You say you like rain

But you put an umbrella when it rains

You say you like the sun

But you hide in the shade when the sun is shining

You say you like the wind

But you close the windows when it’s windy

You say you like tinkering with your own house

I like European luxury, French romance, and Japanese delicacy

But I only forgot that the most beautiful decoration style is the beautiful Chinese style

Recently, I have been chasing Chu Qiao Chuan

In addition to Yan Xun Shizi, who is freshly dressed and angry

The most attractive thing about Fang Jun is the room in the play

Lin Gou’s Qingshan Courtyard can be used as a reference for Chinese home decoration

Except for the nine-curved corridor, the courtyard of small bridges and flowing water

His bedroom is a practical studio of a regular room type

Ignore that this is a shooting location

On the left and right sides of the doorway are quaint lamps

and a Chinese-style mahogany cabinet for storage

It can be used as a bookcase or display case or storage cabinet

Then there are the lightweight translucent screens

Without the heaviness of traditional screens

It is very suitable for people who have small rooms and want screens

A screen can separate the area of work and leisure

The height of the room is not suitable, and the ceiling should not be too complicated

This will only make the room look cramped

But if the height is enough

Oil paper umbrellas, palace lamps, etc. can become decorations

I have to say that if it is beautiful

No style of bed compares to the Chinese style

A curtain hangs from the roof to the foot of the bed

The green lace drapery in the play is even more unique

Let’s look at other important elements

【Case several】

The decoration of Chinese style is to control the general structure and details

Many details can make the Chinese decoration more textured and stylish

For example, the case of Lin Dog

Pen, ink and paper, bamboo rolls and green lamps, and hand warmers

All with a classical charm

Think about if while reading

There were also people on the side with red sleeves

Envy others

【Tea set】

In addition to pen and ink, tea sets are also important

I have seen many people’s tea set choices very casual

Cheap ceramics or plastic items are placed on the table

It’s better not to pose

And tea sets with texture, design and age

Will decorate the entire room

【Bead curtain】

“Spring breeze ten miles Yangzhou Road, rolling up the bead curtain is not as good”

“Curtain of late autumn rain, sunset on the terrace of a flute”

“The peach blossoms flowing on the edge of the city, the spring breeze outside the curtain”

“Swirling bead curtains over the pink wall, lighter than willow wool heavier than frost”

The ancients beaded curtains, as if they had a deep obsession

In Chinese-style home decoration, bead curtains are also an indispensable element

Certainly not the kind of red and green plastic bead curtain

You look at the people in the show, even the villains

The moment the bead curtain was opened, there was also some merry


Facing a cloister with wind and flowers

What else can I say

I can only sigh: it’s good to have money

There is no big yard or villa for people

Just take a look

When picking up the home decoration of Ode to Joy before

Some people say rooms in film and television dramas

It is a set for the needs of the complex

There is no practical reference value

Chinese-style rooms are suitable for the elderly

Then the Chinese style in the Langya list should always be in line with the aesthetics of young people

【Jiang Zuo League】

At the beginning, Mei Changsu was already stunning in Jiang Zuo’s room

Scrolls, stools, lamps, screens, bamboo curtains

This minimalist Chinese design

It is not old-fashioned and heavy, but also does not lose its classical charm

The room blends in with the landscape outside the window

In a trance, I also felt that this room was in a landscape painting

And those plain wood furniture is simple and indifferent

Simplicity with Zen

【Snow Library】

Xuelu gathers the essence of Ming-style residences

In the outdoor courtyard, the green bamboo is secluded and the stone is beautiful

Inside, antique scrolls display elegant utensils

Books, antiques, solid wood coffee tables

Incense burner, bamboo curtain, Ru porcelain tea set

These furnishings are full of ancient charm

In addition to the furnishings, the design of the windows is also particularly important

The diamond pane and window paper have a strong Chinese style

It’s just not too practical for now

【Su House】

Kyoto Suzhai is a courtyard courtyard with three courtyards

Just listen to the three words of courtyard

It’s already a story of affair in my brain

(The story of Fang Jun and Mei Changsu)

Su House is a typical Ming style of elegance

The cloister winds, fabric bamboo curtains

Not luxurious, but elegant

The scenery in the courtyard is far and near, and the high and low have their own styles

See the mountains with stones, see the forest with trees

There is a stream in front of the court, and there is a pavilion on the stream

With the bridge Lingbo, with the pavilion riding the clouds

It takes the essence of Chinese gardening

The horse head wall outside the house is layered

The high walls of the house are constantly separated and fascinating

The courtyard path is winding and gradually deepening

It’s a bit of a sluggish feeling

The interior is as minimalist as ever

Layered, step by step

Deep spaces are also not closed

Floor-to-ceiling windows on the sides allow sunlight directly into the interior

Make the space more open

The natural background wall of the interior changes with the change of seasons

Spring is fresh, summer is coquettish, autumn is gorgeous, and winter is simple

In fact, the new Chinese style now

It is more suitable for installing in houses of most types and sizes

The improved furniture has also changed from heavy to flexible

But the new Chinese style is a sinkhole

There are 10,000 new Chinese styles in the eyes of 1,000 people

White oak, red oak, old elm, pine

Birch, cherry, sour, birch, walnut

These materials alone can speak of dry mouth

But they ignored it and grasped a few points

The rest of the details are purely personal preferences

1. 【Furniture】

Chippendale, the father of European furniture, built it for the Royal Palace of England

Court furniture that caused a sensation throughout Europe

It is modeled on Ming-style furniture

So far, Ming-style furniture has always been a fighter in the Chinese style

After all, there is that woodworking emperor Ming Xizong who is not doing his job

It is difficult to think about the woodworking craftsmanship of the Ming Dynasty

▲ Circle chair and official hat chair, has always been the handle in Chinese home decoration, began in the fifth dynasty, the Song Dynasty, flourished in the Ming Dynasty, look at the details, these two chairs look relatively thin, thin legs thin wooden board, there is no sense of heaviness of traditional furniture

2. [Color]

If the color of Chinese furniture is thick and dull

Choose light-colored furniture directly

▲ Xiaobian is particularly entangled in this style of living room, like its light color, transparent texture and smooth lines, entangled is that it is not very comfortable, after all, life should be comfortable and practical

▲ If the room is large enough, transparent enough and the lighting is good enough, you can choose darker furniture, after all, dark furniture is more solid than light color, whether young or old people can control

3. [Soft decoration]

Soft decoration is actually very simple

The main thing is to be careful not to push too hard

▲ Compared with the antique lamp on the right, the lamp on the left is actually more simple and practical, not only visual, but also extremely important to look and durable

▲ There is also this kind of log clock, not deliberately antique, but with some rustic taste

▲ Dresser, plum glasses, green plants, minimalist and charming, casually placed in a corner, is a landscape

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