Many people prefer wool coats, and for no reason, when you wear them, you will definitely fall in love with them.

It has good elasticity, softness, unique linting and wrinkle resistance unique to animal hair, and has warmth when absorbing moisture or sweat. The double-sided tweed coat is a double-layer fabric with a soft and light texture, and wearing a double-sided coat makes the body feel as free as breathing and as light as a feather. The double-sided fabric is warmer and lightweight, but it can bring a constant temperature of 37 degrees Celsius in the cold winter. Let’s share a few wool double-sided coats for everyone, let’s take a look together, and collect them if you like it!

Double-sided cashmere hand-stitched hooded loose version of the tweed coat

Hand-sewn double-sided cashmere coat, light and luxurious, plus delicate tones, stitching discount design, so that the look has more fashion possibilities. The fit is comfortable and vertical, and the fabric is soft and thick and warm. Trendy hooded neckline for wind protection and warmth, flattering the neck line. Symmetrical slip pocket for practicality and warmth of hands. Simple cuffs can be rolled up to define the curves of your arms.

Double-sided cashmere hand-stitched wool coat coat mid-length

Double-sided tweed coat, comfortable and breathable, warm and warm. Trendy fashion neckline, modify the neck line, the neckline is vertical and stylish, not easy to deform. Symmetrical large pocket design, slightly inclined, curved and stylish. The cuffs are stylish with black labels, making simple clothes less monolithic.

Double-sided cashmere plaid panels for a relaxed long over-the-knee wool coat

Hand-sewn double-sided tweed coat, light and luxurious, thick, comfortable and warm. The trendy suit neckline defines the neckline and the plaid panels are very stylish. Symmetrical slip pocket for convenience and practicality. Plaid paneled armtab design is beautiful and flattering the arms.

Hand-stitched double-sided cashmere long stand up collar wool coat

Stand collar woolen coat for comfort, warmth, structured and stylish. The cross-neckline defines the neckline and the design of the belt on the neckline is very stylish. Symmetrical diagonal slip pocket, slightly sloping, curved and shapely. Straight cuffs, detailed workmanship, white labeling, add a sense of design.

Hand-stitched slim long double-sided cashmere with belt 100% wool coat

Temperament fashion double-sided cashmere coat, structured and stylish, showing temperament and nobility. The simple design highlights the delicate texture of the fabric. Comfortable fit, silhouette design is inclusive for the figure, covering the flesh and showing thinness. Soft and lightweight fabric, warm and comfortable.

Double-sided tweed coat belt contrasting long wool coat

Intellectual feminine coat, comfortable fit, covering flesh and showing thinness. Soft and comfortable wool fabric that is windproof and warm, structured and stylish. Hand-stitched lapel neckline to define the neck. The cuff loops are designed with contrasting leather buckles, which is beautiful and stylish, and defines the arm line. The waist belt is cinched in to show the thin design, and it is a good figure to wear.

Hand-stitched double-breasted 100% wool on both sides, tweed coat with small lapels

Wool-containing double-sided coat, showing noble temperament, intellectual elegance, structured and stylish. The fabric is soft and comfortable, windproof and warm. Temperament lapel tie design to define the neck. The cuff loops are embossed with buttons, which define the arms and are beautiful and stylish. The waist is tied with this fabric belt to cinch the waist, slimming and slimming.

Double-sided wool hand-stitched tweed coat

Hand-stitched double-sided tweed coat with double-breasted and deliciously open for comfort and warmth. Trendy lapel neckline, flattering neckline, even shoulder sleeves are designed in style. The symmetrical slip pocket design is practical and convenient and warm for your hands. The rear middle hem is split off, and the atmosphere is more imposing when walking.

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