A complete model aircraft must have two parts, the fuselage and the electrical equipment.

In the figure is the connection diagram of the individual parts


The receiver is responsible for receiving the signal from the remote control and then controlling the work of the individual components


The servo is connected to the receiver and can be used to control rudders, ailerons, flaps, landing gear, etc

A transmitter is also called a remote control

The remote control is directly controlled by a person and then converted into an electrical signal for transmission. Most of the current remote controls are remote controls with a 2.4G hz band, with strong anti-interference performance. The remote control also has the concept of channels, generally one channel controls one component, and a fixed-wing model aircraft must have at least 3 channels. Generally speaking, the more channels, the more expensive the remote control, and the price of the remote control is relatively extensive, more than thousands of thousands, less than a hundred, so the model aircraft is relatively friendly.

Brushless motor

Compared with brushed motors, brushless motors have the advantages of long life and sufficient power, but the price is more expensive than brushes. However, the price is relatively wide, from a dozen yuan xxd to dozens of silver yan langyu and so on. Each motor has its own parameters, such as 2205 2300kv, these parameters indicate that the size of this motor is 2205 kv value is 2300, kv value means that the power supply used by this motor increases by 2300 for every 1v speed

Brushless motor electronic governor

The ESC is connected to the power supply, motor and ESC at the same time, so a suitable ESC is very necessary. The ESC has its nominal current, and the maximum current passed through cannot exceed this value, so the rated current of the ESC is large, at most it increases the weight, if it is small, it is likely to burn the ESC. The selection of ESC is based on the specifications of the motor and the number of C of the battery to select the appropriate rated current.

Model aircraft power battery

The model aircraft battery also has its own parameters. For example, the specification of a battery is 3s 2200mah 25C, these data refer to the battery is connected in series by three 3.7V cells, with a total capacity of 2200mah and a discharge rate of 25C.

The choice of these accessories is to consider the fuselage and the cooperation between each other, and under the premise of maintaining performance, the lighter the better.

You can see that the band-aid is attached to the hand and hit by the propeller, so everyone should pay attention when playing in the future

For example, this FT tiny trainer I made, FT recommended is a 2205 kv2300 motor, with 6040 propellers, 12A ESC, 3S800mah battery, 4 servos are required for the four-way version with ailerons, and two servos are required for the 3-way version without ailerons. If you want to fly more violently, you can strengthen the power, but it is not recommended for novices to use too violent power. Below is a screenshot of the drawing.

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