Jiahua University, Great Hall.

At the entrance, several boys in black dresses stood there, they must have an admission ticket to enter, and as a new student, they can enter with their student ID.

“Ahem… Don’t tell me I didn’t bring my student ID…” Dongcheng Yue looked at me with a smile.

I reached into my pocket, took out a crumpled student ID, and smiled: “Don’t worry, I’m not that forgetful, I must be carrying it.” ”

“Well, let’s go inside!”

Lin Wan’er nodded, took Dongcheng Yue’s hand, the two MMs entered the arena as lightly as the elves of the night, and I followed, the student ID card was raised to a few boys, they were stunned, nodded: “Let’s go in…”


The moment I entered the auditorium, I was shocked again, the huge auditorium was full of banquets and wine glasses, and it was the kind of wine glasses stacked up to pour red wine, NND, what a waste of those expensive wines, I don’t know who the funds for this welcome party come from, it’s too TMD rich, right?

Looking up, thousands of bright lights are embedded on the top floor, like stars, which is no longer golden and brilliant can be described, it is simply the ultimate in luxury…

“Chinese Department, Class 1!”

In the distance, several boys in black dresses stretched out their hands and beckoned, and said with a polite smile: “Isn’t that Lin Wan’er, a freshman in the first year, and Dongcheng Yue?” We are here, and the table of the Chinese Department Class 1 is here! ”

Lin Wan’er was slightly surprised, and walked over with me and Dongchengyue, and a young man with a black mole on his chin stepped forward, stretched out his hand and smiled: “Hello Lin Wan’er, I am the president of the Chinese Student Union, a senior, my name is JACK.” ”

Lin Wan’er didn’t shake hands with him, but just bowed her head with a smile on her face and said, “Hello senior!” ”


I stepped forward, stretched out my hand to shake him, and said with a smile: “Hello President, I am freshman Li Xiaoyao, and I am also a friend of Lin Wan’er. ”


Dongcheng Yue secretly smiled and pulled Lin Wan’er: “Wan’er, let’s sit here, Li Xiaoyao, come over immediately after getting to know the senior…”


LOOK AT JACK’S EXPENSIVE SUIT, AND I… Ahem, the clothes are Milbank, the pants are G2000, the shoes are Xtep, but the brand of people’s clothes is high and low, but there is no difference between noble and inferior, so I don’t look at the senior with my head held high, and then turned around and came to Lin Wan’er’s side and sat down, today, my role is a freshman, and I am also Lin Wan’er’s friend, which Lin Tiannan has arranged a long time ago, and even helped me change the file, absolutely can not find out that I was in mercenaries, special forces, special police, criminal police, traffic – police, Security guards and other legendary resumes, this is not difficult for Lin Tiannan to do, and this is what I want.

Soon after, there are more and more students, a childish face is full of novelty and envy, and these students from famous families are generally dressed luxuriously, the senior’s body is considered to be middle-class and low-class, it seems, this is not like a welcome party, but more like a show-off rich play, today I am better to keep a low profile.

Behind me, a sharp blade-like gaze came, several boys from the 2nd class of the Chinese department looked like torches, and had found delicious prey, that is, Lin Wan’er and Dongchengyue next to me, but these two MMs were sitting next to me, close together, and I looked quite handsome, and Kong Wu’s powerful appearance, deep meaning, mental power converged, and I could hear their soft chat.

“Look, aren’t those two beauties at the next table the legendary two super beauties of our Chinese freshman year? One is Lin Wan’er, a Dongcheng Yue, it is said that they are all from very good backgrounds, hey…”

“Lin Wan’er!! It won’t be… Lin Wan’er who sings the Heart of Time, right? Yes, I’ve seen her posters, it’s really like, it’s really ah, she… She’s my daughter… O Goddess, I… How did I stutter…”

“Bah, no! She is Lin Wan’er at all… It’s so punctual! ”

“In other words, who is that smelly boy next to him, who looks very familiar with Lin Wan’er…”

“No matter, wearing Milbank’s 2017 new model, it looks like a soy sauce fighter, as soon as the dance party starts, a few of you have a few more drinks with him, support him, and facilitate my start!”

My gaze flew over and saw that the person who spoke was a young man with red hair, about 25 years old, about the same as me, but the anger and arrogance between the eyebrows were very strong, a crimson outfit, it must be a famous brand, and even the watch was shining with golden luster, well, it is Vacheron Constantin’s pure gold + diamond-set 2016 limited edition, it is said that 200W + RMB a piece of high-end goods, I have only seen it in the magazine, and I don’t know where this product is.

“That… Red-haired guy, who is it? I looked at Dongcheng Yue and said with a smile: “Why do I think he is a little familiar?” Yue’er don’t look back, just glance at it casually…”

Dongcheng Yue held the red wine glass in his hand, his eyes were beautiful, he chuckled, and said in a low voice: “Liu Ying, the son of the chairman of Hangzhou Fengling Group, is said to be worth more than 10E, but this person is a junior, I don’t know how he got in, moreover, Liu Ying’s reputation in school is very bad, stay away from him.” ”

I nodded, “Well, I know. ”

On the side, Lin Wan’er pursed her red lips and glanced at me obliquely: “Why do you pay attention to him?” ”

Me: “No, I just think they will definitely come over and invite you both to dance or toast or something, you need to prepare early…”

Lin Wan’er: “…”

At this moment, another person sat down next to me, it was none other than Brother Tangu.

