With the rapid development of science and technology, smart watches are also emerging. In particular, children’s smart watch advertising is also overwhelming.

With the rapid development of science and technology, smart watches are also emerging. In particular, children’s smart watch advertising is also overwhelming. Children’s smart watches can not only facilitate parents and children to communicate, but also grasp the child’s location information in real time. More and more manufacturers are also adding diversified functions to children’s smart watches, such as making calls, listening to music, recording sports data, taking photos and other functions. Let’s enjoy these popular and inexpensive children’s watches~

Xiaoxun Mibro Xiaomi Eco Chain Children’s Phone Watch A3

In terms of appearance, Xiaoxun children’s phone watch A3 adopts a square shape design, and is also equipped with a 1.44-inch super large touch color screen design, usually operated, most of them can be realized by touch operation, providing convenience for children in operation. In addition, there is only one physical button, which is basically used for power on/off. There is a SIM card slot on the right side, which is more convenient to install and access the SIM card.

In terms of function, in addition to simple telephone, voice message, settings and stopwatch, the most special is Xiaoai classmates, need to connect to wifi, after successful connection, can call Xiaoai classmates, can chat with it, tell stories, check the weather, etc., suitable for answering all kinds of strange questions that children usually ask.

In terms of battery life, Xiaoxun Children’s Phone Watch A3 has upgraded its battery life, increased its battery capacity by 30mAh, built-in 460mAh lithium battery, and adopted a low-power power algorithm, which has successfully increased its battery life by 25%. Up to 7 days of standby time, 8 hours of talk time, and 60 hours of excellent battery life. Micro USB charging port with silicone case on the back part, convenient charging.

In addition, Xiaoxun children’s phone watch A3 supports 6 repositioning, its fast speed does not exceed 10 seconds, can be positioned with an accuracy of 5 meters outdoors, 10 meters indoors, accurate and fast positioning can be familiar with the current location of children. Parents can bind APP, support Android and IOS systems, just scan the QR code provided by the watch through the mobile phone can quickly bind successfully, very simple. The sale price of this Xiaoxun A3 is 149 yuan.

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【At price】149.00 yuan

【Price after coupon】139.00 yuan


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Mi Rabbit kids phone watch 2C

In appearance, Mitu children’s watch 2C continues the simple and cute style, and it looks fashionable. The delicate macaron round design resembles a “minion with big eyes” pet, and the unique shape is full of childlike fun. Sweet strawberry and pure sky blue are available, and these two colors are very popular with children.

In terms of design, the physical double button specially designed for children, the upper button is connected, the lower button is hung up, and the long press key sends a distress signal to ensure the safety of the child. Simple operation makes it more convenient for babies to talk and voice communicate with family and partners. The circular design fits the child’s wrist perfectly, allowing the child to move the wrist more freely when wearing it and more freedom when playing.

The Mitu Children’s Phone Watch 2C adopts a food contact grade liquid silicone strap, which is fully wrapped in a QQ sugar-like texture, which prevents the risk of scratches that may occur when children play and play to the greatest extent in the naughty and active age. The Mi Rabbit Children’s Phone Watch 2C watch body is only 37.8 grams, about the weight of two erasers, very light and comfortable.

In addition, the strap can be removed and replaced by itself. The socket location of the calling card, which supports standard Nano SIM cards. USB charging cable, under standard circumstances, a full charge can be standby for more than 5 days. Mitu Children’s Phone Watch 2C can be bound by 10 mobile phone numbers, set a call whitelist, block other calls, and do not have to worry about children receiving harassing calls from strangers. The selling price of 199 yuan is not expensive, and you can also know the positioning of your child at any time, which is very worth buying.

360 kids watch 6C photo version phone watch

In appearance, the 360 Children’s Watch 6C Photo Edition clasp adopts a pinbuckle design, plastic material, will not scratch the skin, and is very comfortable to wear. There is a button on the right side of the dial, which can be used as the switch button of the children’s watch, and above the button is the speaker hole of the children’s watch, and the child does not need to keep the watch close to the ear, which is conducive to protecting the child’s hearing.

In terms of configuration, the 360 Children’s Watch 6C Photo Edition is equipped with a 1.3-inch color TFT capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 240 x 240, which can clearly see the contents of the dial and support self-adjustment of screen brightness. A camera is set on the side to protect the child’s safety by using the camera to capture the child’s surroundings without affecting the appearance of the child’s watch.

In terms of function, the 360 children’s watch 6C photo version has a smart Q&A function, children can ask questions to the watch, expand the child’s life, learning and other aspects of knowledge. There are other interesting functions, such as: storytelling, sports steps, timing reminders, etc., which are not only the “guardians” of children’s safety, but also the “robots” that accompany children’s healthy growth.

Overall, the 360 Children’s Watch 6C Photo Edition is simple to operate, easy to wear, long-lasting, and soft and comfortable to feel. It has a standard SIM card slot and is located next to the charging connector. The charging port adopts the standard Micro USB interface, and the watch itself also comes with a charging cable, so the child can also charge the watch in time, which is very convenient. The price of 179 yuan 360 children’s watch 6C is also within the acceptable psychological range, interested friends may wish to give children a one!

360 kids phone watch 6C men and women GPS positioning kids phone bracelet smart student phone watch

【At price】179.00 yuan

【After-coupon price】169.00 yuan

360 kids phone watch SE3

In appearance, 360 children’s phone watch SE3 adopts replaceable nested design, safe and soft liquid silicone material, with good skin softness, not only waterproof, dustproof effect, but also has a protective effect on children’s skin. The product has two colors, cherry blossom pink and sky blue, so both boys and girls can wear it to shine.

In terms of function, long press the round key of SE3 to turn on, after booting, the screen displays the background dial, and the interface displays signal strength, time, power, date and other information. SE3 includes precise positioning, two-way call, cool color screen, voice chat, one-key alarm, bumper dating, habit cultivation, ultra-long standby, ultra-low radiation, to meet the all-round needs of children.

In terms of configuration, the 360 children’s phone watch SE3 adopts the ARM-7EJ-S architecture of MediaTek MT2503T main chip, hidden design of SIM card slot, support mobile Unicom. Equipped with 600mAh lithium battery, it can realize a single charge, achieve seven days of ultra-long standby, long service life, the screen is a 1.44-inch color capacitive TFT screen, the touch screen is easy to operate, so that children are easy to learn.

In terms of positioning, the SE3 designer adopts double star five-fold positioning, with a positioning accuracy of 20m, which can record the position in time and refresh the positioning, ensuring the safety of the child to the greatest extent. At the same time, there is a one-button alarm function to avoid accidental tightness of the child. In general, SE3 has a stylish appearance, diverse functions, clear calls, accurate positioning, and long battery life, allowing children to have a safe and secure childhood. The minimum price of this 360 children’s watch SE2 is 159 yuan.

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【At price】159.00 yuan

【Price after coupon】149.00 yuan



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