Winter clothes, in order to keep warm, will inevitably appear heavy and bloated. Then in order to appear thin, the bottom must not be loose, follow the “loose and tight” matching principle, even if you wear it thickly, you can get rid of the feeling of bloat. When you wear a warm down jacket on top, then choose a pair of fashionable skinny jeans for the bottom. The stretch and comfortable fabric does not affect the movement, but it can show the slender legs enough, and under the background of the clothes, it looks more three-dimensional and tall. And compared to leggings socks, the outside is more dynamic and elegant, with boots on the feet, you can tuck them into the boots, wear flat shoes, and you can also make a perfect transition, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Fleece and thick leggings, the appearance rate in autumn and winter is very high, easily modify the thigh base line, tighten women’s abdomen, show women’s elegant fashion, high-waist slim style, break the overall dullness and monotony of solid color pants. Warm you all winter, high-quality tannin denim is soft and skin-friendly, breathable and warm, very casual and thin, wearing a fashionable and romantic aesthetic fashion and elegance, and overall more tall.

Autumn tight cropped pencil pants, a good pair of jeans is definitely the best choice, this small leg pants with an intimate mid-rise design, a variety of colors versatile and classic, so that you will not be embarrassed cropped length, visually lengthen the leg line, outline the long leg line, easily outline the leg curve, irregular pants, simple fabric makes the original excellent pants more perfect, with curved curves, with many styles of clothes will not be inferior.

Street-sense small leg pants, Korean version of tight design, fresh light-colored jeans, modify the waist to show the small waist, beautiful and practical, so that any body type can be easily controlled, the overall is more tall and slender, cropped pants are not more and no less exposed that section of the ankle, elastic slim fit, a good way to enhance the waist line is visual, with irregular raw edges at the foot mouth, easily outline the long leg curve, create a slender leg line.

Jeans with a full personality, comfortable to wear and more lazy and casual temperament, is the only item for daily thinness and versatility, bare ankle skin, fabric with stretch, stretch slim fit, to create a three-dimensional patch pocket shape, slim fit and small foot cut, bringing the visual impact of high waist and long legs. Casual and casual small details slim small leg pants, comfortable soft denim cotton fabric, better wearing comfort and not easy to deform, is a daily thin and versatile item, excellent stretch.

With slight stretch, immediately appear a good figure, better cover the flesh of the waist Oh, this jeans wear out really super personality, better pull up the leg line, mid-waist tight high-elastic denim cropped pants, full of fashionable trend style, stretch slim fit cropped pants style, with slight stretch, pants without extra decoration, fit the waist skin, the most rare thing is also super good match, outline the perfect leg line.

The versatile and fashionable items in the wardrobe are none other than jeans, warm plush design, simple fit fashion and versatility, using high-quality fabrics, super comfortable to wear, straight design mid-seam design, comfortable and breathable, environmentally friendly washed and fixed color treatment, silhouette slim.

Vintage impression jeans, nylon plush fabric, it specially uses a double-layer thickening treatment, long legs and upturned buttocks are very sexy and eye-catching, plush inner fabric, versatile and fashionable super aura, ripped raw edge trend elements, very aura and taste, good moisture absorption and breathability, easy to put on and take off with appropriate elasticity.

Slim jeans in light blue tones, classic high-waist + cropped pants, brushed and cut in an asymmetrical way on the left and right, intimate and practical, diagonal slip pockets on both sides, showing concave and convex curves. It features a classic high-waisted design, slim-fitting jeans in light blue tones, lace-up straps in suede at the waist, and street-inspired leggings, highlighting the curves of the legs.

Sharp tight little foot fit, can well modify the graceful small waist, but also improve the waist line, very age-reducing and comfortable, versatile and thin design, classic high-waisted jeans, let your body in a relaxed state, show graceful posture, narrow legs thin little foot shape to strengthen the sense of line, outline the leg curve is graceful, and improve the waist line is visible.

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