Zhang Lei wore a red jumpsuit this time, making herself the focus of the audience instantly. This kind of red can give people a very strong sense of visual impact and interpret a different style of enthusiasm and atmosphere. And jumpsuits can cover the fat well, improve the proportion of the whole person’s body, and allow women to show their handsome side. Jumpsuits are really a recent fashion favorite, and women can choose the fit and color according to their body shape and style. If we are afraid of making mistakes in dressing, we can choose jumpsuits, which saves a lot of trouble in matching and can also have a good effect on improving the figure.

When female friends participate in large-scale occasions, they prefer to wear skirts to show their femininity. Zhang Lei boldly chose a red jumpsuit this time, highlighting her warm and generous beauty. Moreover, this red whitening effect is excellent, and choosing red jumpsuits when participating in events can show the unique side of women. If you feel that red does not fit your temperament, you can also try black jumpsuits for a more advanced atmosphere.

These jumpsuits have a shoulder design on the upper body, which can show off Zhang Lei’s shoulder line. Many women’s collarbones are very beautiful, and if they are covered, it is difficult to highlight their graceful figures. Compared with bandeau or suspenders, the shoulders are easier to control, and it is not easy to walk away, making the whole person look more feminine. When we choose neutral clothing, we can integrate such a sexy cut inside, and the effect will be very different. The famous host Zhang Lei dressed so boldly, wearing red jumpsuits to reduce age and fashion, not like 41 years old.

These jumpsuits incorporate a wide-leg design that flatters the leg line well. Because the upper body is tight, the lower body with wide-leg pants will not make people feel bloated and fat, but have a spontaneous beauty. If a whole jumpsuit is combined with a tight design, it will make people feel too cramped and tight, and the comfort on the body is not very strong. A wide-leg design like this can improve women’s body proportions and make Zhang Lei more confident when she goes out.

The red jumpsuit with a positive red lipstick is really domineering. Such a lipstick can give Zhang Lei more amorous beauty, and can also appear full and shiny lips. If women choose sexy red lips, try to match them with fair base makeup and clean eye makeup, otherwise they will look too showy. If women want to make their eyes look bigger and more alert, they can match it with eyeliner to enlarge their eyes.

Red earrings can form a color echo with red jumpsuits, and when we choose jewelry, we try to choose the same color as the color of the clothing, so that it will look like a whole. The color saturation of the earrings chosen by Zhang Lei is slightly higher than that of the dress, which will not bring too strong visual impact to the people around her. And these earrings are a great way to define your face, complementing the contours of your face that are delicate and perfect.

Zhang Lei’s short hair is fluffy and clean, which can leave a graceful and atmospheric impression. The wavy roll design is incorporated at the top of the head to define the face well. When mature women choose a short hair style, they can use hairspray and a hair dryer to blow out a fluffy effect, which sets off the face small and delicate. But in life, we can match a simple short hair to highlight the gentle and feminine temperament.

The black dress is paired with a tulle design that can show off women’s skin. The dress Zhang Lei chose combined with a lace stand collar, which can cover the fine lines of the neck, and also gives this skirt a bit of courtly beauty. If we choose to wear a black dress, we can integrate different materials like Zhang Lei to make the skirt show a diversified beauty.

When women wear a plain white dress, they can choose their favorite belt to embellish. The pure white dress selected by Zhang Lei this time combines a more layered design on the upper body, and it will not look so monotonous and boring. The very wide belt at the waist combines black and red to brighten and outline the slender waist.

The white dress incorporates bright diamonds at the neckline as embellishments, which is more gorgeous. And its cuffs are matched with a lace design, which has a better age-reducing effect, and can also modify the line of the arms, and the dress is more delicate and atmospheric.

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