Chicken eating is currently one of the hottest games in the world, and many domestic anchors are popular with chicken eating games, but even if it is a brother and a sister, it is not easy to attract the attention of the audience.

Cai Loli is a popular two-dimensional chicken-eating anchor, usually live broadcast in addition to playing chicken-eating games, but also COS various games and anime characters from time to time, attracting the attention of many otaku fans.

Recently, she posted several selfies on Weibo with the text: Winter is coming. Although the words express that the temperature is lower and the weather is getting colder, I still choose to wear thin clothes without temperature and even wear a belly pocket style clothes as an underwear, which is really a little unreadable!

Du Meng is a sister of the peace elite from KS, she has the title of the chicken-eating goddess of war, and when she participated in the peace elite reality show some time ago into a pair, Du Meng convinced the male guests on the scene with her strength that did not lose to professional players.

Although the stupid cute marksmanship on the battlefield is fierce, you can see her various battlefield show videos on KS search for stupid meng, but in private she is also a very beautiful little sister. Some time ago, Du Meng also specially changed into a battlefield special forces suit to take a set of photos, netizens couldn’t help but say after seeing her style: Is this the top Versailles?

It turned out that Du Meng turned into a female sniper in the photo, the top fit to show the figure, but the pants deliberately wore a plus-size shorts, and the ultra-loose trouser tube formed a huge contrast with her slender thighs like a telephone pole. I have to say that Dumb Meng is also too thin, it is estimated that even female fans will call out sour when they see it.

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