After “Little Shede”, I haven’t seen it for a long time

Jiang Xin


I didn’t expect it to be beautiful when I brushed her business picture again.

In the photo, she has long legs and a small waist, one


, Who would have thought that she was once the “first sister of the slightly fat world”.

Recalling Tian Yulan in “Xiaoshede”, I can’t believe that this is the same person.

Look at this black long straight, Qi bangs, and at a glance think it is Lisa.

Sure enough, every fat person is a potential stock, and female stars are fat to play.

As long as you are ruthless, self-disciplined enough, lose weight in minutes and get reborn.

My sister is very beautiful, and my favorite is this pair of chopstick legs.

When it comes to the leg essence in the entertainment industry, I have to mention Guan Xiaotong, the leg length is 105cm, the ratio of thighs to calves is close to 3:5, and the wrist line is easily over the crotch, and the knee is over the shoulder.

And her legs are not yet dry and thin, you can see that the leg muscles are very tight, there is a sense of strength, there is no posture problems such as knee overextension, and the thickness ratio and the overall leg line are perfect.

Apart from

Guan Xiaotong

In the entertainment industry, there are quite a few

Hidden “leg essence”

Spelling legs,

Tang Yan

I haven’t lost.

Tang Yan, who is 172 tall, was born with long legs and excellent grades, with a thin body, coupled with a good posture, he looks more tall and slender.

JIANG Shuying,

Height 168, a pair of long legs, slender, straight, no excess flesh, and a beautiful leg template.

I can’t take stock anymore, the editor can no longer hide the tears of envy and jealousy …

There are many friends who want a pair of beautiful legs, and we receive messages every day,

How to slim legs, what to do if the legs are not straight?

Yesterday, more than one friend asked how XO’s legs changed.

1. How to judge XO legs?

X, O, XO, stupid and indistinguishable.

We often receive private messages or messages from our friends asking ourselves what kind of leg shape we are, look carefully.


Stand relaxed with your toes pointed forward and your thighs, knees, and calves not coming together. The knee rotates inward (thigh femur and shin shin inward) and abducts. The pelvis is wide.


Stand relaxed with your feet together, your knees touchable, but your inner ankles apart, and your legs look like the letter X.

Observe your shoes, because X-legs may accompany valgus and flat feet, you will notice that the inside of the shoe is more prone to wear.

XO legs:

1. When standing, the knees and ankles are fitted, but there is a large gap at the tibia (middle of the calf), forming an O shape.

2. Observe the shape of the legs, it is easy to appear thick on the outside of the calf, forming a muscular leg, and flipping outward, the leg shape looks curved, accompanied by flat hips.

Second, what is the cause of the formation?

In addition to congenital causes, the appearance of leg type problems has a lot to do with acquired muscle imbalance, today I will talk about XO type legs.

1. Anterior pelvic tilt.

Under the anterior tilt of the pelvis,

Increased pressure on the knee joint

The cooperative balance between the thigh bone and the tibia is broken

, plus

Weakness of the hip muscles

, and then guided

Inward rotation of the thigh bone

, which eventually leads to XO-type legs.

Many people will say that although my legs are not straight, in addition to not looking good, I don’t think there is anything wrong.

In fact, it is not that there are no problems, but that some discomfort is not yet known.

XO leg type, due to the imbalance of the position of the femur and tibia, it is easy to concentrate the pressure on the outside of the knee, and in the long run, the wear and tear of cartilage and ligaments will increase, and the pressure on the knee will also increase, which will form

Knee pain and arthritis.

Therefore, to improve, you need to increase the strength of the abs, glutes, hamstrings, and also pay attention to doing some hip flexor stretching, help the pelvis to a neutral position, improve posture, adjust the body shape,

2. Foot arch influence.

The arch of the foot is the most critical structure of the sole, and the source of problems such as crooked and thick calves is in it.

The arch is a convex upward arch-shaped structure composed of the tarsal bone, the tarsal bone, the ligament, and the tendons of the foot.

The arch of the foot of a person with flat feet collapses, the elasticity of the feet is reduced or disappears, the ability of the lower limbs to support the whole body is significantly reduced, and the center of gravity of the body is shifted, which will force the entire spinal function to change.

At the same time, due to the weakness of the tibial anterior muscles, the deep calf muscles (posterior tibial muscles, peroneal longus muscles, flexor longus longus and flexor longus) compensate, excessive contraction to maintain the arch of the foot, and then cause excessive tension on the back of the calf, forming a forward shift in the center of gravity, causing tension and thickness on the inside and back of the calf, and tension in the anterior thigh muscles.

The bad leg shapes such as X, XO legs we see, in addition to congenital factors, are

Gait, muscle tone, bad habits are the result of a combination of several aspects.

It is not only an acquired “formation”, but also naturally can be improved through some habit changes and targeted training.

Third, straighten your legs and do so.

