Although I hid in the factory office building and left early and returned late, it was difficult to suppress the noise in my heart. Those hard and utilitarian voices always stirred my heart, imprisoned and controlled my will, and I was not free, perhaps I should say, I never let go of myself. When I return to my hometown in the middle of winter, the cold wind blows my heart cool, and the golden ginkgo leaves on the ground flutter in the wind, making a grand scene of winter. In the fields, in front of the farmhouse, the green green of the wintering wheat seedlings spread out in pieces, and a few birds flew in the air, dancing and singing with the cold afternoon wind. Although it was cold, such a sight actually made a cold heart hot…

Winter inadvertently messes with everyone’s mind. Demonstrate with the cold to everyone who is weak-willed and not strong! However, such strength is not for everyone! I remember my mother saying to me when I was a child: the first cold wind is not afraid of it, the second cold wind greets it, and the third cold wind avoids it! In fact, this is the helplessness of being a mother in the era of lack of clothing and food, it is this helplessness that exercises the perseverance of children, at that time, seven of our brothers and sisters went to school at the same time, there were two-year high schools and two-year junior high schools, and elementary school duplex classes, in the winter, the seven brothers and sisters wore cotton jackets for government relief, and a single pants, no shoes, went to school barefoot all year round, went to school barefoot on the grass under the frost on the roadside, and did not necessarily have to eat when I came back from school, so I honed my strong perseverance and never say die. This laid a solid personality foundation for me to lose business in the future and rise again! Standing in front of the old house, looking out, the field in the cold wind is still that field, but it is clear that it has been injected with vitality hope, the tree is still the tree, and the trunk of the tree, the dead branches fall with the cold wind, leaving behind the anticipation of the arrival of spring and regrouping the majestic wind, still a towering tree with lush leaves, entangled in a piece of hope.

I looked up at the sky for a long time, and in the blue valley sky, there were big dream-like white clouds floating, so that I couldn’t help but open my arms and take a deep breath of cold northern qi, although it was cold to the bone, it could make me strong to the heart!

Soon it was already sunset, and the evening light gradually cleared. Imagining my hometown, surrounded by water networks, I already feel happy, satisfied, and feel the beauty of cold thinking. Twenty years ago one day, I wanted to step out of the fishing country and start the journey of my heart. The journey of the heart was originally to choose the season, but also in a winter that could not be silent, with a dream feather, in the past twenty years, encountered several bright and clear sinking and rebirth, but also with a strong and responsible manhood, experienced the journey of the soul, continued a love story beyond the landscape…

Everywhere you go, life is like a flower, and your heart is sweet. Maybe you don’t need to wave your hand to be a cloud in the western sky, the colorful cloud will present you with a tragic and beautiful feeling at the right time. The winter night comes in an instant, covering all desires, leaving only bleak poetry, only endless nostalgia, only tragic expectations.

Walking all the way, singing all the way, poetic feelings, drunken madness, twenty years of youth, galloping horses… Now that people are middle-aged, they must learn to let go of themselves, take a piece of spring color to the soul journey in the middle of winter, let the flowers become a perfect encounter, drink the cold wind cloth to winter has become a thing of the past, and waiting for the flowers to bloom is another kind of meditation in life, looking forward to the happiness of middle age and later years is more touching, and I hope that after the storm is full of colorful sky!

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