In the area where the Ying River flows east of Yuzhou City

There is such a place

It looks like other townships in Yuzhou

It has a dense self-built house and a lively city atmosphere

Precious history and culture…

© Geng Yawei

But the difference is that with the planning and construction of the Zhengwan high-speed railway,

It has transformed from a small developing township into a dazzling pearl in the east of Yuzhou.

The well-equipped residential buildings and the unique teaching buildings are like historical monuments and have become a beautiful scenery in Yingdong.

“High-speed rail new city, charming Chu River”

, in fact, this is what it said.

Economy, culture, education, ecology

Chuhe Town, which goes hand in hand and prospers

Nowadays, the atmosphere of the city is getting stronger

However, the cultural customs of the city well

and was not erased ….

The oriental fish belly is white, and the sky is just shining

The hawker shouted, and Chu He rushed to be busy

This lively and noisy scene

It is

On the sixth day of April, Chuhe Street rushed to the meeting

of prosperity

And Chu River will be big

It can be described as stretching for miles

From Yuwang Avenue to the north section of Bowen Road

The crowded market is full of hustle and bustle

Supporting the old and the young, it is not lively

Rally, is a place

The most authentic place

You think that there is only the ordinariness of firewood, rice, oil and salt here

But it hides a variety of life

At nine o’clock in the morning, at the intersection of Yuwang Avenue and Bowen Road, the vendors set up stalls on the side of the road for hundreds of meters, probably it was still early, and the people who came to buy things were scattered and few.

Bundles of socks, the national uniform retail price, 10 yuan a bundle, can not buy a loss, can not buy deceived.

Colorful women’s clothing is particularly popular at the rally, and the price is affordable and affordable.

High-grade artificial flowers, all kinds of colors, all kinds of shapes, put at home to make an embellishment, instantly improve a grade.

Summer cool quilts are placed in piles on the ground, single quilts, double quilts.

Cartoon balloons swaying and flying in the air, and clusters of balloons attract the attention of many children!

Walnuts, 20 yuan 3 pounds, really cheap, Xiaobian math is not good, please help calculate how much is a pound?

Xinyang Maojian, Dashan Maojian, all kinds of famous tea, wholesale and retail, a small vendor, just set up a tea store.

Li’s Five Worms Wind Chasing Ointment, the name of Hao Yangqi, is said to specialize in curing all kinds of diseases, and large and small bottles and jars are filled with all kinds of jianghu herbs!

Mesh shoes, and new styles, cyan, pink, white, black, and with light sheets, full processing, only 5 yuan a pair.

Universal glue, really good, sticking mice can’t run, and instant superglue, with instant bonding powerful black technology.

Do you know what this is? Some people may say: “glass barrel” Yes, this answer is correct, but its real function is that it can be used to make medicinal wine.

All kinds of magical pendants, it feels like the hanging rod above is about to bend!

Tea cups, toothbrushing cups, lunch boxes, hangers, this is a dazzling variety of grocery stores!

The two pennants are particularly eye-catching under the sunlight, and the ancestral plaster of the book cured me of cervical lumbar spinal stenosis and leg pain, as well as lumbar disc herniation and bone spurs, the effect is good or not, I know after using it.

Several bundles of heavily packaged loose paper are now rare, but the price is quite cheap and very popular with the elderly!

Pure cotton culture shirt 10 yuan a piece, all kinds of patterns and patterns, Xiaobian is already ready to move!

At the gathering, the twin brother of Yunnan Baiyao “Yunnan Traditional Chinese Medicine” appeared, well, yes, the editor rubbed his eyes and determined that it was Yunnan Traditional Chinese Medicine!

All kinds of cowhide leather belts! 10 yuan two, really cheap! Come and come, who wants, Xiaobian free shipping!

Slipper truck, no, it’s a truck that pulls slippers, please automatically block the slip of the tongue of the editor!

Men’s sandal, wow! Wear it in summer, it’s really windy!

Reading glasses, factory direct sales, quality guaranteed. There are also all kinds of sunglasses, flat glasses, wear it, instantly transform into Audrey Hepburn, Nicolas Cage…

Parrots and goldfish are a perfect match here, flowers, birds, fish and insects, complement each other.

Children’s clothes are hanging all over the shelves, only five or ten dollars a piece, are you sure you don’t buy it?

The uncle who sells agricultural tools is distinguishing between real and fake money, it was originally a small business, if you receive a fake coin, don’t mention how sad!

Brooms, dustpans, chopping boards, sickles, hoes, rakes, fences, fire tongs, all kinds of guys have everything, and many tools are handmade, the price is not expensive, don’t miss it when you walk by.

Mung bean crisp, five yuan a pack, all made on the spot with mung beans as raw materials, the business is very good.

The blue three-wheeled mill pulls the mill, peppercorns, peppers, and peppers can all be powdered here, and the strong smell of seasoning fills the entire street!

The best pea cake, but the favorite of Xiaobian in childhood, eat a small piece, sweet, you can have a happy afternoon.

Fine jade, bracelets, necklaces, jade cabbage, jade guanyin, exquisite and vivid

Freshly unearthed garlic, 5 yuan 3 bundles, a necessary condiment for cooking!

At eleven o’clock in the morning, the traffic and passenger flow began to crowd! The flowery green shed is particularly conspicuous, shuttling underneath, which can effectively prevent ultraviolet radiation!

I’m a cute little frog, croaking, inflatable frogs and turtles are really pretty good!

Yuzhou people’s childhood toy wind grunt has disappeared for a long time, and when I see it again, I feel very kind.

There are also all kinds of benches here, high, low, blue, green, only you can’t think of, nothing you can’t buy, straw hats, pot lids, brooms, dustpans, rolling pins ….. It’s really so complete.

Private customized mobile phone protective film, anti-blue light, anti-ultraviolet, complete models, can be freely printed according to their preferences, and the hostess is also very enthusiastic.

All kinds of flowery green T-shirts, in addition to those worn by students, but also adults, tops hanging on tops, pants on shelves, don’t look at just a small stall, the goods are really more than you think.

Silversmith master, traditional handicraft, this point is a big praise! It is reported that the uncle is from Fanpo Town and has been doing this business for forty years!

Of course, there are also a variety of cooking seasonings, soy sauce, vinegar, oyster sauce, small grinding oil, sauce, canned food, in addition to buying vegetables and wine, but also buy good seasonings.

If you don’t want to cook, you can also buy some cold vegetables and marinated meat, all kinds of delicious dishes, and watch the editor’s drool.

The shaving master’s business is very good, and the people who come here to shave their heads are generally elderly people, and it only costs 5 yuan to shave their heads once, and the beard can also shave you clean.

That’s right, that’s full

The smell of fireworks and the human touch of Chuhe Town

However, times are evolving and cities are expanding

Chuhe Town is going to tell us

Good bye


April 17, 2019

The official website of Yuzhou Municipal Government released news

The establishment of Chuhe Town has passed the acceptance of the provincial government


Chuhe Town is the eastern gate of Yuzhou

It is a window to display the image of Yuzhou


National Key Town

Even more

The key area for the future development of Yuzhou

Perhaps, in the near future

There was no more town in this town than it is today

Unusual scenery, bustling city atmosphere

But no matter what

It was a place where countless people struggled to dream

The place where the rush remains

That place where the hard work and sweat of the people of Chu River accumulated


Will always remember

Goodbye, Chuhe Town

Looking forward to seeing you next time

You’ll get better!

Chu River fellow topped!

© Geng Yawei

© Geng Yawei

© Geng Yawei

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