Recently, the wedding wedding post and souvenir of the famous artist Lin Chiling in Taiwan have been exposed, and the eye-catching is the wedding gift of Chiling’s sister. Souvenirs are made up of ordinary snacks such as chocolate and egg rolls, which is said to be too cheap.

The souvenir consists of several layers of wooden boxes, not only the photo of Liangping and Zhiling’s newlyweds, but also the words “Love, Liangping, Chiling” are engraved inside, the top layer of the box contains several handmade chocolates and some egg rolls, and the souvenir also contains a red wedding envelope with a festive meaning and a simple and sincere wedding invitation.

In addition to the grandeur of the wedding, the wedding gift is also very valued by the newlyweds, Zhiling’s sister’s wedding gift is not very accepted by everyone, mixed blessings, some people think it is too stingy, some people say that the egg roll is also very good.

In recent years, celebrities’ wedding gifts are also a major focus of everyone’s attention, in addition to the wedding gifts of Zhiling’s sister, the wedding gifts of Xiang Zuo and Guo Biting, which have been lively for a while some time ago, have also attracted the attention of many people. Xiang Zuo and Guo Biting’s souvenir includes items such as cups, wine, aromatherapy, creams and highlights, which are not luxurious, but they are at least valuable items compared to Zhiling’s sister’s souvenirs.

When Zhiling’s sister suddenly announced the marriage news, she really shocked everyone, not only because she suddenly announced the marriage news, but also because her marriage partner was not a familiar person was a little surprised, and later learned that they also met because of the cooperative stage play, and after slowly getting acquainted, they got together and finally decided to spend their lives with each other.

Their wedding was held in Tainan City Art Museum, low-key and simple style, with flowers and on-site decorations designed by the bride herself, naturally very careful, and this set of souvenirs is naturally chosen by the two of them, and the wedding intention is the most important, everyone blessed.

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