Prince Harry got married on May 19, Meghan’s wedding dress has attracted everyone’s attention, in fact, there is no shortage of beautiful wedding dresses for royal weddings around the world, of which these ten are the most beautiful. The most beautiful is the wedding dress worn by Queen Elizabeth II in 1947, which was designed by Norman Hartnell at the time, made of ivory silk, printed with 10,000 pearls, and the sleeves were embroidered with silver thread. The diamond crown worn by Elizabeth was handed down by Queen Elizabeth I.

The wedding dress of Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco in 1956 was also stunning, and the wedding ceremony was officially held on April 19, 1956, Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III of Monaco were married, and Grace Kelly wore a wedding dress with a lace upper body. The bottom of the design is satin with a feminine style. These garments are of high-end French materials, like tulle, and the lace of wedding dresses is decorated with pearls.

On April 10, 1959, the wedding dress of the Japanese crown princess Michiko was also very distinctive, because Michiko was the first Japanese commoner to marry into the imperial family, so her wedding dress was very commoner, it was a wedding dress with kimono characteristics, using a kimono-like bow instead of Western-style wedding dress decoration.

Princess Margaret’s 1960 wedding dress was very simple, when Margaret wore a simple white wedding dress characterized by delicate lines. It was the product of a high-end royal designer, and the Gallard crown that went with the wedding dress was very expensive, costing £55,000 at the time.

In 1962, Princess Sophia of Greece married the future King Juan Carlos I of Spain, and Princess Sofia’s long dress became a highlight (the length of the skirt dragged on the ground exceeded 6 meters. The wedding dress is also 5 meters long), and this wedding dress is embroidered by Greek craftsmen.

Prince William and Prince Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, was a classic 1981 wedding dress, which was kept secret until hours after the wedding. The wedding dress cost £9,000 at the time, which is about £36,800 (about 316,000 yuan) today. This tooth-white wedding dress is made of taffe silk, hand-embroidered throughout, decorated with small pieces of metal and more than 10,000 pearls.

Queen Rania, known as Jordan’s most beautiful queen, was also particularly beautiful in her wedding dress in 1993, when she wore a simple design with a chic neckline that was very attractive, and her expensive diamond platinum crown made her exude elegance.

When Crown Prince Victoria of Sweden married Prince Daniel Westerling in 2001, she wore a wedding dress designed by a Swedish designer. The dress is not embroidered and is a beaded wedding. However, the design focuses on the wedding dress shape, showing aristocratic elegance. The ornament of Crown Prince Victoria of Sweden is a precious crown handed down from the Swedish royal family.

When Prince William and Princess Kate got married, Kate wore a simple wedding dress worth 250,000 pounds (about 2.15 million yuan). This wedding dress is low-cut and trailing, and the V-shaped small business neck is very stylish. The wedding dress is all hand-embroidered with roses, daffodils, clover and other patterns, and the wedding skirt is more than 3 meters long, this wedding dress is very graceful and luxurious with the royal crown.

When Prince of Monaco married Princess Charlene in 2011, every detail of her wedding dress showed simple style and sophistication. This is a high-end design from a fashion brand, the wedding dress has 40,000 Swarovski crystals and 20,000 pearls, and the skirt is about 5 meters long.

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