As soon as winter and spring alternate, before the cold and humid of winter have been over, the rainy weather will come, and it will have to suffer the invasion of “returning to the southern sky and wet weather” for several months.

I can’t see the sun for days,

Drying clothes becomes a big problem

The clothes that have been dried for half a month are still wet and can still wring out water.

Underwear, panties, socks, these small items, are always dripping.

The quilt and sheets are always damp, and there is a bad musty smell.

What’s more frightening is that the face always feels on the body


I want to scratch, some parts even

There was also a rash

That’s because damp clothes and bedding make you infected with mites!

Turning on air conditioners and dehumidifiers can’t solve the problem of wet quilts and clothes!

Many people will think of buying drying, but 90% of clothes dryers on the market,

It takes up too much space, bakes slowly, and looks ugly

If you ask me which one is easy to use, I don’t hesitate to recommend a dryer – Shan Si Multi-purpose Dryer.

It keeps your home away



of troubles!

◎ One it = dryer + shoe dryer + dehumidifier + electric heater.

◎ Floor space only

Available in A4 paper size

, storage and movement are super convenient.

◎ Buy it now and enjoy it

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, early received and used early, wet weather we dry through.

Shansi Nuan was the second generation_Tencent Video

It is also said that on the Little Red Book, there has long been a “fire” in the sky, “people who understand life use it,

Save tens of thousands of dollars a year to buy small household appliances. ”

After buying it back, I found that it was by setting the temperature and time to achieve drying, heating, and drying of quilts… and other needs, really

One is equivalent to N small household appliances.

Dry clothes in 30 minutes

· Like a full day of sunshine ·

Back to the southern sky and the rainy season, those clothes that are difficult to dry can also be dried with it.

As soon as the machine is turned on, the warm air comes out in 3 seconds, and the “hoo-hoo” is poured in, and the entire dry pocket is instantly like an inflatable hot air balloon.

Put clothes in, usually with a little moisture,

It dries almost in 30 minutes, super fast.

Freshly dehydrated, it can be dried in less than 180 minutes.

Much faster than most dryers on the market, no more fear of running out of clothes!

The clothes that are dried, like basking in the sun all day, are warm, have no peculiar smell, and are very comfortable to wear.

As long as it is a shoe, it can be baked

· If you get wet in rain and snow, you are not afraid ·

If it’s raining or snowing, don’t worry if your shoes get wet.

Connect the air outlet to the shoe dryer and extend it into the shoe,

Whether it’s casual shoes, canvas shoes, snow boots, high-top, low-top… Easy to dry!

▲Telescopic hose design, the length of the hose can be adjusted according to different shoes.

5 minutes warm quilt, 60 minutes sterilization and mite removal

· Warm and clean, more comfortable than an electric blanket ·

Now this season, the first thing that cannot be tolerated is that the quilt is wet and cold, like a “big ice cellar”, sleeping in it can only shrink into a ball, dare not reach out and stretch your feet.

Now okay, there you have it, plug the telescopic hose into the bed before going to bed:

It only takes 5 minutes,

It makes the quilt fluffy and warm.

Like a small stove, it’s super comfortable to drill into,

Much better than electric blankets!

In the rainy spring, you can also use it to “dry” the quilt.

Bake the quilt for 60 minutes to destroy all the mites,

Better than being in the sun, it makes you sleep more peacefully.

▲Experiments have proved that the temperature of eliminating mites is 55 °C, and the warmer drying function can reach 75 °C.

Warm air in 3 seconds

· Never be afraid of freezing your hands and feet anymore ·

In the south, where there is no heating, it can also be used for heating.

When it is cold, put it on the table and on the ground, blow a warm wind, and soon the whole body is warm. And it is not “baked” warm like the little sun, and it will not feel dry at all.

Plus a small one, whether at home or living in a company dormitory, you don’t have to worry about taking up space.

Gently dry your pet’s hair

· Save hundreds of dollars at a time


It is worth mentioning that I found that it can also blow hair for cats and dogs – set the temperature at 45 degrees more comfortable for pets, and gently dry them,

It will not make the home wet, but it will also prevent pets from getting sick.

It’s a boon for pet lovers! You know, going to a pet store to bathe cats and dogs and blow their hair costs hundreds of yuan at a time, and with it, these money can be saved.

Although powerful, but

It’s not hard at all to operate —

After plugging in, directly press to start the warm air that is timed for 15 minutes; You can also press the function key to select the function according to your own needs, and click Start.

▲Functions: drying, heating, shoe drying, dehumidification, mite removal

The air inlet is equipped with a filter,

It can block pollen, dust and other particles in the air, and ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the air.

In addition to that, it has

“Thermostat + Thermal Fuse” dual safety design

, can automatically power off and stop working when the machine is abnormal.

Even if there are elderly people and children at home, you can use it with peace of mind.

It’s also very small.

Flat is only the size of a sheet of A4 paper.

Put it on the table, in the cabinet,

All take up no space.

Plus hoses, wires can be hidden in the dark grid, will not drag around,

Extremely easy to store.


The quilt heater is only 2.4kg, which is about the same as a laptop

, there is also a handle on the machine, so

It’s also effortless to move.

There is such a can

Drying clothes, shoes, cats and dogs


Warm hands, feet, and bedding

, the baby who does not occupy the place is really full of happiness.

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Shansi multi-purpose dryer



Shansi Nuan was the second generation_Tencent Video

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