Did you watch “Sailor Moon” when you were a child?

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I think the most beautiful look is this dress dress of the sailor month, and I felt that if I could have such a set, it would be worth not eating snacks for a year!

In fact, the dress was prototyped, the Palladio Dress that Gianfranco Ferré unveiled at DIOR’s Spring/Summer 1992 haute couture launch.

Inspired by the pillars of the Temple of Athens, the sleeves echo the pattern above, and the pleats of the skirt are similar to the patterns on the Roman column and the base.

In fact, before this, Mr. Christian Dior himself had a soft spot for Athens.

In 1951, he personally designed a haute couture series in the Parthenon under the siege of Athens.

At that time, the models dressed in gorgeous costumes stood in front of the temple hall, like a real Greek goddess descending into the world, like a dream.

These designs, which have been fashionable for generations, were recreated in Greece in the early hours of this morning.


The invitation to DIOR’s 2022 Early Spring Ready-to-Wear Collection Show is very special.

Although it was held in the ancient city of Athens, it incorporates a modern twist and pays homage to this beautiful country with the iconic color of Greek blue as the main color.

The elements that are closely related to Greece have also been remade into very dynamic and cute illustrations, full of vitality.

Because the show was held in Greece, due to the restrictions of the epidemic, stars could not attend the show in person.

So this time, Dior China skincare ambassador Jing Tian watched the show with her new avatar – Sweet Xiaotian “Cloud”.

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The show was held at Panathinaque Stadium, the main stadium of the first modern Olympic Games, but this time the brand did not stop there, but was inspired by the work of Surrealist pioneer Giorgio de Chirico, adding light and shadow contrasts to play with supernatural beauty, and presenting the show in a modern form.

The same is true of fashion design, which not only mixes and matches sportswear and dress skirts, but also integrates sports elements into flowing women’s skirts.

Combining the goddess of Athens and the sportsmanship of Greece into one.

Not only Chirico’s work itself, but also the giant silhouette artist Pietro Rufu, who has collaborated with DIOR many times, also found inspiration in the vases in Chirico’s Athens villa decorated with wrestlers wrestling and intertwined, incorporating them into the design of a series of sportswear.

It not only shows the integration between art, but also represents a manifesto for body art to transcend gender boundaries.


Returning to the inspiration for the dresses of the goddess of Athens, this collection not only uses the decorative skirts as the theme of the dress, but reorganizes them in a more deconstructed and modern way.

The pleats are made of special fabrics that become a wonderful carrier of light and darkness and rhythm as the model moves and the light and shadow change in the stadium.

The marbled statues in those temples have become sleeveless women’s skirts on models.

Those mysterious cloaks and shapes give the entire series goddess-like charm and power.

And gold and white, the two colors that most fit the Greek beauty, are also intertwined with these dress dresses to compose a moving poem belonging to DIOR.

The flowing dress uses exquisite craftsmanship, and the dress dress, which is like a dress born in a cloud, is interpreted on the model as a goddess who has just bathed in the temple.

This women’s dress, which uses a special process to create abstract prints of dancing girls, also shows the art form of watercolor, which is unforgettable.

As always, the most classic elements of the brand are presented in a more innovative way.

For example, a series of white jackets and trouser suits, just like the classic look worn by actress Marlene Dietrich in Mr. Dior’s time.

The details of the BAR JACKET are also worth seeing, the beautiful patterns of the Greek builders are stitched by craftsmen on the coat, full of classical artistic beauty.

The oversized houndstooth is also integrated with the Greek style, and the rattan check has become a novel abstract form, where the intersection of classicism and liberalism is displayed.

Greek blue is an eternal dream in the hearts of countless people, and this time the brand has also created an impressive set of looks alongside modern art, classical beauty and sportsmanship.

Nautical holidays are forever fashionable themes, and the blue of the sky and the blue of the deep sea are also inextricably linked to DIOR.

Mr. Dior’s favorite star is printed on sportswear and casualwear as a more modern, youthful style.

Classic stripes and jackets, as well as a nipped-in waist dress, also show off the glamour of a sailing holiday.

The entire collection embodies the brand’s spirit of focusing on the present moment and reassembling the fragments of the world.


“Art is not in the work itself, but in the creativity of the creator.

Does this season’s DIOR women’s clothing satisfy all your fantasies about Greek goddesses?

Source: DIOR, Google

Designed by Mika Zhang

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Swipe left and right to see more images

Swipe left and right to see more images

Swipe left and right to see more images

Swipe left and right to see more images

Swipe left and right to see more images

Swipe left and right to see more images

Swipe left and right to see more images

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Swipe left and right to see more images

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