[Military sub-plane] Author: Hector Ear

Spring has come, and all things are revived. Hey! In the spring season, you have a spring heart rippling, why not go to the countryside to wave? Like this:

Or like this:

If it is the former, then the author has to say that it must be like this in the end:

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and without powerful shoes, “romance” will become “rotten”.

Wait a minute! What does this have to do with military weapons? For the mighty army that has long “basically relied on walking in traffic and roaring in communication”, cross-country marches are commonplace. The most say in this walking, the most say in wearing Shenma shoes, off-road is equivalent to an outing, this is not related to military weapons.

As a veteran, the author will now rip off with everyone through military shoes, which only feet know whether it is suitable or not. Let’s not talk about the history of military shoes, but only talk about the author’s feelings about the military shoes he wore, and whether Chairman Mao’s practice is true.

The first to appear was the “liberation shoes” that accompanied our army for fifty years. In the author’s understanding, “liberation shoes” include all canvas green or camouflage rubber shoes that the People’s Liberation Army and the Armed Police Force have installed, but for many veterans, “liberation shoes” specifically refers to this “old liberation”.

The old revolutionaries are full of feelings for this pair of “old liberation”, after all, the north and south get along day and night, and what they wear is not shoes, they are wearing blood feelings and glory years! Fashionable young people abroad wear it in the past two years, that is fashion! And for these relatively young generation soldiers: stench, burning feet, ding feet, sweating and slipping, grinding feet, rotting fast, you can think of almost all the problems that shoes you can have. But under Grandpa Deng’s instruction that “the army should be patient”, the soldiers with their eyes closed and grinning to pick blood bubbles had to endure, and most of the time they did not feel sad, because they were tired and could not remember.

▲ Liberation shoes of the Airborne Forces version

If you can have a pair of high-waist “liberation”, at least do not pour sand into the shoes, the disadvantage is that it is laborious to wear, and the emergency assembly is fatal.

At the same time, there was also a kind of military loafers, that is, mille-feuille soles, but the soles were added with a layer of rubber, which was light and breathable and wear-resistant. Usually very comfortable to wear, but only on Sunday morning there is a chance to wear it for half a day (Saturday labor, Sunday afternoon “self-pressurization” training).

There are also cotton shoes, cotton is used for temperate belt, felt is used for cold belt, the style is the same, the author wears both. When you bake it by the fire at night in winter, it tastes the same…

The second batch of appearances is not much different from the first batch strictly speaking, and the unit to which the author belongs is issued after it is transferred to the armed police, which is also an improved version of the liberation shoes. The bottom is thickened and anti-slip, and the return effect is good, that is, the breathability of the shoe fabric is not very good, and there are still problems with foot odor and burning feet.

Even so, when I first got this shoe, the author was about to cry – the “old liberation” has a thin bottom, and he has been wearing it for a long time on mountain roads, and his feet are calloused thickly.

At the same time, the military loafers issued have also been upgraded, and the picture below with hot straight summer trousers is still quite cool. However, due to the heel, the sole inside is relatively smooth and the fabric is relatively thin, so it is easy to break the front and sides soon after wearing.

As for the “strongman”, “cruiser” series of military boots produced by military shoe factories that began to be popular in the mid-to-late 90s, starting with “351”, they were worn by the rich (the sergeant’s allowance was only 65 yuan), and they had to be worn secretly. The veteran of the author’s friendly neighbor company put on a street cow fork, was caught by the picket of the military affairs section, and stood barefoot and carrying shoes in front of the military affairs section in the middle of the night.

This kind of military boots are hard enough, inconvenient to wear, and cover their feet, the advantage is that they are strong enough and cool enough!

The third group is going to military school, and life is getting better and better. The first is the sign of the cadre, three-section scalp shoes.

Speaking of it, full of youthful memories. At that time, one by one, the turtles came to the military academy on the edge of the city from different ravines and ravines (the author’s unit station was five miles away from the nearest village), and with the joy of becoming an officer, they saw the female cadets in the school, and the result – everyone desperately polished their shoes, and it was really “ants can’t go on crutches.” Then, while waiting for the recess to change classrooms, the queue staggered on the road, the “clicking” sound, the eyes that did not squint, but everywhere the smell of youth hormones! Therefore, compared to the shortcomings of its hard state grinding feet, Shenma does not say, this shoe is an absolute classic!

Since the school is in the cold zone, I have also issued this kind of flip-up shoes, which are dead and sinking, and the warmth effect is quite good, but they are almost not worn (according to classmates in the northeast, they wear this in winter to run five kilometers cross-country). There is also a kind of training cotton shoes that are exactly the same as this pair, the upper is made of camouflage canvas and felt, light and warm, but unfortunately I can’t find a picture. In addition, there are courtesy boots and felt boots, although worn, but they are less applicable to occasions, and there is little connection with this article, so I will not list.

The fourth batch will be after graduation, and this 99-style training shoe is still preserved and used by the author until now. The sole grip is good, the rebound effect is good, light and breathable, the parts that are easy to wear are thickened, and the feet are not sharpened, which may be that the style is less fashionable than the following 07-style training shoes.

The author was issued an olive green one on the right side, but the one issued in the group below had camouflage, except for the pattern.

Then the ordinary soldiers of the armed police also began to distribute leather shoes, Type 01 leather shoes, said that they were more particular about the leather shoes of the soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army, and they did not make comparisons, and they did not dare to say. The weight is lighter than the old three-section head, and the softness is good, but the new shoes are still a little worn feet. The recruits did not feel it, the veterans wore their heads held high on the street – Lao Tzu also mixed with leather shoes.

Later, the police officer’s leather shoes were also changed, it is said that the sole is more scientific, not caught with stones, not much experience, find a comparison chart for everyone to see. On the left is the Type 87 and on the right is the Type 05.

The last appearance is the Type 07 armed police training shoes:

According to news materials: “Type 07 armed police training shoes adopt 5 advanced production processes and 1 patent, use new functional materials, with moisture wicking, antibacterial and deodorizing and dry and breathable characteristics, wear light, comfortable, not smelly feet, more able to meet the training and combat needs of officers and soldiers running, jumping, climbing, etc., whether from the style or craftsmanship than the old-fashioned training shoes are a qualitative leap!” ”。 At this time, the author had left the army, and specially asked the classmates who were still in the army to send a pair to try on, and I always felt that it was not as good as the Type 99 training shoes, which were a little hard, and the first time I wore them, I had a bad foot.

Dear dears, after reading so much, I believe that in addition to knowing something about military shoes, it is more important to prepare to go out for a “donkey” swim, or simply “waves” in the spring light. You need to understand the basic qualities that the right shoe should have: light and breathable, strong and wearable, good grip, good rebound and easy to wear. If you want to climb high and low, choose a high belt with ankle pads; If it is possible to pass the water, choose easy-to-dry fabrics; If it’s winter, then choose the hairy one – stop, then it’s not called spring. Of course, in the end, you have to try it on to decide, after all, only the feet know whether it fits or not.

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