Knitted sweaters are a sure to appear in autumn, and men, women and children of all ages can choose their own style to construct a warm and comfortable outfit. Here are a few knitted sweater shapes with a high rate of return, which are generous, comfortable and stylish, allowing you to show your taste, sassy and beautiful.

Choose the color of the knitted sweater

The impression of knitted sweaters is actually a bit similar, but it can be combined with other colors to make it reflect a variety of styles, simple colors are naturally the most favored, but can not only use one type of color or a tonal color.

A knitted sweater with a gentle and simple shape, it creates a gentle aesthetic and, when combined with loose trousers, can also be significantly adjusted in proportions.

Black and white, two large knitted sweaters, are the types that are sure to be touted by many people as soon as autumn comes. Among them, the white sweater can create a pure, gentle, age-reducing effect.

Taking knitted sweaters as an example, it can be paired with trousers, and girls with good legs can try to use slimmer pants. To highlight your perfect figure, with white boots, it is even more fashionable and high-class.

A sweater is a garment that can maintain multiple layering schemes, and it doesn’t matter if the color is a little single and dull. You can incorporate a variety of inner layers to break through this drawback.

Black knitted sweater, it belongs to the most inclusive category for the body. You can use a variety of colored shirts to match it to create a simple look, and the outfit can also create a more eye-catching layered effect.

Long coat + knitted sweater

Knitted sweater is a highly malleable garment, in addition to its many changes in shape, but also because it can create a harmonious whole with a variety of outerwear clothing. The combination of a long coat and a knitted sweater belongs to the most temperamental category. With the scheme of open wear, it can make the feminine demeanor more obvious.

The color of the long coat is very simple, and the knitted sweater inside can directly use soft and non-offensive colors such as beige, white, and apricot, highlighting the gentle and generous sense of sight.

The difference in the neckline shaping of knitted sweaters, if it is not particularly cold, can properly expose the skin of the neck. After all, the various necklines have different effects on the shape of the face, and the sweater with a V-neck design brings a slimming effect.

Its appearance can help women to form a proper embodiment of the curve of the shoulder and neck position, appear more slender and more beautiful, and modify the rounded face shape.

The combination of long coats and knitted sweaters can directly form a combination between the same color, especially the color between inside and outside, and with a tacit echo, it will lead to a straight increase in the atmospheric index of the clothing.

However, in order to reduce the embodiment of monotonous atmosphere, it is best not to use the same tone in pants, otherwise it is too boring, and you can directly use very age-reducing, very casual, with a bit of neat blue denim mopping trousers.

Knitted sweater + trousers

Compared with the gentle and elegant atmosphere created by matching with skirts, the combination of knitted sweaters and pants can best reflect the sassy and free style.

This set is full of chic feeling, and the blue knitted sweater is paired with the same color pants to take the freshness to the extreme. The green bag with diagonal shoulders echoes the green shoes, and although there are only two colors in the shape, it can firmly capture people’s attention.

Take the knitted sweater as an example, it has a large panel of light and black color blocks, it looks very neat, and with black flared pants, it is full of retro flavor and full of trend.

Knitted sweaters are a common piece in autumn and winter, and if you want to use them to create a high-return outfit, you can use a variety of striped designs to add recognition. However, there are also important points to keep in mind when choosing a striped sweater. The distribution between colors must not be too cluttered and chaotic, and the hue should not be too bright and bright.

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