Today is the ninth day of the ninth month of the lunar calendar, and this day is also the traditional Chinese Chongyang Festival, which in ancient times was a festival to climb high to pray for blessings, worship gods and ancestors. Until now, China has designated Chongyang Festival as the legal “Old People’s Day”, and given the day of the festival, everyone needs to be grateful and respect the elderly. Nowadays, in response to the concept of gratitude and respect for the elderly, businesses in many industries have launched products related to the health of the elderly, and the welfare car of the automotive industry is a model that provides a lot of convenience for the elderly with reduced mobility.

Welfare car is a professionally modified customized vehicle, its service objects are mostly due to illness or old age and infirmity, inconvenient to get on and off the passengers, therefore, welfare vehicles are also widely used in various hospitals, nursing homes, elderly communities, rehabilitation institutions and other scenarios. As an expert in car customization of its own brand, SAIC MAXUS has also relied on many of its models to create one after another boutique welfare cars, EUNIQ 5 welfare car and G20 PLUS welfare car are typical representative models.

EUNIQ 5 Welfare Car

As the name suggests, the EUNIQ 5 welfare car is based on SAIC MAXUS EUNIQ 5, which inherits the wide body and interior space of the original model, which can not only easily allow the elderly or disabled to enter the car in wheelchairs, but also EUNIQ 5 welfare car is also a new energy vehicle. Therefore, compared with traditional fuel models, the EUNIQ 5 welfare car has excellent quiet performance, and also allows every elderly person to enjoy a comfortable riding experience quietly.

Another feature of the EUNIQ 5 Welfare Car is that its rear floor can be sunk, which allows the tailgate to open at a wider angle, even for taller people in wheelchairs to enter the car without pressure. Its tail is also equipped with an electric retractor and a double traction belt, and the slope of the tailgate guide plate is relatively gentle, allowing the wheelchair to stop at will on the guide plate, even without the assistance of others, wheelchair passengers can enter the car independently. At the same time, it is also equipped with wheelchair fixtures and safety handrails in the cabin, so that every elderly person can be safe when riding.

G20 PLUS Welfare Car

G20 PLUS welfare car is a high-end model based on G20 PLUS, its body length reaches 5198mm, the spacious interior can easily put down wheelchairs and other disabled necessities, and can also sit a number of escorts, in terms of practicality and comfort, G20 PLUS welfare car has reached the first-class level of welfare cars of the same level.

The biggest feature of the G20 PLUS welfare car is that it can realize wheelchair barrier-free up and down from the tailgate and side door, and its tail is also set up with an electric lifting platform, when the passenger sits in a wheelchair, he can enter the car from the tail autonomously, reducing the burden of accompanying personnel and families, which can be said to be quite humane design. At the same time, the G20 PLUS welfare car is also equipped with an electric barrier-free swing-out seat, which allows it to safely screw the seat and the passengers sitting on the seat out of the car right at the side door. Since the opening area of the side door is not as good as the tailgate, when the escort is inconvenient, the design allows the elderly or disabled to easily get off through the side door without tossing back and forth.

Thanks to its strong production, modification and customization capabilities, SAIC MAXUS has now become a leader in the field of domestic welfare vehicles, after all, whether it is product performance, design concept, humanization, etc., SAIC MAXUS can be highly recognized by users. As China’s aging trend becomes more and more obvious, SAIC MAXUS welfare vehicles will also provide scientific, timely and accurate services for more people.

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