Ouyang Nana is amazing, when attending an event, she wore a rose-red down jacket, with a black pleated skirt, and a bow tied on her head with a girly feeling! It is also difficult for her to wear a down jacket in the hot summer, but as artists, their lives are not seasonally different. At such a winter clothing showcase, it is inevitable that she will wear the same down jacket to appear, and this look is definitely a very high rate of return in winter, but in winter, you can put a pair of leggings under the skirt, warm and beautiful. Stepping on black low-top lace-up boots is the daily wear of the student party. Rose red is also a very bright color, but also uses a glossy design, more eye-catching, for some smelly girls, this design is simply love.

Sitting in the grass, she is quite meaningful in rose red and green, holding cherries in her hands, cute and playful. The delicate facial features are particularly stunning.

The whole person trapped in the sofa is playful and agile, and the eyes are cunning and playful, which is very pleasing. As a student party, the outfit of Ouyang Nana, who is the same age, can provide a lot of reference ideas and can learn from her.

1, white shirt matching outfit: atmospheric, small beautiful legs

For example, in this look, a white shirt with a dark print suit, a big play with missing underwear, and black boots on the feet, revealing slender beautiful legs. The shirt is also matched with a long bow tie, showing a delicate aura, the neckline design highlights the slender neck, the whole person is very elegant and atmospheric, and the long hair shawl is particularly stunning.

2, Patchwork shirt with jeans: casual, handsome

The long hair in the middle is low in a ponytail, and the facial features are more pure and cute. A patchwork checked shirt with high-waisted jeans, the lace-up design of the trousers is very chic cut, and the length of cropped pants is paired with small white shoes, which easily outline the long legs. The casual style is handsome and cute, which is a very daily outfit.

3, red leather skirt with light tulle: sexy

With a fluffy ball head, a red leather dress outlines the curves of the body, the black tunic around the waist outlines the small man’s waist that cannot be grasped, and a layer of black light gauze shows the mysterious and sexy charm. The black light gauze on the ground is dotted with colorful flowers, which increases the cuteness of the little girl. Wearing black high heels, his legs are slender and straight, showing off his figure.

4, ruffled light gauze long dress: full of fairy

This is her look at “Creation Camp 2019”, a white ruffled light gauze long skirt shows the aura of a little princess, and the pure white gauze long skirt shows her pure temperament, fairy fluttering, very flexible. The V-shaped light gauze crossed at the chest not only easily creates a V-neck design, but also shows off the slender quiet and sexy collarbone curve.

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