First, the preface: Is it necessary for individuals to buy charging treasures?

In the era of smartphones, it has become a consensus to bring your own charging treasure when you go out. Even if there are some mobile phones that can last for a day, going out to be accompanied by every charging treasure, it is inevitable that the heart will be anxious.

On the other hand, the shared charging treasure market has experienced ups and downs in recent years and has stabilized, especially the price.

Although there are many shared charging treasure services on the market, they have long risen from free or almost, to a few dollars an hour.

You can buy a brand new charging treasure with a few times, which is really not worth the loss

Especially during the long holiday, the shared charging treasure of tourist attractions is either robbed, or others return the power is insufficient, and you still need to prepare yourself.

In such a situation, a suitable and efficient charging treasure is what consumers need.

The Taipower E10 PRO small double-braid charging treasure launched by the veteran manufacturer Telcast is to see this opportunity.

The rare three-in, three-out, as well as 22.5W super fast charging, only need a Type-C interface charging head to charge the Taipower E10 PRO small double-braid charging treasure

, portability is greatly improved.

Taipower E10 PRO small double pigtail charging treasure has a battery capacity of 10,000 mAh, supports Apple Android dual output, plus comes with USB interface,

Three phones can be charged at the same time

Let’s take a look at how the Taipower E10 PRO small double-braid charging treasure is.

Second, appearance: 17mm thin and light body The screen display power is very intimate

Taipower E10 PRO small double pigtail charging treasure has a total of black and white colors, and the edges are curved design, which is more suitable for holding.

The half of the fuselage is LED digital display power, and the surface is a 0.5mm electroplated mirror.

The 22.5W word printed on the charging treasure is also the biggest highlight of this product, supporting USB 22.5W fast charging output.

On the back of the power bank are two hidden TPE elastic cable Tpye-C interface lines and Lightning interface cables.

Among them, the output power of the Lightning interface line is 12W, and the Type-C interface line is a 18W bidirectional line.

The right side of the charging treasure is the power button, which is large in size, and it is very convenient to press the rebound feedback.

There are three interfaces on the top of the power bank, which rarely support three inputs and three outs, namely the 18W Lightning input interface, the 18W Type-C interface and the 22.5W USB-A output interface.

Support multiple devices to charge at the same time, and the additional 22.5W USB interface is more flexible.

It should be noted that the overall weight of the Taipower E10 PRO small double-braid charging treasure is only 260g, which is almost the same as the weight of a flagship mobile phone.

Third, charging performance: comes with 18W output 30% charge in 30 minutes

Taipower E10 PRO small double pigtail charging treasure is compatible with QC3.0, PD3.0, FCP, AFC, SCP and other fast charging protocols, which can quickly charge Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung and other brand mobile phones.

The following is a summary of some of the supported fast charging models:

Let’s actually experience the charging speed of the 18W Type-C interface that comes with the power bank.

The test mobile phone is Redmi K30 Extreme Edition, which supports Quick charge 4 fast charging protocol, compatible with PD fast charging protocol, supports up to 33W charging, and has a battery capacity of 4500mAh.

In the actual test, the initial charge was 3%, after 10 minutes the phone was charged to 11%, after 30 minutes it reached 30%, and after 60 minutes it had 62%.

At the same time, the power of the power bank has been reduced from 100% to 46%, and the actual power consumption is about 5000mAh.

Considering that it takes about 1 hour to fully charge the Redmi K30 Supreme Edition with a 33W charger, the speed of Taipower E10 PRO small double pigtail charging treasure is already very fast.

It should be noted that the Taipower E10 PRO small double-braid charging treasure needs to be charged and discharged three times before being used for the first time to play its due performance.

4. Summary: A must-have for short-term travel

In terms of function alone, Taipower E10 PRO small double pigtail charging treasure covers all the functions that the charging treasure should have, almost no fault, and if you feel that 10,000mAh capacity is not enough, there is another 20,000mAh version to choose from.

The three-in, three-out design is special and very practical.

If the charging head used is Type-C interface, then the mobile phone and the charging treasure can share a charging head when you go out, not only can you return blood to yourself at any time, but also help friends, and even help two or three at the same time, you are a hero in an emergency.

The charging speed of 18W is not fast on the phone, but don’t forget,

Higher power fast charging plans are all proprietary protocols

, can only be used for one brand of mobile phones, 18W is the best choice for universal fast charging protocol. A casual charge of one or two minutes is enough to last for several hours.

The long holiday has arrived, and it is not possible to go out without a charging treasure, and as various places enter autumn and even winter, some areas begin to intermittently cut power, and charging treasure is even more essential. Consider the Taipower E10 PRO small double-braid charging treasure, which can be taken home with only a few shared charging treasure money, which is very cost-effective and worth taking home experience.

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