In the cold winter, most people are inseparable from a pair of boots during the concave shape, not only keep warm, but also make the dress more type. However, winter boots are too styled, and the improper collection will not only improve the difficulty. It will make your dress is not fashionable. This is why there is a big difference between the same coat, down jacket combined with boots, ordinary people and fashion bloggers.

So how do ordinary people choose boots so that it becomes a pen in the dress? The answer is “Short shortness,” “” Choosing thick and not choose fine “, this is the rule of the boots in winter, let’s take a look!

First, wear short short hair

No matter what kind of item in winter, ordinary people must consider the length of the problem, like from coats, trousers, skirts, should choose to suit you, with flexible and practical length, especially for body, leg-intended Middle-aged girl.

About boots length, the most common winter is the three kinds of boots, knee or over the knee boots, and most of the boots are near the ankle or calf belly, the knee is about 2 cm below the knee, and the knee boots are above the knee.


Ranked according to the difficulty of matching, it is definitely a knee boots> knee boots> The order of boots, especially small children, try to avoid the easy-to-press boots, use boots to shape fashionable winter style.

Choosing a boot one aspect is because it is not very demanding for your body, it is suitable for normal, and it is suitable for a new hand, and the short boots are rich than the long boots. You can change the styling fashion by changing the boots. feel.

On the other hand, because of the boots more practical, and ordinary people must be in more than many, choose a pair of boots that can be paired with the wardrobe.

The short boots can basically have a variety of bottoming, from the pants to the pipe pants, from conical pants to straight pants, and then go to various half-length skirts, a pair of boots all get it.

However, there are many limitations of long-cylindrical boots in the next match, especially for short-star, in addition to combined skirts, there is no excess choice outside the shorts, and the long boots like a knee will bring a tiredness.

Second, the chose is crystall

A pair of boots can present what effect, not only look at the boots, boots, here we mainly talk about the most affected boots of small children.

Cats, fine heels, medium and thick, thick high and flat boots are most common in winter, boots have different styles that have different styles, like cats and boots suitable for small women’s breath, fine boots Emphasized the fierce gardens, the flat boots are comfortable and generous, but these boots are still inadequate.

If the woman who is presented by the cat and boots is too rich, the high heel is not good, the flat boots do not increase the effect.


Compared with other boots, the thickness of the thick with boots self-contained bluntness not only improves the stability of the boots, but also makes the dress more qualitative, and will not give people a feeling of light.

In particular, the length is moderately thick with boots, practical and lofty, from sweaters to coats, from suits to windbreaker, from the knee to all kinds of trousers, can combine a pair of thick with boots.


Third, how to improve the fashion feeling when wearing coarse heel boots?

Choose a pair of coarse boots in winter, letting you pull the distance from ordinary people, if you want to further close the distance from the fashion bloggers, then you need to make an article on it.


1, with the help of the tips

The advantage of the medium and thick and boots is that it is still very high, and the coarse heel boots consistent with the trousers, the inner line or the colors, can further shape the hard-long straight leg line, let the shape more types.


Here is recommended here for black, white, beige or coffee boots, and a single product color in the dress is not only unruly, but also highlights the details.

2, pay attention to the connection of the boots and bottom

When using thick and skirts, when you don’t want to dress, you need to pay attention to the boots and proceedings.


For a simple example, if you choose a conical trousers, it is recommended to take priority to the coarse tube boots, wide and narrow binding.

3, raise waist lines

Although it is practical with the boots in winter, it is not a single product, and the thick and design is more sense of design. If your head is not high, then when you use coarse with a coat or short jacket, you need to raise it. The waist line position is transferred.

For example, use high waist micro-jeans, high waist straight jeans or high waist tube trousers, and the leg wire is further extended.

4, enhance light feeling


To resolve the stupidity of the thick with the boots, in addition to raising the waistline, you can also enhance the light feeling through the combination skirt. It can be seen from above, but the thick and boots are not only practical, it is also very practical. Winter uses it to create LOOK, you will definitely meet more beautiful yourself!

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