there are two hollows,

Wear it with socks

It looks very light to wear.

Although there is a height-increasing effect, but watch

Not bulky at all

Fila canvas platform shoes

McQueen has produced platform canvas shoes before, and Fila has also produced a similar style, the price is about 500, which is properly replaced.


It is a narrow upper and a wide sole of the fit, so it will not be bulky to wear. And I read Little Red Book, and people who bought it said about this shoe

It’s comfortable to step on

You can’t go wrong with canvas platform white shoes.


There are also pure black ones, which are also giant and thin legs.


MIU MIU platform boots

Miu Miu’s pair is a 7.5cm heel + 4.5cm waterproof platform. The round toe with the obvious lace hole metal buckle makes it look like sweet hot girls’ shoes.

If you are tired of Prada platform shoes, you can try MiuMiu.

This pair some time ago

Xinya popped this pair

Comes with a metal chain

, looks pretty cool.

Short skirt + black silk

Wear these platform shoes again,

Small thick legs can also become larger and longer legs

Zhang Yuanying also wore this pair, and the long skirt was matched

Gray leggings

, wear boots

Those who don’t want to show their legs and wear black bottoms can wear it like this

It’s also totally OK to wear jeans every day.

This one is also out

Long boots

, Dua Lipa wore it, and the lace holes were on the large side, so the whole pair of boots was very metallic.


Balenciaga has big moves every year, although this pair of X-Pandar is last summer’s style, but there are not many people wearing it, and the design is ingenious or worth pushing!

This pair is

The suspension heel is 8cm high

, put on 180 directly! Metal screws to pull the sense of technology.

Although the thick heel design is special, it does not have that pompous feeling when worn. After all, the front looks like the design of sneakers, and the degree of matching is surprisingly high.

Boys directly match with sports shorts, there is no stilt at all very feminine feeling, especially match.

Wear long pants, invisible height, wonderful.

And it has a lot of colors, my personal fan loves gray, very high-class.

Black is the coolest and most versatile, off-white is not bad, and it is refreshing to wear in summer.

Pink is perfect,

Coming across this shoe shape looks completely unpretentious,


of a batch.


Sisters who feel too tall, and the runner series has increased their height by 3cm. The entire collection is a vintage running shoe color scheme, and each color looks good.

Netizens also found out that Asics is its replacement, the price is only one-tenth, you can also rush a wave ~

@潮流民工 terry

But Balenciaga’s tumultuous operation does not stop there, I don’t know if you remember the previous platform shoes they and Crocs, it is said that in the end they were all discounted and no one bought them, which is really ugly and a little indescribable.

But the recent joint name, we directly mean that Cracs has turned over, from being disliked to the trend circle. No bells and whistles, straight to it

Matte solid color rain boots,

Handsome again!

Rain boots


Hole shoes combined


, the more you look at it, the more fashionable it is, and boys can wear it.

With a high visual measurement of 6~7cm, the leg length is increased, and the loose pants are tucked into the boots, which is still very thin legs.

The boots are loose

, bare leg dressing who wears who has thin legs.

White I love!

Wear inside

High socks, revealing a little sock edge

It’s also pretty good.

Rubbery platform shoes

Rubber shoes are indeed a big trend in the past two years, with BV explosion in front and Ambush rubbing heat in the back.

When I first came out, I also felt average, but

Ambush’s toe cap is bigger

Better for leg grooming

, the collar is still stretchy, and the comfort wins.

And the pair of BV is not non-slip, is this still rain boots?


The sisters with thick soles say at least


, has a certain weight,

Non-slip does not hit the feet


The green and black panels are also very good-looking, and can be arranged in the spring.



Also out

Platform slippers

Pure black with three-dimensional lines

, there is a dark smell, a little good-looking.


After reading the blogger


Match with socks, thief heart!


Wear stockings

The effect is also good.


It also introduced stupid platform fishmouth shoes.


Pair it with a pair of loose black pants and it’s straight to trend.


And this shoe can also be quite formal, Givenchy creative director Williams used a formal suit to match, not collapsed at all, and felt that this shoe was not cheap.

I see there is still on the show

Lilac platform slippers

, looks pretty good



Kushanji, an old man, whose sisters who don’t know can go and find out, is a particularly cool artist, the most famous of which is his various futuristic robot illustrations.

Retro and avant-garde, so there are many brands that he has cooperated with, and Dior is one, full of technology.

There are also street fashion brands such as Stussy and HUF.

2 years ago, he and Li Ning also collaborated on a series of clothes, which is particularly cool!

Last year

Kuyamaki and Mizuno

The co-branded sneakers, which have been sold to sky-high prices, are the grass that Bella wears.

Professional running shoes are also a must, and the overall is very good

Silver of liquidity

, very empty Yamaki works


The hollow wavy outsole is definitely a feature, allowing you to ignore the height increase invisible and heightened by 3cm, and running and jumping is not in the way (just a pair of running shoes).

Xiaobai used a pure gray sweatshirt suit to match, because it is more technological, and it is more bright in gray.

Black is released later, the price is not very high, I think the appearance is not lost at all.

Chunky sole and upper panels

Get up

There is a color change

Pair it with black trousers without being stuffy at all

The tail of the sole is upturned

, It’s especially cool to wear with slim pants!

Maison Mihara Yasuhiro Yasuhiro Mihara

Yasuhiro Mihara began to fire in the past two years, and the dissolving shoes came into everyone’s sight, and the Hichio boys and motorcycle cool girls around me seemed to be a pair of hands.

Fan Chengcheng often wears private clothes.

The selling point is the irregular sole that looks like it is dissolving, and although it is quite similar to Converse and Vans, it has a more uninhibited feel.

The black and white checkerboard is a classic pattern.

@shoe control @Jiasontttang

It’s a good match, especially now that everyone likes to wear oversize, and the shoes are a little wider to look more harmonious.

@Yes ZH Jincheng @Zzz

Jointly branded with Madness last year, this color scheme can be said to be advanced!

There is also a previous collaboration with Nigel Cabourn, and the color scheme is very retro.

In addition to these joint models, it is also quite rich in colors, don’t miss it if you like workwear style.



Look like fat bread shoes,

It’s super comfortable to wear

The thickness of the sole can be increased by 3-4cm, which is 0.5-1 size larger.

This casual style is especially suitable for matching

Loose Japanese style

The base is a little thick


Not afraid to press height


It is also the love of many board boys.

White and black and white color schemes, both

Canvas material

Comfortable and versatile

I like the color more, pink tender and cute love.

Today’s recommendation is here, what else do you recommend, see you in the comment area!


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