In the first two days, some fans received a gift. It is some dry sea cucumber. It is said to make her supplement the body, but after opening the package, it is not the same as she usually eat.

Everyone usually eats sea cucumber, it may be like this,

Common cylindrical, dark brown or yellowish brown,

The hotel is the most commonly used in the hotel, with the back of the back, there are 4-6 irregular conical bobs,


But maybe it is like this.

In this way, the fluid is relatively smooth, but there are few categories of shelliness or bobs, and there are many kinds of colors.

In this case, the sea cucumber is orange or orange,


In fact, the above pictures are sea cucumber, and the sea cucumber is sold in various oceans in the world. There are many members, and some members can eat, and some members can not eat, and the shape has great differences. According to the back of the family members, there is a conical bobs on the back of the family members. Two categories: “acnotinum” and “light reference”. What can these sea, can you eat, I want to be everyone’s concern, in order to solve everyone’s doubt, Hai Cucumber Information is mainly to tell the difference between the sea ginseng and the non-hose.


First, the stab family


1 family representative: Weihai stab

The variety of Weihai stab is a stabbed, which belongs to the national geographic logo product, because of the influence of the geographical environment, the best of the ginseng products. According to “Mindu”, the sea cucumber, sweet and salty, kidney, benefit essence, take a small stool, the aphrodisiac trend, its temperament, the enemy ginseng, so the famous sea cucumber. Weihai sputum is ranked “Eight Zhen” in its patching effect, and it is suitable for a variety of people.

Representative of family: Dalian Sea Cucumber


Dalian Sea Cucumber, Liaoning Province, Dalian specialty, China National Geographic Landmark Products, is a precious seafood, nutritious, typical high protein, low fat food, taste, beautiful, is a long-awaited famous food, is “” One of the sea is one of the bird’s nest, abalone, shark fins, often playing the role of “chassis shaft” in the elegant.

3 family representative: Yantai Sea


Yantai Sea is like “Yantai Apple”, is a local characteristic product, and the sea-ginseng polypeptide of Yantai Sea, high. As “seafood eight-八”, Yantai Sea is referred to as it does not contain cholesterol, and it can improve the body’s immunity. In fact, there is no direct quality of the three major stab people in China, and each has its own advantages.

Family representative: Russian Big Red Ghost

Russian Big Red Ghosome is the best variety in Russian red ginseng. It is only the northern four islands. It is similar to Japanese red ginseng, but the skin does not have a black ginseng in Japan, which is the six-tuning Russian red, basically ensuring It is wild quality.


Family representative: plum ginseng

A sea cucumber assigned by the stabbed seedlings is the largest of the sea consolars, with a body length of 1 meter. The backbone is very large, and each 3-11 meat thier is connected to petals, so “Plum ginseng”, the body is better, and the quality is better.

First, the light ginseng family


No. 1 family representative: Huang Yumei


Huang Yun is good in light ginseng. It is mainly produced in the South China Sea. The color is original as soil, dry goods are white, and the shape is cylindrical.

No. 2 family representative: Urban

Wuzban belongs to the optical ginseng, and the fluid is smooth, and the nutritional value of Wuzban is lower than the stabbiz, so it is mostly used to eat vegetables, and the price is cheaper.


No. 3 family representative: Mexican Sea Cucumber

With the continuous maturity of domestic sea cucumber, more and more imported sea cucumber also entered the domestic market, Mexican sea cucumber is one of the more common, mainly from the Gulf of Mexico, and there is a row of thorn on both sides of the sea cucumber. The foot is full of highlights, but not the thorn, the meat is so thick, and the taste is good.

Family representative: Arctic


Arctic (also known as the Atlantic Ocean Sea), produced in the sea area of ​​Northern University, Canada is the largest producer of the Arctic.

Seeing this, I believe that everyone has already understood the common sea categories. It is not all the sea cucumber to have a thorn. Let’s eat more stabbiz, and the fans receive light ginseng, therefore misunderstood This is a fake sea ginseng, the picture and identification method of the real fake sea cucumber can always consult us Xiaobian.

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