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A while ago, I posted a winter matching combination of pants and shoes that can be copied with one click (poke here to review), and many people in the comment area want to see the skirt version. Come today!

Don’t you like to wear dresses so much when it’s cold?

Compared to pants, skirts will be more difficult to match. Many times it looks good to wear it with bare legs, but the weather does not allow. Wear tights and boots, and it’s easy to split your legs into several sections.

Therefore, how to match shoes when wearing a skirt is quite worth studying. Believe me, a skirt may be warmer and more fashionable than pants.

I have summarized 4 sets of collocation formulas that can be copied with one click. Whether it is a thick checked skirt or knitted skirt in winter, or a satin skirt or printed skirt that many people think can only be worn in summer, it is applicable. There are thick and thin, both north and south.

Let’s take a look:

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Universal formula – black socks + black shoes

Let’s start with a set of universal formulas for wearing skirts in autumn and winter – shoes and socks are black, which can hold most skirts.

Now this season, the most suitable

Midi skirt + black tights + black booties

。 Prefer a skirt with a darker color and a sense of autumn and winter, and it will not contradict it when put with black. ▼

With a checked skirt, you can also try layering a pair of small white socks to expose a little edge, adding layers and showing more youthful vitality. ▼

If the skirt is light-colored, it is best to match it with a black jacket top, the color matching will be more harmonious and comfortable. ▼

The A-line leather skirt, which is common in autumn and winter, is also very suitable for this combination. Black skirt, black socks, black shoes, a color smooth, it is difficult to violate it. If you want to show off your legs, remember to choose boots with heels. ▼

In addition to wearing boots, you can also wear single shoes when the weather is warm. Miss Zhong’s pair is Mary Jane shoes, with a leather skirt is sweet and cool~▼

The pink satin dress can also be paired with Mary Jane shoes, which is more girly. ▼

Ballet shoes and smoking shoes with large open feet can also be tried, and the flat soles also show the length of the legs. ▼

The same goes for black loafers and oxfords. Haruka Ayase’s body is cool and well-behaved. ▼

Go to some occasions such as parties, you can try matching high heels. Socks can be chosen a little more thoroughly, and they will look sexier. ▼

In addition to black socks and black shoes, those who pursue individuality can also try other color matches. For example, brown socks + brown boots. ▼

A warm choice – long skirt + boots

This combination is the warmest in the whole article, which is very suitable for people who are afraid of cold stars.

The most practical skirts in autumn and winter are also thick midi skirts with thick fabrics such as knitted skirts/tweed skirts/leather skirts.

Its best partner is boots, the skirt covers the boots, airtight ~▼

Blogger Elborn Doris loves to wear this combination of bourgeois (a middle-class style that emerged in the 70s, traditional and elegant).

Note that with this kind of thick skirt, it is best to choose boots with heels and beautiful boot shapes, otherwise it is easy to look bulky. ▼

Thick-soled wide-leg boots like the one on the left, the curves of the ankles and calves are not visible, and the thick skirt looks a bit heavy. The boots on the right are much lighter. ▼

Because it is decent and warm, many royals also like to wear it this way. Concubine Dai loves to wear coats▼

Queen of Spain, Letizia Ortiz▼

If you want to further highlight the leg line, you can try this kind of boots that tightly wrap the calf, which is like wearing a layer of leather pants + high heels, but it is more provocative. ▼

In addition to thick long skirts, some long dresses with flowing materials can also be worn in this way. Wearing this kind of skirt, it doesn’t matter if the boots are rough, the light skirt is paired with tough boots, the material contrast is strong, and it has a more visual impact. ▼

The jacket can be a little shorter than the skirt, revealing a hem. ▼

The color of the skirt can also echo the boots. Brown boots with earthy prints have an autumn vibe. ▼

Long shirt skirts can also be worn like this, with knight boots, literary urban young women ~ the first one is from Lemaire, and the second one is from soeur▼

Style choice – short skirt + knee boots

I want to wear a short skirt in winter! However, this may be an exclusive benefit of the Liangguang (south) area haha~

Like thick wool/tweed suit skirts, corduroy/leather short skirts, etc., are very suitable for the current weather in Guangzhou (knee cold friends try cautiously). ▼

It will be warmer in winter to wear a short skirt with boots and stockings.

