#Year of the Tiger has entertainment#

Xiao Wu and Tang San have been engaged for almost a year, and the relationship between the two of them has become much deeper, in fact, when they experienced in Seagod Island, the two people also knew each other better, both wanted to protect each other, and it was also because of this heart that they broke through one difficulty after another, Xiao Wu was the most terrible in the face of love, defeating many enemies.

Tang San is the same, fell into the illusion again, and even became a crazy demon, it was very scary to watch, but Xiao Wu woke him up with a soft bone lock, at this time Xiao Wu is actually about to be completely resurrected, and many fans also want to see that Xiao Wu really wears a wedding dress, that is, Xiao Wu really becomes Tang San’s bride, today Xiaobian will take you to see some fans’ self-made bridal looks.

The first is the “royal sister version”, at this time, Xiao Wu has become very mature, black hair and eye-catching body is particularly good-looking, and her wedding dress is also just right, showing Xiao Wu’s soft and charming characteristics, and her skin is also very fair. However, the figure has become a lot smaller, so it looks a little birdy, and the overall is quite eye-catching.

In addition, it is the cheongsam dance, which directly becomes a very festive shape, the whole body is mainly red, but such a small dance is also equally mature, especially in terms of eyes, it is completely the kind of gentle goddess like water, coupled with the body of the small dance, the overall style is also more eye-catching, and the design of the clothes is very outstanding.

In addition, the makeup designed by fans for Xiao Wu, looks like Barbie, the eyes are particularly spirited, and the hairstyle is also set to a very delicate kind, coupled with soft eyelashes, Xiao Wu at this time is absolutely cute and beautiful.

Let’s take a look at the more sad wedding dress, which was prepared by Tang San after Xiao Wu’s sacrifice, this can be regarded as preparing for a soul power before leaving, the blood-colored wedding dress with the other side flower, really renders the sad atmosphere to the extreme, in addition, the entire costume design is also quite good, very in line with Xiao Wu’s temperament.

There is also a relatively cold wedding dress, from red to blue, coupled with the blue demon in the hand, the little dance at this time instantly became a fairy of the Guanghan Palace, with bright gray hair, such a little dance is indeed very beautiful, it feels the same as the princess.

Finally, there is a very serious Western-style wedding dress, every detail is very well controlled, the little dance itself is a hanger, the skin is also very white, for this is particularly suitable for such an image, I believe everyone also likes it.

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