The editor in the north has clearly felt the cold winter air, walking on the road and the cold wind has pierced his pants, and it seems that he really wants to wear warm pants. In this increasingly colder season, warm leather pants are not only favored by the goddesses, but also male gods are eager to try and rush to buy

Today, Xiaobian pushes a men’s fleece warm leather pants, not only warm, the washed leather material can be more windproof, oilproof, water-repellent, haha, the three-proof effect is very strong Oh〜

The advantages of these suede pants are explained in detail:

The waist pads and knee pads are doubled and doubled, and the upper body is very comfortable, even when riding a motorcycle in the cold winter, the body is warm and dry

The workmanship is fine, running, sitting, squatting and stretching freely, without worrying about the pants being easy to break

The zipper at the cuff is tightened, so you can tighten the zipper in winter to prevent the wind from blowing in

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