2015-06-12 05:15:00 Author:Li Hengying

Canon SX530 HS is a digital camera with a 50x optical zoom range and an equivalent focal length of 24mm-1200mm, which means full coverage from the wide-angle end to the telescopic end, and its size and weight are very suitable for carrying, can be easily put into the bag, let’s take a look at this lightweight small telephoto.

First, let’s briefly introduce the configuration of the camera. The Canon SX530 HS is equipped with a 1/2.3-inch CMOS with 16 million effective pixels; It adopts Canon’s DIGIC 4+ image processor, has 6 stabilization modes, which can greatly improve the shooting success rate, and comes with its own on-camera flash, which can facilitate the need for fill light.

Pictured: Canon SX530HS

In addition to taking photos, the camera also provides a wealth of movie shooting functions, and the SX530 HS can shoot 1080p Full HD video, which meets the requirements of video shooting in daily life. The camera also has a Wi-Fi function, which allows you to transfer photos and movies to your phone, computer and printer for real-time sharing and printing. The use of NFC technology makes transmission more convenient and can be quickly connected without data cables.

Here is a simple list of camera parameters for your reference:

CCD/CMOS size: 1/2.3″ CMOS (high sensitivity)

Effective number of pixels: 16 million

Image processor: DIGIC 4+

Lens focal length: 24 – 1200mm (equivalent focal length)

Maximum aperture: F3.4 (wide) / 6.5 (telephoto)

Optical zoom: 50x

Shutter speed: 15 – 1/2000 sec

Continuous shooting speed (large/fine format, LCD off): Approx. 1.6 fps (auto, P mode) Approx. 10 fps (high-speed continuous shooting mode)

Video size: 1920×1080, 1280×720, 640×480

Size (W×H×D) (excluding protrusions): 120.0×81.7×91.9 mm

Weight (including battery and memory card / camera body only): Approx. 442 g / Approx. 418 g

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