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Shirts are more common clothes in our daily wear, generally we choose the color of the shirt are white shirts, especially professional clothes, white shirts have become the standard, but white shirts wear for a long time you will feel very ordinary and monotonous. Although there are many colors of shirts, but the chance of wearing a little more is white shirts and blue shirts, I don’t know if you have found that many white-collar men prefer to wear blue shirts, and wearing them is more attractive than wearing white shirts, why?

Babies who are a little more detailed will find that most men wearing blue shirts are more mature people, and blue shirts are also a sign of maturity in adult men’s thinking. Men in blue shirts are mostly more focused and meticulous at work, and their dedication to work is really attractive. The transition from a green white shirt to a mature blue shirt is also a process of a person moving from youth to maturity.

The charm of mature men is really very large, the blue shirt represents not only a sign of maturity, but also synonymous with wisdom, it is not just a dress, it is more of a man’s inner maturity, of course, this is not completely sure that the person wearing the blue shirt must be a mature person, which can only represent some people, but the blue shirt is really more attractive than the white shirt. Teenage girls in school may be teenagers who like to wear white shirts, but mature women will prefer men in blue shirts, which is also a kind of charm.

Blue this color has many meanings, it represents calm, meticulous, steady, rational, etc., and these are some of the personality conditions necessary for mature men, this blue does not pick skin color, the color that ordinary people can wear, men wear shirts will generally highlight the figure, appear very stylish, look particularly masculine, shirts with suits are the most common, but the color is different, the feeling of wearing out will be different. Like our most common white shirt with black suit, it looks more serious and decent. But you change into a blue shirt and suit, the whole person has more calm and wise, for senior managers, in addition to black and white, occasionally change into a dark blue suit with a light blue shirt, dark blue gives people the feeling of a color of trust.

As a mature man, you can not be too casual when choosing to dress, especially when attending important occasions, more formal dress is to give each other basic respect, other people’s first impression of you is also on top of your wear, your clothes are well dressed, the impression of others will be more profound, which is also the most important point for business people to negotiate cooperation.

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