Find the cause, and together we will solve these problems one by one through training:

1. Stabilize the core and correct the shape of the pelvis.

Strengthens the core muscles, especially the abdominal core, stabilizes the pelvis and spine, and enhances the coordination and flexibility of the lower limbs and the whole body.

It can help improve with a very short, often practiced movement:

Action 1: Plank

It can also be done with the help of yoga blocks.

2. Balance the strength of the feet and soles to establish a good arch support

It is necessary to develop a good gait, balance the strength of the feet and soles, and establish a good arch support. At the same time, stabilize the core, stabilize the pelvis, enhance the coordination and flexibility of the lower limbs and the whole body, and develop straight and beautiful legs!

The core is stable and powerful, which helps the body stabilize in the neutral position, while also wrapping around the abdomen, allowing you to maintain a firm waist.

The pelvis is equivalent to the power pump of leg strength, and the pelvis is stabilized, which in turn adjusts the walking posture and improves the shape of the legs.

After stabilizing the pelvis, strengthen the strength of the hips and maintain the correct power line during walking,

Maintain correct gait, walking posture,

Naturally out of beautiful legs.

The soles of our feet have three arches:

Transverse arch, medial arch, external arch

, it gives humans a unique way of walking.

When walking, the order in which the soles of the feet touch the ground from the heel landing to the soles of the feet leaving the ground is:

Lateral arch – transverse arch – longitudinal arch.

In walking, these three arches play the role of cushioning and speed change, and the body is actually full of rotation and ups and downs during walking, like flowing water, and people are not walking in a straight line.

The rotation here refers to

The relative rotation of the left shoulder and right hip is a very important step to control the center of gravity

, many people’s poor coordination has a lot to do with the basic rotation when walking.

Activate the arch of the foot and stick to the training below.

Movement 2: Activation of the arch of the foot


1) Sit on your knees, keep your abdomen tucked in, and stretch your spine. Roll up the towel and tuck it between your heels.

2) Hold the towel firmly while pushing the inside of the foot back, feeling the big toe press firmly on the mat for 15 seconds.

3) Turn the instep with both hands, drive the calf inward, try to bring the heels together, and then sit down with the hips so that the entire instep evenly flattens the floor.

4) Hold your hands behind your hips, lean back, slowly raise your knees in turn, feel the plantar flexion greatly strengthened on the tiptoe, and fully stretch your calves and instep.

Movement 3: Grab the towel with your toes

Prepare a towel and spread it flat on the floor.

1) Sit with your legs at 90 degrees, step on the edge of the towel with your heels and legs hip-width apart, about the width of a fist.

2) Raise the toes upwards, press the little toes down, lead the outside of the sole of the foot to press the ground, and the rest of the toes press the ground from the outside to the inside once.

3) Curl up your toes and arch your instep to pull the towel toward you.

4) Repeat until the towel is all pulled towards you, complete 5 sets.


Keep your tummy tuck at all times and feel your toe movements connect to your core.

Usually, when chasing dramas and resting, you can also use a round ball or massage ball, roll from the sole of the foot to the heel, massage the sole of the foot, help soothe the plantar muscles, activate the arch, and improve ankle puffiness.

At the same time, we should pay more attention to maintaining it on a daily basis

Correct walking posture:

1) When walking, gaze straight ahead, stretch your back and chest straight, keep your abdomen tucked in, and avoid overextending your waist.

2) The feet are in a figure 11 shape and the heels touch the ground like a roller.

3) The knee can be slightly outward, but try to control it within 10°.

The hip is stabilized with the help of muscles around the pelvis, especially the psoas muscles, glutes maximus and gluteus medius.

1) Pay attention to the knee touch when starting the exercise, and the left and right feet will fall in the center of the body to prevent shaking from side to side when walking.

2) The elbow swing range should not exceed the shoulder, the forearm is about 40 degrees from the center line of the body, and the back arm is 25 degrees from the center line is more reasonable, avoid excessive extension to the outside.

If you feel complicated, you can feel it like this:

1) Imagine having a rope pulling up the top of your head.

2) There are two ropes that pull down your shoulders.

3) Push your abdomen inward with one hand.

Break these habits that you feel comfortable with:

Don’t your legs

, and don’t look sexy and hard

W sitting position

, don’t

Sit on your knees

3. Improve the state of the knee joint and hip joint, adjust the corresponding surrounding muscle state, and make it more balanced.

The following exercises can be performed to help improve the ability of external rotation of the hip, avoid external rotation of the calf over the thigh when squatting, help the lower limb joint alignment, and improve the XO leg.

At the same time, exercise the gluteus maximus, raise the gluteal line, and straighten the buttocks and legs together.

Movement 4: Straighten your legs and bend your hips

1) Stand and keep your abdomen tucked in and your spine extended.

2) Clamp your right hip, turn your toe outward, follow the trend of your right foot forward, and do not move your left foot.

3) Inhale, squat, making sure your knees are pointing toward your toes.

4) Exhale and hold your hips upright.

5) After 30 times, feel a sore feeling in your right buttock. Side-shifting exercises, complete 3 sets.

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