Cross-body bag

The whole is designed with a high-quality solid color structure, and the black and white grid structure can easily show a good minimalist style, which is more business-oriented.

The backpack also adopts an extended shoulder strap design, which perfectly combines the carrying body into one, which can be used in various occasions and has excellent practicality. The black and white plaid bodied with a contrast letter print, and the same dark color combination perfectly shows the masculine workwear temperament.

For a backpack with a strong outdoor style, the performance requirements are also more prominent. It is made of high-quality non-woven material, which can easily show a good density and a good waterproof effect.


Vintage backpack

The “liberation bag”, which carries the memories of countless people, has returned to the public’s field of vision in this “retro style” today, setting off a wave of memory for a generation, making people immersed in memories for a long time.

The Chinese slogan print full of modern meaning is perfectly integrated with the vintage bag, and the design combined with ancient and modern shows the unique charm of the national trend.

The three-dimensional shape and sufficient space pattern divide the bag, so that the backpack is not only full of sense of shape but also practical, and can accommodate necessary daily necessities such as mobile phones and also store school supplies such as notebooks. Cotton, as the main material, has been treated in a distressed hue to give it a vintage charm.


Transparent package

Backpack accessories, in addition to constantly innovating in color and shape, the bold selection of materials can make bags set off a wave of fashion.

PVC slightly structured texture and transparent effect, romantic purple can show different luster changes at each angle, transparent characteristics avoid the dullness of a single color, with a cooling physique bag, light to win the appreciation of passers-by.

The main component of PVC material is “polyvinyl chloride”, this material has been used in buildings, decoration and other places, but never imagined, fashion inclusiveness and designer whimsy, so that an irrelevant material, after processing in a lighter, transparent form of presentation, abandoning its own rainproof functional characteristics, bags can not be constrained by the weather, so that the burden is unimpeded.


Cycling bag

Cycling bags are mainly used when cycling and are divided into two categories: hanging bag type and backpack type. The Hanging Cycling Bag saves effort by hanging the bag on the bike, and is mainly used for daily rides with slower speeds. The back cycling bag is used on the back and is mainly used for bicycle trips that require high-speed cycling.

When choosing a cycling bag, we can choose between hanging bag and back bag according to different riding needs.

In addition to this, consider the breathability of the backpack so that you can keep your back dry during riding. Those who have night riding habits can also choose a cycling bag with reflective strips.


Tote bag

There’s always plenty of belongings to carry when you’re out and about, and a well-designed handbag is a great tool. The large body space of the bag makes it easy to store bulky items.

Multiple zipper separations are added to the interior to make storage more organized and facilitate the distribution of fragile and dirty items, which makes it easy to diversify the items. The overall use of color is also relatively plain, and the light brown style shows a simple style.

The color of the main body of the surface is relatively plain, and this design can easily show a good minimalist style, and it also has an excellent performance in terms of fashion sense.


Chain bag

The minimalist design style, which eliminates redundant decorative elements and integrates sports and leisure elements, looks ordinary at first glance, but incorporates the minimalist elements of dark wind in the bones.

This bag is positioned as a men’s travel bag, the shape of the bag is square and small, and the exquisite design reveals the unruly and rugged nature of men, especially the classic pure black color scheme is particularly appropriate, deep and full of wisdom.

The bag shape is cut into a regular square, the slightly elegant style looks very aesthetically pleasing, and the capacity inside meets the daily inductive needs, and the metal zipper spliced at the mouth of the bag is safe and durable, enhancing the overall practicality.


Bucket bag

It adopts a relatively compact version design, which is more convenient to carry when going out, and can store all kinds of personal belongings, which is also very convenient to use and has extremely high storage performance. In terms of color, it continues the classic plain way design, making it have excellent performance in simple style.

The bag is made of high-quality cowhide material, and through careful polishing process, it has a delicate texture and smooth texture, bringing a comfortable and soft feel.

It also has outstanding performance in terms of wear resistance, which can easily cope with scratches in various situations and effectively extend its service life.


Postman’s bag

The splicing of personality combined with the enduring black tone, the combination of dull colors presents a stable sense of layering, breaking the boring vitality of pure colors and youthful sense is immediately revealed.

The secure flap detail is fitted with a front pocket that combines practicality while easing the sophistication of luxury leather.

The unique horizontal square cross-body bag is made entirely of high-quality cowhide leather. The delicate texture and smooth texture bring good practicality and excellent waterproof and durable characteristics, which not only reduce the pressure on the shoulder but also invisibly give the backpack a simple and extraordinary practicality.

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