“Haha, it turns out that your kid is here…” Tang Gu put his arm around my shoulders, but his gaze kept hovering on the bodies of Lin Wan’er and Dongcheng Yue, this goods…

I pushed Tang Gu’s arm away and said, “Brother Cospects, why are you here?” ”

“I’ll go, I’m also a freshman, and I’m also from the Chinese department, otherwise why do you think I’m in the same dormitory as you?”

Me: “…”

Tang Gu looked at Lin Wan’er, her voice was a little trembling, her cheeks were red, she was a little breathless, she was almost nervous to death, licked her lips, and said, “Miss Lin Wan’er, hello… I am…… I’m Li Xiaoyao’s roommate Tang Gu, it’s a pleasure to meet you…”

Lin Wan’er smiled slightly, and her beautiful eyes narrowed like a crescent moon: “You are also good…”

Tang Gu was almost suffocated, took out his mobile phone, clicked it for a while, and whispered to me: “Li boy, you are really blessed…”

I wondered, “Where does the blessing come from?” ”

“Pretend!” Tang Gu handed his phone to me and said, “Look at the community of Jiahua University in the past two days!” The tradition of this school is that when new students enter the school, they will refresh the school’s top ten beauty list! ”

“Yo, it’s still top ten…”

“Yes…” Tang Gu wiped his saliva and said: “The results of this refresh have appeared, Lin Wan’er is ranked first, she is recognized as the first beauty, Dongchengyue is ranked second, the original sophomore girl Situ Xue fell directly from the first position to the third, in addition, the fourth and fifth are Wang Ran, Liu Lu, the ranking has gone down accordingly…”

The corner of my mouth twitched: “It’s so boring…”

Lin Wan’er also glanced at it: “It’s just, it’s really boring…”

Well, this is the first time she has agreed with me.

Tang Gu snorted and smiled, his gaze swept around, and when he came into contact with Liu Ying’s group, his face immediately turned cold, and he turned to look at me: “Hey, Li boy, are Lin Wan’er and Dongcheng Yue really your friends?” ”

I nodded, “Of course, what’s the problem?” ”

“Then protect them…”

“What do you say?”

“That, Liu Ying, you know what?” Tang Gu suppressed his voice in disbelief, so low that only me and he could hear it, and continued: “Liu Ying, the prince of the Fengling Group, a junior, has been in Juehua University for two years, known as the school flower killer, in the ranking of the top ten beauties of Juehua University last year, except for Situ Xue, Wang Ran, Liu Lu, the remaining 7 girls, it is said that they have all been in Liu Ying’s bed…”

I was surprised, I opened my mouth and couldn’t speak, this kind of thing, how can I be a virgin!!

On the side, Lin Wan’er said lightly: “The split-legged man is the most annoying…”

I turned to look at her stunned, marveling at Lin Wan’er’s good hearing, and Lin Wan’er looked at me with a smile, with a charming smile on her beautiful face: “Don’t worry, I won’t drink or dance with that kind of person…”

I nodded, “Well, okay…”

Soon after, the host announced that the welcome party had begun, and I could also eat, although the food could not be named, but it was really delicious, the cobra brother was like me, as if he had fled back from South Africa, the hungry ghost reincarnated sweep, this table was full of students of the first class of the Chinese department, a total of 20 people, there was nothing to say after introducing themselves, a few boys were busy talking to Lin Wan’er, Dongchengyue and the rest of the girls, and I and the cobras brother continued to eat.

When he was half full, behind him, a group of people rushed in, it was a group of freshmen from the Department of Economics and Management, one by one, their cheeks were red, saying that they wanted to salute the beauties of the Chinese Department, and one of the tall boys smiled politely: “All the boys in the Department of Economics and Management are here, Lin Wan’er beauty will not give face, right?” ”

“How could it be…”

Lin Wan’er stood up beautifully, holding a glass of red wine in her hand, raised her long and white neck, drank it all, her face was slightly red, and at the same time, her eyes looked at me, which made me feel a little uncomfortable.

People kept coming to toast, Lin Wan’er drank it cup by cup, she sat in the seat a little lazily, tilted her head, a pair of beautiful eyes like the moon looked at me, her eyes were complicated, I didn’t dare to look at her, because I could read her anger, she was angry at why her father sent me to monitor her, why she couldn’t let her live alone, I understand, at the same time, I can’t change it.

“Miss, you drank too much, shall we go back?”

I stretched out my hand and took Lin Wan’er’s wrist, very soft, soft and boneless.

“Don’t touch me!”

Lin Wan’er withdrew her hand like an electric shock, like a wounded little beast, on the side, Dongcheng Yue looked puzzled: “Wan’er, what’s wrong with you?” ”

Lin Wan’er looked at me deeply: “I’m sorry, I…”

I didn’t speak, looking at her in silence.

At this moment, a group of people came behind him, and a somewhat familiar voice came: “Miss Lin Wan’er, can I Liu Ying have the honor to invite you for a drink?” ”

I stood up abruptly, looked at Liu Ying, and said, “Miss Wan’er has drunk too much, I’ll replace her!” ”

“What are you?”

Liu Ying’s eyebrows raised, showing arrogance, and at the same time, his eyes were round, as if he had discovered something, and suddenly drank low: “It turns out to be you, at ease!” ”






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