Although it has been a short time since I left school, the editors in the pocket of kindergarten teachers have begun to worry about the teachers! Today, Taotao first brings you 100 real photos of the corridor environment worth learning from, some of them are beautiful and generous, some are easy to interact, teachers quickly collect them, you can use them when school starts!

Corridor decoration

Let’s take a look at the corridor decorations that increase the aesthetics of the kindergarten, and if done well, it can add points to the whole environment~

Decorate the corridor with a variety of funny cartoon characters and catch the eyes of children at once!

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Or, like the kindergarten below, create an elegant sense of art.

Real shot at Huashan Art Kindergarten, Jing’an District, Shanghai

Various charms are also an essential element in the corridors.

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Exhibition of works

However, the hallway ambient light is not aesthetically pleasing enough. As one of the environments that children contact every day, how to reflect the educational function of the corridor? I think showing your work is a good way to do it.

Spread the children’s paintings directly on the walls of the hallway, and when the number is reached, it will produce a sense of art!

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Hang the children’s works in a row with ropes and clamps along the corridor~

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If you put a lot of thought into the decoration, the display of children’s works can also present the effect of a professional-level art exhibition.

Real shot in Zhuhai Ronghong International Kindergarten

If you can match the current education theme, adding some small situations is the icing on the cake~

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District corner activities

If the kindergarten is large enough and the corridor is spacious enough, then you can also carry out corner activities in the corridor!

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Nature Corner

Creating a nature corner in the corridor is also the choice of many kindergartens, and we have written many special articles about the creation of nature corner. Let’s take a look at a few beautiful pictures, and more content can be viewed in the article behind the picture~

Real shot at Ningbo Jiangbei District Boya Kindergarten

Real shot at Rong Qiao Bund Kindergarten in Cangshan District, Fuzhou City

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Sensory experience

Have you ever found that every time you lead your child through the corridor, your child always likes to touch east and west. Why not use your child’s exploratory mind to create a sensory environment in the hallway?

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Combined with the characteristics of the park

Finally, I would like to introduce you to the highest level of corridor environmental creation – the creation of the park in combination with the characteristics of the park. What exactly does it mean, come and see how these kindergartens are done below.

Early reading features

The corridor wall displays all kinds of books and picture books, or directly hand-painted picture book elements on the wall, which has an invisible impact on children.

Real shot in Shanghai Baoshan Kindergarten

In addition, picture book story works created by children can be displayed in the corridor.

Real shot at Shanghai Dongyuhang Road Kindergarten

The picture book “David Can’t” series, which children are familiar with, can even dig out such a public area environment, using various living objects and waste items to express the sound in the story.

Real shot in Chen Bochui Experimental Kindergarten in Baoshan District, Shanghai

Putting the reading area into the open corridor aisle can make full use of the space resources of the kindergarten on the one hand, and enable children to have more and higher-level reading experiences on the other hand.

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And the wall decoration can be displayed with flat displays related to reading, such as “my favorite picture book characters”, where children draw after reading and communicate after drawing.

Through the wall decoration, you can also share good picture books with parents.

Mathematical features

Mathematics characteristic kindergarten, corridors can set up different math games according to the age characteristics of children. When the children are walking through the corridors, these math games give children stimulation anytime, anywhere, so that they can feel and enjoy mathematics.

Real shot at Anqing Kindergarten, Jing’an District, Shanghai

Math Home Interaction can guide parents on how and what to play with their children at home. Provide parents with ideas and parent-child play suggestions.

Scientific features

The kindergarten with science characteristics can display the portraits of scientists drawn by children in the corridor, which is also very distinctive.

Real shot at Dandelion Kindergarten in Pudong New Area, Shanghai

Children’s creations are displayed at the entrance of each class (Kindergarten: Hourglass & Tumbler, Kindergarten: Rocket & Plants, Kindergarten: Musical Instruments & Boats).

In the parent-child play area in the corridor, you can put freely buildable wooden tracks, and the tracks have different frictional surfaces, allowing children to freely explore the speed of the trolley rolling down. These seemingly simple materials stimulate children’s interest in inquiry and provide space for thinking and hands-on work.

Homemade teaching toys can also be placed in the corridor, and children can beat the various materials on the “roof” as they pass by, comparing the sounds of different materials.

Sports features

For a kindergarten whose venue is not very large, the function of the corridor may not be limited to the passage, it is also a good place for children to play indoor sports. Make full use of this space on each floor, and you can also expand your child’s activity space infinitely.

You wouldn’t expect that sun blinds could still be used like this – put them down during indoor sports and you can play throwing games. Pull it up when not in use, and put it away freely.

Real shot at Shanghai Caoyang New Village No. 6 Kindergarten

Also ingenious is this tent, which must be familiar to teachers who like to visit IKEA, so arranged in the corridor, it can make children jump high on rainy days, which is both beautiful and practical.

The walls of the corridor can be set up with interactive game scenarios, such as this “whack-a-mole” game, which fixes instruments with different sounds and can also be beaten according to numbers, which is simple and fun.

There are some sticky hooks fixed on both sides of the corridor, and the indoor sport is to let the children hang the leather bands by themselves, and they can play the game of “crossing the line of fire”! ~

All kinds of sports equipment are placed in the corridor, no matter the wind or rain, you can properly perform indoor sports!

Real shot at Shanghai Pudong New Area Bingchangtian Kindergarten

Artistic features

The long corridor is a great place for children to create, and the corridor is an art wall filled with works of art created by children’s wild imagination.

Real shot at Miyun Road Kindergarten, Hongkou District, Shanghai

The works of children in art activities can be used to decorate art corridors.

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Looking at 100 pictures, what kind of realm has your corridor been created and what inspiration has you gained?

The new semester is coming, share this article with your colleagues and create a full score corridor environment together!

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