In the hot summer, of course, it is coolest to prepare a pair of breathable and flowing pants.

Then among the many styles, chiffon material is the most outstanding category in drape and breathability, with these characteristics, “chiffon pants” began to be popular in the fashion circle.

So the question arises: how exactly should “chiffon pants” look good?

We must always remember that even the most ordinary pants have their own selection methods and dressing skills, so the following Xiaobian will give targeted explanations from three aspects: style, color matching and matching combination, hoping to inspire the sisters.

First, pick the right pants and lay the foundation for the overall shape

In the selection of “chiffon pants”, the choice of pants is the first part we have to consider. And once you pursue the various components in the fit, you will find that the length of the trouser tube and the looseness of the trouser tube are two important aspects.

So let’s talk about how to correctly choose the length of “chiffon pants” and the looseness of the trouser barrel.

1. The length of the trousers determines the style

Generally speaking, the length of pants has a seven, nine and mop style, and different lengths will create completely different style characteristics when worn on the body.


Chiffon pants for seven and nine points

, the overall feeling will be more smart and simple, and at the same time, because the skin of the legs is more exposed, so it is more

Suitable for small people


Appear high

Class outfit;

・Like covering the ankles and feet

Mopping money

Pants, it will be more suitable for girls with a strong aura, especially

Match the tall tall


Royal sister fan’er


2. The looseness of the trouser tube is suitable for the occasion

The looseness of the trouser tube can also affect the overall shape, and you can choose according to different occasions and needs.

Because the material of chiffon is relatively soft and sticky, it is made into a style with a relatively small trouser tube, and the overall will be relatively low-key, which looks like a subtle and capable temperament. This type can be used as a dress for more formal and serious occasions.

The type with a larger trouser tube has a more lazy, gentle charm, suitable for vacation and leisure needs.

Second, match the colors, the overall charm is patchworked

After choosing the appropriate style, the friends can carry out the color combination of “chiffon pants”.

For the overall shape to reach the top, choosing the right color and matching the color is also the focus in fashion dressing~

1. Select the color point

“Chiffon pants” itself will actually be more eye-catching, so in the choice of wearing color, simple and clean

Classic “Black White Grey”

The tricolor, for sisters who don’t know much about dressing, is enough.

・If you want to create more varied, then a variety of light colors will also feel good. It’s like

Gentle girl’s flesh pink

Fresh and light haze blue

, with the same simple light-colored top, especially in summer coolness matching needs.

But it should be noted that the general sisters

The complexion is not fair enough


Can’t pick

Those that are error-prone

Fluorescent color system

。 And sisters who compare the fat on the lower body are still recommended to choose a dark color with a more visual slimming effect.

2. Color combination

In the specific color combination, it can be used for beginners

Same color, smooth color, contrasting color

Three combination principles to increase the sense of layering and harmony of the whole.

(1) The same color has the strongest coordination

Tonal matching is one of the first dressing skills that all sisters learn. First choose a hue as the base color, and the other part of the piece will change the saturation according to this tone, which uses the principle of the same hue but different shades to help you create a more holistic outfit.

Matching features: simple and clean, high-class fashionable

Examples of shades: mild beige, green lining

(2) The sense of color hierarchy is progressive

The same is true for the color system, which is to piece together two similar tones to form an overall harmonious and unified shape. In the matching of smooth colors, there is a trick to dressing, that is, according to the material of “chiffon pants”, you can choose a fabric with the same soft and sticky drape, with a similar saturation color, the overall look is very uniform. It won’t make the top and bottom seem abrupt and unnatural.

Matching features: progressive level, harmonious and unified

Color examples: girly white pink, elegant gray coffee

(3) The color contrast system is full of collision feeling

I believe that sisters who pursue individuality will not miss the contrast outfit, especially those with obvious brightness changes. Like red and black, white and dark green, using the principle of alternation and color echo, piecing together a more representative shape

Matching features: collision contrast, depth and light echo

Examples of color tones: warm red and black, personality red and blue

Third, “chiffon pants” combination demonstration

The next content, of course, is to introduce you to those beautiful and fashionable “chiffon pants” outfit combinations! Since you have chosen the style and color that suits you, how can you miss other cool pieces to match?

1. Pure black shirt + light pink chiffon pants

Shirts and chiffon pants are a great combination, especially those shirt collections that are also chiffon, and the two are perfect to match!

Friends can choose a pure black, dark color is not picky and very skin-lining, with some light-colored chiffon pants below, such as light pink, etc., the overall layering of “up and down and down” immediately appears.

2. White short top + orange chiffon pants

If you want a fresh and bright sister, you can first choose a bright chiffon pants, such as a more versatile orange, although it is bright but more skin-lining, and it is not picky. With a high-waist design, it makes you more thin and tall, which is very suitable for small people or girls who want to cover their flesh and show their height.

If you want to top the classic white, the length of the dress can be short, or with some pleated design to enhance the overall fashion.

3. Printed T-shirt + striped chiffon pants

Sisters who prefer a simpler everyday life can pair a short-sleeved T-shirt with chiffon pants. Choose some short sleeves with a classic background, with a simpler print on top, which looks more designed, not so ordinary.

In order to make the overall look more echoive, the color of chiffon pants can be based on the print, and if you feel monotonous, you can also add a vertical stripe design on this basis to create more casual feeling for the pants.

“Chiffon pants”. It is a kind of pants that are both flowy, fresh and cool, and most suitable for summer. According to your needs, choose a pair to wear on the body, those dark or light tones to create on the body, with the same youthful fashion tops and coats, the whole is the necessary key for you to become a fashionable woman! So friends, don’t hesitate, hurry up and choose a pair of “chiffon pants” that suits you!

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