A sobering question: Why do people look thinner in the summer?

It may be because slender parts such as calves and ankles are exposed in summer, and moderate skin exposure is lighter and tall than fully wrapped. So in winter, there is only the image of thick legs showing fat?

Summer VS Winter

Blogger Jenny Walton in addition to being small, the ankles are not a slender type, when wearing light and thin in the summer, her small shortcomings of thick ankles are visible, and her legs look much better when she changes to boots.

The large-size pear-shaped Emily Vartanian looks thinner in winter than in summer, and her legs are well groomed.

This winter, there are plenty of boots that make you look as light and slender as you were in summer, and your legs even look slimmer than in summer. Similarly, people with not very beautiful legs wear which boots can have the same finishing effect? It is still necessary to analyze specific problems on a case-by-case basis.


The legs are not straight

Everyone has some small problems with leg shape, and not straight legs are the first major roadblock. Slim pants cannot be worn, and knee-length stretch boots, which have become popular in recent years, must also be turned away.

There are many types of legs that are not straight when subdivided, such as X-legs, O-legs, XO legs, and O-legs with a small area below the knee.

Aimee Song once popped her #Ten-Year Challenge comparison chart. Looking closely, she was once a member of the group with unstraight legs.

In the matter of showing straight legs, 2019’s Aimee Song won steadily. The leg repair ability of this wrinkled boot should no longer be questioned.

Over the years, Aimee Song wore countless loose boots, and no one said that her legs were not straight.

The wrinkled boots worn by Aimee Song come from these brands:

Khaite’s wrinkled boots she has several pairs, solid color 8700 yuan, friendly with height, the same model and suede model, tired of wearing 5050 can try.

Paris Texas’ crocodile-print boots are also worn many times. The boot is discounted for less than 4,000 yuan. Kendall has snake-print boots that wear through its home, real fire certification.

The previous wrinkled boots were not so easy to wear. In 2017, Saint Laurent matched a lot of wrinkled boots on his runway, because it was too exaggerated, and only a small range of popularity. Later, brands such as Celine came up with more friendly wrinkled boots.

Let’s see how others dress:

Because wrinkled boots are relatively large, many people will wear them with their thighs exposed, which is relatively thin.

This way of wearing is more suitable for small friends in the south.

Those who are afraid of the cold will wear skinny jeans underneath.

In addition, there are many people who wear skirts, and the length of the skirt is basically about 10 cm below the knee. No one can tell how many pairs of autumn pants you are wearing in this way of wearing.


Simple thick legs

This is a leg shape that is easy to appear in pear-shaped bodies and office workers. Although their thighs are fleshy, their ankles are still relatively slender. As long as it is delicate, it is very easy to appear thin and tall.

Whether it’s a sedentary lifestyle or a pear-shaped body, it’s easy to grow flesh at the base of the thighs and buttocks, and their calves and ankles are their strengths over other leg shapes.

For people with more meat on their thighs, tight boots are something to avoid.

False demonstration VS correct demonstration

Sabina Socol’s leg shape is very common in slightly fat people, and although they are not as thick as the legs, they have some flesh on the front and outside of the thighs. Wearing stretch boots highlights this problem. Change to booties + loose pants and you’ll be fine.

Emmy Rossum, on the other hand, represents the pear shape of the body, the same color of the trouser boots is very thin, and the real line of the thighs is more clearly outlined, and the other short boots are better shaped.

The examples of Sabina Socol and Emmy Rossum both show us that if your legs feel fleshy, showing off the slenderness of your ankles is more appropriate than exposing everything.

A pair of pipe pants and ankle-fitting boots are perfect for pear-shaped figures, and the top can be a short jacket that is slightly longer than the hip line.

All non-fitted pants are suitable for this combination.

You see those bloggers are particularly good at wearing, carefully study their collocation, many times it is to change the soup without changing the medicine. Tonya Smith, who has a large pear figure, usually dresses very thin, in the end, it is all an idea, so it is not difficult to wear well.

Some of the boots worn by Tonya Smith are By Far, and his boots are particularly wrapped and have good lines.

If the thighs are too plump, it is recommended to wear a mid-length skirt to achieve the same effect. If possible, use the belt to emphasize the waistline and optimize proportions.


Thick calves

I believe that many girls who look thin now have such troubles – my calves are too thick! They tend to be very thin from the knee up, but the calves may be as thick as the thighs.

There are also two types of calf thickness: one is Soccer Legs, which is the kind of muscular calf that football players often have; The other is the type that feels fleshy and has lower legs and tummies.

They have a hard time finding satisfactory boots when choosing winter boots. In fact, what they need most is under-the-knee boots that are long near the knee and made of a stiff material.

For girls with this leg shape, bare knees are more suitable than bare ankles. This boot puts the height stuck in the most well-proportioned part of the leg line, just in time to highlight your thinness.

This year’s popular cowboy boots fall into this type of boot. People with flesh in their calves can study it.

Pay attention to the length must be enough, cowboy boots that are not long enough will have the opposite effect.

The pair of Zara worn by German blogger Viktoria Rader is the king of cost performance, and 500 can be done. Given the proud height of the official models, most of them wear about the same length as Viktoria Rader.

The pair on the Saint Laurent show is also beautiful, with different materials to choose from.

Some people’s calves may not be able to buy zippered boots that can be worn, and the lace-up model is a good solution to such a problem.

Recently, He Sui wore a pair of Alexander McQueen, about 10,000 pieces, which is the same style on the runway.

In addition, Ann Demeulemeester is also a brand that many people will buy, and can be bought for about 7,000.


Thick ankles

We also mentioned earlier that people with imperfect legs can show their strengths and avoid their weaknesses by exposing their ankles, but there are also a small number of people who prefer thick ankles. The Fanning sisters, for example, are very representative of their thick ankles.

Although people with this leg shape may have curves, usually the difference in circumference between the calf and ankle is very small, or even almost identical.

Girls with this leg shape can wear strappy sandals, daddy shoes, and V-mouth shoes to define their ankles in other seasons. A pair of Martin boots in winter is a good solution.

The hard lines, rough toe and tightening at the ankle make it easy to show the ankles, visually helping to slim the ankles.

The girl with small thin legs does not have to think about anything, choose an 8-hole height, and then wear black small legs to create long legs.

If you have a little meat on the calf, choose loose pants or a small skirt, and the elastic contrast can also show the thin ankles.

You can also try this year’s popular Lace up lace-up boots, which work on the same principle as Martin boots.

Check out the hottest lace-up boots of the year.

Manu Atelier’s Duck Boots you must be familiar with, and it is already an Internet celebrity on Instagram.

Similarities between Celine, By Far, and Rejina Pyo are also hard to refuse. Rejina Pyo’s color is so creamy.

There are thousands of popular styles every year, and there are always people who can open the clouds to find the ones that best fit their body shape, which reveals their understanding of their bodies and their non-blindness to fashion trends.

I hope everyone becomes such a woman.

Summer VS Winter

False demonstration VS correct demonstration

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