In the past, everyone would wear soft suede wrapped boots, but now leather structured knee boots are even more popular.

In contrast, the left side is over the knee boots, the lower body is basically sexy elements, and the whole style is relatively smooth; Wearing knight boots on the right is more conflicting. Both are fine, depending on which style you prefer. ▼

French women wear short skirts and like to mix and match with knight boots and black silk, although the socks are thin and a little warmer than bare legs. (Regarding whether the black silk can be worn, poke here to see) ▼

This combination has its own French style, and it is easy to wear and look good in person.

With a long coat, the exposed thighs are not so cold, and at the same time have the effect of defining the shape of the legs

, don’t worry about showing thick legs. ▼

If the hem of the skirt is narrower, it will appear that the whole person is more slender, and the style is more mature, and it can be matched with a shirt and tie to take away the big feminine style. Many short skirts of this length are actually “fake”, but they are actually culottes, which are more secure. ▼

The short skirt with a small A-line hem is more age-reducing and playful. You can also wear it directly to the doll skirt and walk the retro style of the 60s. ▼

Choose a slightly more transparent stocking, about 8D-20D, so that even if you wear black, you will not be stuffy. ▼

Because black silk can show the skin, it looks good with boots of other colors. Caramel brown and burgundy have an autumn and winter atmosphere. ▼

Satin skirt + sneakers

Finally, let’s talk about a relatively thin skirt – satin skirt, which can actually be worn all year round. However, the most important thing that can be put on in winter is a long satin skirt, which only shows the ankle or a calf.

This combination is Kate Moss with fire, many of these black satin long dresses in the 90s, slender shape, look very elegant, sneakers can well neutralize its grandeur and sexiness, daily outings are not so contrary. ▼

Wear a silk skirt in winter and worry about fitting your legs, so be sure to apply body lotion after bathing! Northern friends can also rub a little more on the tights, the effect is more obvious.

Now Nichizo also likes this combination, but the difference is that the basic sneakers have been replaced with daddy shoes. In addition to the black dress, this deep olive green is also a good match. ▼

The top can be selected in black or the same color▼

The longer the skirt, the less embarrassing it is to put it on, so that the socks exposed are small and only the slender ankles can be seen.

The choice of tops can be less formal. Colorful satin skirt + gray sweatshirt is also a common combination of daily miscellaneous. ▼

Of course, in addition to sneakers with satin skirts, they are actually not bad with many black skirts. Because sneakers are less black, socks generally choose black, black skirt black socks have a sense of wholeness, and the bright colors of the shoes are not afraid at all. ▼

Sneakers with black silk is best chosen impermeable to meat.

Everyday wear is actually not so good~▼

Li Becca’s words:

Let’s start with the matching of skirts and shoes, is there a combination you like to wear?

Finally, to summarize, several types of skirts that are more practical in winter:

Thick short skirt (leather, often in leather), with boots and tights, only suitable for warm weather;

Thick midi skirt (knitted to mid-calf / tweed / leather skirt / coat), elegant and generous with boots;

Long flowing skirts (an-length printed skirts, satin skirts) can be neutralized with tough boots and casual sneakers.

There is a reason for the high utilization rate of these skirts, their “sense of volume” is relatively large, and when paired with thick autumn harvest and winter clothing, it can create a sense of conflict without feeling inconsistent.

If you also want to see what kind of “one-click copy” collocation, you can tell me in the comment area~

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Okay, that’s it for today.

I wish you all to wear something new every day! Good night 🙂

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