It seems that picking pants is still a difficult thing, as

Pear-shaped body

, Liya herself knows how difficult it is to choose the right pants, either big here or tight there, the fit is not right, and she dresses herself as a potato in minutes.

But after stepping on thunder for so many years, I have also practiced a pair of fire eyes and golden eyes, versatile pants that do not pick people to find you well, and the matching questions that everyone asks the most are also below, and the horse is right!

【Long jeans】

The longer the length, the sense of fashion is also longer.

Because in itself

Straight fit

, so its ability to modify the body is one of the best. Fairies with these body characteristics can consider arranging one or two:

● Wide crotch and thick legs

● The leg shape is not straight

● No ankles

The upper body can be invisible to all problems in a second, and

Friendly to all heights

The length of the mopping can visually pull the legs longer, and it also shows the thin legs straight.

( I don’t eat coriander)

But if you don’t pay attention to the collocation, there is only one step away from appearing tall and thin and looking fat and procrastinating.

Tight up and loose bottom

It’s true that the straight fit of jeans can cover the flesh and define the legs, but so will the silhouette itself

Widen the contours of the lower body

, If the upper body is not narrowed, the overall line will become thicker.


Elastic bond

is king, with a slim short top can also wear a good proportion by the way, with a low neckline to expose the collarbone to combine pure desire is also fragrant.

( Liu Da)

Tight on the outside and loose on the inside

The second is the careful thinking on the coat, the extra lines of straight pants can actually be blocked by it, which requires a jacket

The three-dimensional fit and fluffiness should be light


It really couldn’t be more fitting.

This combination does not pick height, small people can also optimize the proportions when they wear it, as long as you pay attention to the length of the coat does not exceed the calf belly.

( dragons do not eat meat)

It can also be direct

Roll up the legs

, with booties to highlight the thin ankles, small people can also be tall through the heels.

Tall people can be paired with sneakers to increase casual attributes, and rolled pants can also have more layers, and daily life is not ordinary.

【Corduroy pants】

It is too difficult to find a pair of warm and not fat pants in winter, at least these 3 points must be met:

● The fabric has a certain thickness

● Can support publishing type

● There is a certain sense of drape


Corduroy pants

It stands out.

The thick windproof fabric, the straight and thin fit, and the slim drape feel are made for winter.

The top can be matched with straight-leg pants, and remember if you don’t handle it well

“Short top and long bottom” “Tight top and loose bottom”

, no figure is prone to error.

And its colors are also diverse, not limited to retro brown, black and white neutral colors not to mention, simple with sweatshirt sweater is very nice.

If you want to reduce the monotony of matching, you can try less ordinary colors, which can also make you stand out in the black, white and gray, eye-catching rate of 200%!

Bright everyday wear

If you want to apply this unusual color to your daily life, you must take it as the highlight of the whole outfit,

Unique and prominent

。 The color of the rest should be more low-key, just play the role of a foil.

( Liu Yimouth)

Bright colors for everyday wear

Since you chose this unusual item, you simply take the eye-catching route from head to toe.

Not only dare to wear but also can wear, this bright color should pay more attention to the coordination between colors, in addition to using neutral tones and, arrangement

Wear it in the same color

It will also look fashionable and high-class.

( Clicking Clock)

But this bright color belongs

Swelling color

, I don’t recommend trying it for small people, it’s easy to get fat and weigh down on height.

【Tofu pants】

The third pair of god pants is, of course, soft and sticky tofu pants, milky white is very capable

Brighten the overall outfit

, is a rare temperament item, winter wear less it can’t do.

Fairies who want to show gentleness can directly arrange the same color, beige white, milk white are very soft colors, how to combine can not be wrong.

Small fairies still have to pay attention to good proportions, especially when matching heavy items such as sweatshirts and sweaters,

You can use the tucked corner to emphasize the waistline

Although it matches any color, if you want to look good, you still have to match this one

High saturation

The color will be more prominent after it is brightened.

As an aside, I don’t know if you have tried this corduroy shirt, it feels good and very warm, it is really comfortable and easy to wear, I would like to call it

Winter shirt ceiling

【Micro-stretched suit pants】

The last one can be said to be the king fried pants in my mind, who wears who loves.

I have introduced you to micro-flared jeans before,

Specializes in treating legs that are not straight and thick calves

, on top of this, there are also mopping, split styles.

In contrast, the suit fabric is not as structured as denim and will be a little softer, but

Drape feeling

Stronger than denim fabric, not easy to wrinkle or deform, better to take care of.

And the style of suit pants will also be cooler and more sassy, which is very suitable

all black

Dress, turn into a cold sister in a second.

Small people can be paired with short tops and short coats, and the fluffiness of the bottoms is not heavy and will not weigh down on the height. You can also cheat secretly,

Mop pants + platform shoes

The king fried combination is quickly used, who is not a leg essence?


It can also be created in a classic black and white color scheme


, with a blazer arranged to wear in a set, it feels like the whole body exudes the breath of not being close to people, full of aura.

If you want to converge your aura, you can

Mix and match with sweatshirts

, add a little casual feeling, will also reduce the age a lot, Hanli Han Han college student outfit I love too much.


Seeing this, don’t you think it’s not that difficult to find a suitable pair of pants? Choosing a good style, learning to match well, and transforming into a comic leg is also a matter of minutes.

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